What a busy and productive week! | King's Hall School Taunton

The snow has been well documented and whilst there are still some smatterings still lying around it seems like quite a while ago now. There have certainly been some who want to see more but in general it seems that most are happy to have enjoyed its arrival and very glad to see its departure.

Last night I went to the College as one of a number of Heads of Prep Schools that have children who join King’s College and it was a treat to be amongst the very first to see the incredible new Sports Performance and Cricket Centre being used. It is a remarkable facility and will serve many children across a range of uses.

After a look inside and an explanation from the Headmaster and Director of Sport, we were further treated to a lovely dinner in some good company. Once all proceedings were complete there was a quick chance to join some of the College staff for a small nightcap. Not as glamorous as it sounds, folks, as I was on soft drinks and I found myself drinking Cherry Coke: I cannot remember if I have ever had the pleasure before and it is certainly not something I will be seeking out anytime soon!

When I came to leave (and it wasn’t that late!) I found that I was unable to get out of the building and so had to go to the Common Room to find a member of staff and say ‘Please, Sir, can you help me?’ It made me think back to the last time I had to do that in exactly the same place during the 1980s!!

The Great Potato Challenge is coming on nicely here and with the musical successes before half term allied to the news filtering through of terrific results from the Taunton Drama festival this week we have much to celebrate about the creative and artistic activities of the children this week. There is more to come next week as Year 6 will regale us with some stories of ‘Arabian Nights’ and so I may see some of you there.

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Friday 1 October 2021

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