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Welcome to the first Friday missive of the year and a face-lift for our Prep Weekly Newsletter. Emma, my beautifully fastidious PA, has finally got her hands on the control panel of this publication and, once again, her magic touch has borne fruit! I hope you like the fresh new look.

Freshness has been a bit of a theme here, from paintwork to pupils to practices to people we have a crispness to our step as we embark down this year’s pathways.

Talking of steps and pathways, over the holidays Claire and I, with Joss and Hettie, walked the Saints’ Way from north to south coast of Cornwall. It’s something we have wanted to do for a number of years but never quite managed to squeeze in. Claire and I have always had a vision of a proper halfway halt in a characterful B & B with a charming meal, shower and proper bed. Joss suggested we might camp. We like camping but asked Joss how he intended to get the tents to the campsite for us – he looked at us as if we didn’t know the answer to 2 + 2 and derisorily said ‘We carry them?’. Anyhow, we did just that, had two good days, spent a giggly night in tiny tents and ended up a little aromatic with sore feet, yet our own small but important sense of achievement still resides with us.

On a much larger scale, and told to great effect in assembly this morning, Mr Hands shared his summer story of 6 days walking in the Atlas mountains, including reaching the summit of Mt Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa.

He used his tale and photos to articulate the message that to reach a big goal you need to take it in achievable stages, you need the support and kindness of others and others will need you, you need patience and determination. Very often a shared experience has greater reward than one on your own and you must keep taking the steps along your pathway.

What a great message when we stand in the foothills of a whole year of school ahead of us.

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