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Year 3 Dig into the Past

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This term our Year 3 children have been introduced to their new topic of ‘The Celts’ in their history lessons.

Working with a range of artefacts, the children were tasked with sorting the items into groups, considering what the Celtic people would and would not have had.

Their collections were pretty accurate, with some good discussion about what things would have been necessary for life as a Celt.

Progressing further with their examination of the past, the children took on the roles of archaeologists, inspecting and scrutinising the artefacts, both genuine and reproduction. Paying close attention, the children had to identify the materials used to make the items and suggest what they have may have been used for.

Probably the most exciting part of their exploration was the trip to our very own archaeological pit, something we created a few years ago in our lovely school grounds. Here, the children found a number of objects that would have been in every-day use in Celtic times.

For the next part of their learning journey into the past, and to help bring history to life, the children will soon be let loose into our woods where they will be able to make their own fires. This hands-on opportunity will enable the children to gain a better understanding of what life would have been like for the Celtic people.

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