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Year 7 Pay a Visit to Historic Montacute

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Last week our Year 7 pupils took a trip back to the 16th century as part of an English and history cross-curricular project.

During their lessons, the children have been exploring what life was like for the Tudors and Stuarts. The aim of the project was to plan and write a historically accurate story reflecting the period, taking inspiration from further studies on the most famous Renaissance of them all, William Shakespeare. To fully understand the voices of the period, the children have been reading one of his most inventive plays, The Tempest.

If this was not exciting enough, last Friday, the whole of Year 7 decamped to Montacute House, a beautiful late Elizabethan mansion just 50 minutes’ drive from King’s Hall.

A Year 8 pupil encapsulated the day perfectly:

“At school, me and my friends were all excited and ready to go. As the coach arrived to pick us up we were told what groups we were going to be put in. Then we all got onto the coach.

When we arrived at Montacute we got into our groups and went off to different activities. My group went down to the kitchen first to make spice bags. You were only allowed three spices, so in mine I put nutmeg, cloves and plenty of pepper.

Next, we went upstairs to the gallery. It was really long and had portraits of the kings and queens. Our activity was to sketch a portrait. I am not quite sure who I drew, but he had long black hair and funny looking clothes.

After that we had lunch and then back to the activities. We went back upstairs across the gallery and into a little room. There were more portraits here, but the activity this time was to draw Queen Elizabeth I by joining up the dots – she only liked her portraits done in a certain way!

The next activity was downstairs in what they call the dining room. We didn’t really do much in this room, but our guide told us about it and on the window there were lots of coats of arms. The last place we visited was back upstairs in the main bedroom. As we walked in, we could see a huge two poster bed which looked so comfy!

Before we knew it, we had finished all of our activities, so we walked back outside and went to the shop where we bought ourselves souvenirs and jelly beans. We then we waved goodbye to Montacute and to the past, before returning to school and the present day!”

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