2nd July 2021 | King's Hall School Taunton


2nd July 2021

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<h2>Year 8 Prize Day</h2>

Year 8 Prize Day


What a beautiful day it was to celebrate the final day of term with our lovely Year 8 pupils. 

Here are a few photos of the flowers and the prize giving in the sunshine. 

Well done to everyone involved, simply wonderful! 

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

I start this final edition of the academic year with a very grateful thank you to everyone who came and supported the Summer Show and Sports Day. I was so very proud of each and every child who rose magnificently to the occasion and definitely saved their best performance for when it mattered the most! It was so lovely to be performing in front of a live audience once again and I hope the video recording we made on Wednesday will be available soon for family members to enjoy who weren’t able to come along due to restrictions currently in place.

Please click here to read the rest of this week's Pelican News
Final Boarding Blog from Clare Masters

Final Boarding Blog from Clare Masters

It's a goodbye from me ...

I have been writing the weekly newsletter for the past nine years while I have been running boarding, and there are some things I will not miss! I will, however, miss the children who have become my extended family. I never knew my heart could experience the highs and lows of a boarding family, but it has. I have loved every minute of being with the children and have experienced so many wonderful things.

Our weekend trip to Cornwall was just the best; it was the middle of March and we were paddling in the sea, picnicking on the beach, eating fish and chips at Rick Stein's and enjoying trips around the bays in a speed boat. For several years we would camp out on the last weekend of term, toasting sausages and marshmallows and going on torch-lit walks through the woods.

There were emotional times as well, and it was never easy saying goodbye to the leavers. There was one boy called Terrence who arrived at the front door on his own, aged 6, suitcase in hand saying “Hi I'm Terrence, I think this is my new school?” He arrived in Year 3 and left in Year 8 and very quickly became a very special member of the boarding house. Coming away from home to board at school at such a young age meant that we all took him under our wings and watched him grow over the years into a loveable, scruffy, monosyllabic teenager. When it was time for him to leave King's, he said to me, “Why are you crying Mrs Masters?” and I replied, “because I will miss you Terrence”. His reply was, “Whatever!” but in his own awkward way we all knew he would miss us too.

There has not been a day gone by when I haven’t felt that warm feeling of pride, whether it be a boarder achieving something or just the odd comment of, “How was your day Mrs Masters?” Taking them out on trips was always a pleasure knowing that they would behave, remember their manners and be grateful for what they had experienced.

The hardest thing, I think, was homesickness. It is so hard seeing any child upset and knowing the best we can do is just be there, listen and comfort them, although Snoops is by far the best distraction! You cannot beat a good lick and a cuddle from the boarding dog!

There is one thing however that I cannot walk away from, and that is Snoops. I cannot thank Ali Milburn enough for gifting us a school dog. When we went to have a look at the litter of puppies, this crazy bundle of fur jumped into my bag as if to say, “Pick me, pick me!”. It is without a doubt the best thing that we have ever been given. Snoops has at some point reached out his paw to each one of us with his licks, cuddles and party tricks, and is very much the perfect school dog. As I can't let him go, he will still come with me to nursery a couple days a week and I will steal him away for the occasional weekend and a few weeks in the holidays, but he will continue to be around the boarding house and school doing the job he does best: spreading love and happiness among us all.

A huge thank you to the amazing boarding team, but particularly to all the wonderful children I have had the pleasure of looking after over the years.

A Few Words from...Harrison Phillips

A Few Words from...Harrison Phillips

This Term's Deputy Head Boy

What an exciting week for all of us in Year 8 this week! We have been planning and thinking about the Year 8 Charity Fete for weeks now in order to raise money for Young Somerset. We had loads of fun going to town and buying all the equipment we needed and possibly getting a McDonald's (don’t tell the teachers.) It was so much fun organising and running our own stalls, plus getting to play football with all the different year groups was a bonus! After the Fete we went swimming and had a BBQ, Mr Morgan’s tutor group won the Tug of War tutor competition - we were robbed!

I also played in the final of the U13 Somerset School cricket tournament and WON, helped by an exceptional innings from Thomas Rew, who got 100 runs. We also had Sports Day on Wednesday in the sunshine, which was amazing, followed by a brilliant afternoon of tutor group rounders, which was also really enjoyable.

I can’t believe my time at King’s Hall is coming to an end, it has been full of laughter and I have created so many happy memories with so many great friends.

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

<h2>Mrs Willmott - 4W</h2>

Mrs Willmott - 4W

4W and Farewell Caterpillars

I am very pleased to have the last Rose Garden post of the term because I now have the opportunity to say a very big, ‘thank you’ to my wonderful tutees for making this year a very special and memorable one.

