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Year 5 and 6 Book Club Fun

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After school on Tuesday afternoon, an enthusiastic group of readers from Years 5 and 6 gathered in the library to share their opinions about a book called Nevermoor by brand new author, Jessica Townsend. What a wonderful story this is! We had all fallen completely under the spell of Morrigan and the “wundrous” world of Nevermoor in which she finds herself. Morrigan is a Cursed Child, born Eventide which is considered to be the unluckiest day of the year. She is blamed for just about everything that goes wrong in her town and is condemned to writing countless letters of apology (book clubbers loved reading these!) to all and sundry.

Out of the blue, and just when it looks as though all is lost for poor Morrigan, she finds herself transported to the magical world of Nevermoor as the protégée of the eccentric and charming Jupiter North and living in the enchanted Hotel Deucalion, faced with the challenge of competing for a place in the revered Wundrous Society.

Book clubbers found themselves totally swept away into this magical new world. Grace loved Fenestra, the housekeeping manager at the Hotel Deucalion (oh, and who is a giant feline Magnificat by the way!) She also enjoyed reading about the magical hotel chandelier which regrows every so often into a different form. Hubert was fascinated by the hotel’s mysterious Shadow Room and we all loved the way in which Morrigan’s bedroom kept transforming. Isabel and Gus were gripped by the thrilling Chase Trial. We were interested to read that the author had been inspired by aspects of London when creating her fantasy world.

The children spotted several echoes of London, from the Underground (with a very special fantasy twist), the umbrellas, all the hotels and even a clock that resembles Big Ben on the cover of the book. There were gasps of surprise when we discovered that this book was almost 10 years in the writing. They all hope that the next book in the series doesn’t take anything like this long as they can’t wait to find out what happens to our heroine, Morrigan, next!

Book clubbers were keen to pass on their feedback and some questions to the author, so we decided to Tweet some in the hope that Jessica will get in touch. Fingers crossed!

If you would like to read Mrs M’s review of Nevermoor, you can find it here.

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