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As well as much of the regular routine and time with children, my week has included many visits from terrific prospective children, more parent-teacher meetings, some remote meetings with IAPS Heads and one with some of the Woodard group too.

The highlight, though, was spending yesterday on Mrs Hardy’s excellent geography field trip: Year 8 are studying the Holford river from source to mouth. I was with 8K and what a wonderful way to spend a day. The children were good company, the surroundings very beautiful and the learning hugely enhanced by the physical experience of measuring/being in the water (as well as the skill with which Mrs Hardy draws the questions and answers out of them). A stop for lunch, a play on Kilve beach and some splashing around with Meg added to the fun and helped lock it all away for later recall.

Today has been a tad more office based and dealing with some of the less glamorous aspects of my job that can’t be avoided. It’s the same for us all, I know, and so no complaints – just the inevitable yin and yang of life.

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