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A few comments from HEADlines after a really productive ten days of term. We continue to be impressed with the level of engagement from the children and are pleased to note that we have all retained a good working knowledge of MS Teams. In fact, various enhancements to the functionality are also being deployed where appropriate in several areas. It is worth repeating my admiration and gratitude to pupils, teachers and parents for such a remarkable and effective response.

As before, one of the benefits of this digital solution is that I can dip into almost any lesson at any point and so I have a fantastic birds-eye overview of the incredible scale of interactions with the academic subjects. As well as that, I can follow my nose down any subject based rabbit hole in Teams and come across the output from hundreds of children. Some of the submissions and the sheer volume of exchanges within the Creative Curriculum and sporting Teams are just tremendous.

Another positive by-product of these circumstances (for most!) are that parents often get to enjoy learning something at the same time as their children and hence can share a live conversation about the topic. There is less of the slightly monosyllabic child that climbs into your car at the end of a day: “What did you do at school today?” can often be met with a stock “Nothing” in response as the moment has passed.

As we come to end of the week, I have trained myself not to enquire of people, “What are your plans for the weekend?”, knowing full well that apart from activities with our families, our options are limited to exercise or a necessary trip to the shops and maybe an online hook up with friends for a chat, some games or an exchange of recommendations either about box set series or cocktail combinations.

Whatever you do, I hope it goes smoothly.

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