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Looking back this week, not only has there been so much happening here (just look how diverse the Newsletter is) but we have seen some wider news and involvement in our school family beyond just King’s Hall. One quite far away, you should see in the Newsletter a little insight to the online link from two classes at King’s College, India and then, closer to home, we have also had some very positive feedback from the Houseparents at King’s College UK about how recent KHS leavers are getting on in Year 9. It’s very encouraging to read not only what they’re up to but that they are seen as positive contributors who are happy to add their talents and enthusiasm on many fronts as they continue to grow.

In the present, another Friday evening comes around and with it another important chance to stretch body and mind away from school routines over the weekend. We have opened up another jigsaw to be going on with in our house. Jigsaws, particularly the lovely Wentworth wooden ones of which we have several, are another beneficiary of sustained lockdowns. I don’t know if you ever have unspoken family battles to be the one who puts the last piece in place? If so, has it got to the stage where someone secretly takes a piece away at the start in order to guarantee themselves the pleasure!!??

Into the future, next week includes a Wellness Wednesday and there will be a good range of activities on Teams for the children to embrace and they are encouraged to complete at least one line of a bingo card which will be full of ideas. This time next week we will be heading into half term and, of course, still not able to head off as many might ordinarily. Some would leave seeking winter warmth, others the opposite and many just relaxing around home, with relatives or off on a UK minibreak. Click and collect is as exciting as it gets for us at the moment….. the scale of aspiration in the bucket list has had to be reviewed in the light of Covid!

Also next week, in a half term letter, I will offer further brief thoughts and updates about a few matters. Don’t expect it to be earth-shattering in regard to the Covid prognosis for school opening as we don’t expect a great deal more indication from the DfE until Monday 22 February and we all know that crystal balls don’t work when it comes to this Coronavirus!

In the last 8 months we have experienced and adapted to a phased return for younger children in June, the full return in September and then at the beginning of this term we were preparing for a full physical return but with some tighter Covid measures in play including a fully purposed lateral flow testing centre for staff and older children. All staff regularly on site are being tested twice a week and many others besides. Therefore, we feel confident that we will be able to adjust our response and deploy appropriate measures (including tests on return for Years 7 & 8 if required) to best respond to the situation both nationally and regionally. Whether in school or not, we have a robust and effective remote learning model in place to ensure we provide the best education possible under these circumstances.

Yet again, I have written too much – it must be the fact that I have more time to sit at my keyboard than usual ... have a good weekend.

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