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Year 6 Transport Audience to Wonderland

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The timeless classic, Alice in Wonderland, received the makeover of a lifetime last week as Year 6 pupils transformed the Lewis Carroll novel into a play for the modern age. A highly inventive production, the show captured the attention of adults and children alike.

The play began with the audience falling down the rabbit hole, where they were swept into the wonderful world of Wonderland. Complemented by a soundtrack of mesmerising music and a host of colourful characters, the pupils expertly navigated the many adventures of Alice (Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter included!).

Year 6 wowed their audience with a series of musical and slapstick vignettes, including jokes, songs and those all-important dance numbers. Colourful lighting set the stage as pupils Grace, Wilf, Herbert, Riana and JJ performed top-notch solos.

From start to finish, all the roles engaged the audience’s attention, not to mention the seven Alice’s who seamlessly changed throughout the play.

The ‘always in a hurry’ White Rabbit took us down the rabbit hole, followed by Alice as she began to grow and shrink with magically appearing keys and bottles.The energy of the Caucus Race would have dried anyone and the laid back Caterpillar in a stunning costume, was followed by entertaining Fish and Frog Newsies who led us into the wood for the amazing Cheshire Cat scenes – the lights magically fading in and out on the two Cats who moved around on the blocks like adult performers.

There was crazy madness in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and who can forget the hilarious laughing Dormouse.More laughter continued at the unhealthy Tweedledee and Tweedledum, before fear descended at the Jabberwocky, a poem recited by all of Year 6.

Humpty Dumpty was hilarious on his wall and was well loved by all! The Queen of Hearts soon took centre stage with her ‘off with her head’ cry and the cards and guards, giggling flowers and puppy dog King were very entertaining. The audience gladly sang the croquet song in fear of losing their heads!

Finally, Alice met the Mock Turtle and Gryphon who amused us with more singing and dancing, before whizzing us into the court scene with more crazy ‘off with her head’ chanting. Thankfully, the mad dancing of the Wonderland creatures saved the day, and Alice was rescued. Phew!

The play was thoroughly enjoyed by Year 6 and anyone who saw it has a whole new set of memories to keep of this classic story. Off with the head of anyone who didn’t enjoy it!

Commenting, Head of Drama Lisa Keirle said: “The cast saw the script for the first time only seven weeks ago. It has meant a lot of hard work on Saturday mornings to rehearse the acting, singing and dancing required. Costumes were made and make up designs were tried and tested.And what a feast of colour met the audience’s eyes last week.I’m so incredibly proud of the children for their constant hard work, good nature and enthusiasm. Everyone put their heart and soul into it and the result was a resounding success!”

The standard of drama here at King’s Hall is continually rising, and this was another truly impressive feat of creativity. Very well done to Mrs Keirle, Mr Dayus Jones and Mr Eyers (our technical whizz, who created all the special technical effects!) and to an amazing team of parents, staff and pupils.

Published on: Friday, March 22, 2019

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