On behalf of Mrs Foster and Mrs Hayden-Briffet, our Rose Garden buddies, it would be remiss of me not to mention how much they have enjoyed their tutor groups this year. There has been a lot of happiness and much to celebrate amongst our combined crew.

All teachers have vices and I’m going to be brave and divulge my biggest weakness; my class rumbled me months ago on this one (I know what you’re thinking but no, it’s not bubbles, they are second!) My biggest weakness is a Colin the Caterpillar Cake, so on Wednesday afternoon 4W and I shared a cheeky moment under the shade of the trees in the outdoor library to eat scrumptious mini Colins! (Shhhhh….don’t tell!)

Year 4 Clay Models

Year 4 Clay Models

Year 4 have also been busy creating wonderful models inspired by artist Edwina Bridgeman.

Here are some of the fantastic card, wire, clay models our Year 4 students have made, they absolutely loved making them and were very proud of them, and so they should be!

Well done Year 4!

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends,

How on Earth have we reached the end of another academic year? I’ve been told that time flies when you get older but this is ridiculous, I feel like I’m chasing my tail at double speed (and that’s fast).

This year-end is of particular significance for me because there’s big change afoot in the boarding house (my home).

You see, I have 3 mummies and two of them are leaving the boarding team. Luckily, however, I have a very lovely mummy (Matron) who is staying; phew! I am very happy about that because she gives me the best tummy rubs and I’m allowed to sit on her sofa.

Do you know that when King’s Hall bought me as an eight week old puppy, I chose Mrs Masters, and not the other way around? She was taking a keen interest in my sibling (another handsome hound with a heart shaped patch of white fur on his forehead). To divert her attention I climbed into her handbag and dealt her my best puppy eyes. Luckily she fell for my charm and here I am!

Although it’s going to take a little time to get used to my readjusted boarding family I am very excited about Mrs Hardy and her family joining my team. In my experience she is extremely kind, she likes animals and her blonde hair will compliment my own beautiful locks.

In fact, as we look so similar I may even recommend my groomer to her. I’m sure we could cut a deal for two hair cuts and it would be very convenient for her as the groomer parks her trailer just outside Mr Chippendale’s office.

There have, of course, been other farewells this week. My buddies in Year 8 are moving onto their senior schools which is very exciting for them, but I will miss them dearly.

Recently we’ve had some boarding taster nights and fortunately lots of the visitors expressed an interest in joining my family. I hope this is the case as I’m in need of new buddies to play football with, give me rides on the large go-karts and snaffle the occasional ‘good boy’ treat from Mrs Master’s office. Just to help sway your decision, I also help with prep in the evenings, I keep your common room tidy by hoovering up the crumbs and I no longer destroy slippers. Oh, and one more thing, now that I have a life jacket you might be able to persuade me to take a dip in the pool, join in the inflatables fun and have a go at water polo.

All that’s left to say my friends, is have a great summer and I’m already looking forward to welcoming you back in September.


Snoops X

<h2>Academic Life </h2>

Academic Life



By Kathy Aladin

In EAL over the past 3 weeks, the pupils have taken part in a Euros 2020 sweepstake, making posters for their chosen countries, learning about the location, language, famous footballers, biggest exports and flags of their countries.



Are you smarter than a 13-year-old? How would you have done in the 'Location Knowledge' section of the Geography Common Entrance paper?

In Year 6 we have been finding out about ecosystems. Some children had a wonder around school to see first-hand how animals and plants have adapted to living in ‘Deciduous Forests’, whilst others created ‘new’ animals that would have characteristics suitable for living in different ecosystems. 

Science - Pond Dipping with Year 3

Science - Pond Dipping with Year 3

Mr David Hands

In the end the sun came out on Wednesday, which gave Year 3 the chance to go pond dipping in the school grounds. The 18 enthusiastic Year 3 pupils enjoyed a frenetic hour of searching for creatures armed with nets and buckets, sporting wellies that were often too small for the amount of water they wanted to work in. The group found a number invertebrates, including, newts, beetles and snails.

Also see below some pictures of the magnificent wild flower meadow around the science department, doing our bit to encourage pollinating insects and encourage biodiversity

Mr Thomas' - Year 7 Tutor Group

While reflecting upon the year, the Year 7s in Mr Thomas’ Tutor Group were all relieved that the class has come through Covid and that friendships have been unscathed. The pleasant atmosphere has survived and there is still a decent amount of banter and laughter going on; unsurprising really given the quality of their Tutor’s jokes. Monnie reckoned that pleasant ambience was due to the new pupils - but then she did arrive in September. Whatever, the pupils have enjoyed each others’ company and remained sympathetic to their peers.

One of the highlights of the last week of term (as it always is) was the Year 8 Fair. There were one or two minor tweaks due to Covid restrictions; teachers were smiling as chucking the sponge at staff was ruled out. There were, however, lots of sweets, water and flour though no doubt to disgruntled mums, the flour was often administered after the water. Zane, as is often the case, was on the hunt for sweets and he was therefore delighted with his strong showing in the penalty kick challenge. He was presented with a water melon and coconut – one was not quite sure whether his facial expression was full of pleasure, disappointment or surprise. Joseph was true to his Bristol City links and failed to pick up enough points.

Plus rewards for the Year 7s on Wednesday was spent toasting marshmallows in the camp and then, suitably revved up, playing “manhunt” in the woods. Biscuits had been brought in and the end result of using them to make sandwiches of the marshmallows proved delicious. Hopefully that is something which will be repeated. With Sports Day in the morning, this was a lovely way to more or less round off the term. Wishing everyone a great Summer!

My Chosen Piece of Music - Elbow - One Day Like This

My Chosen Piece of Music - Elbow - One Day Like This

by Emma Guppy

This hasn’t been as easy as I thought as I have so many favourite songs … Elbow’s One Day Like This is definitely up there!

It has not only provided the ‘backing/sound track’ to many TV shows and events but also to some of my more recent special memories. We saw Elbow perform it the first time we went to Glastonbury in 2014 and then again in 2017 which was just a week before my son’s wedding. One Day Like This was their ‘first dance’ and as today is my son and daughter-in-law’s 4th wedding anniversary it has taken me back to that amazing day and, once again, brought a smile to my face.

Elbow - One Day Like This
Year 8 Summer Fete

Year 8 Summer Fete

On Tuesday morning the Town Time trip provided a last chance to stock up on sweets and drinks to be used as prizes for the afternoon’s Year 8 charity fete. By this time though, most of the hard work and organisation had been done by the Year 8 pupils and they were ready to go.

With the weather set fair – a warm summer’s day but with some welcome cloud – they set about transforming a quiet and empty north field into a wonderland of fun and games for the younger pupils.

At 2.00 the Year 2 pupils had the privilege of stress-testing the stalls and games, before the rest of the prep school arrived half an hour later. What followed was an hour and a half of great fun involving water, flour, sponges, go-karts, painted faces, football and cricket balls, and even a dartboard.

Lots of sugar was also on sale and consumed in various guises, and by the end some pupils were even left unrecognisable, such was the covering of flour they received.

The Year 8's had done themselves proud with what they provided for the younger pupils, and also did a superb job of clearing up at the end.

All in all, it was a fabulous afternoon for all involved. Most importantly, however, it was all in aid of a very worthwhile charity called Young Somerset, an organisation that works with young people to help them achieve positive social and economic outcomes. Over £1000 was raised.

Well done, Year 8 on a job very well done!

After the fete there was a competitive game of Tug of War - won by Mr Morgan's tutor group.

Then a cool off in the pool for a swim session and a yummy BBQ.

Sad to see this great year group go. They have been fantastic both in the classroom and on the field. Best of luck in the future, and it’s not goodbye, it’s see you later.


8M Sunflowers

8M Sunflowers

Our sunflowers are coming along nicely. 

Some fell by the wayside at the seed phase and some flourished and are now almost flowering. 

They have been nurtured and loved and those who have been loved have thrived very well. 

Katie’s sunflower benefited early on from her special manure from her farm! 

A big thank you to 5T members who looked after them for us when we were in Okehampton.

<h2>This week in Sport....</h2>

This week in Sport....

Sports Day 2021

Sports Day 2021

This year due to Covid restrictions Sports Day at King's was spread across two dates. Year 3 and 4 had their Sports Day on the 24th June. Year 5 and 6 on the 30th June in the morning and Year 7 and 8 in the afternoon. A couple of day's of big throws and photo finishes. The pupils gave it their all. So pleased with their progress throughout the term, and it was great to see them perform brilliantly.

Below is some wonderful footage of our Sports events - enjoy! 

Sports Day 2021
Last King's Loop of the year!

Last King's Loop of the year!

This week saw the last King's Loop of the year - all the students have performed brilliantly, fantastic achievements made! 

Well done everyone!

<h2>U13 Boys Cricket</h2>

U13 Boys Cricket

King's Hall V. Taunton Prep Somerset Schools Under 13 Final

King's Hall V. Taunton Prep Somerset Schools Under 13 Final

On Monday afternoon, the Under 13s had a really enjoyable and competitive match with Taunton Prep. King’s Hall batted first and due to some very good bowling were soon in trouble at 42 for the loss of 5 batsmen. Fortunately, captain Thomas Rew was in no mood to give things away and he began to play what is quite possibly the best ever innings played for King’s Hall. He smashed 13 fours and 7 sixes on his way to an absolutely awesome 108 not out. Some of these shots were worthy of players of the highest class and it was great fun watching him play him play his reverse sweeps and laps. Happily, Noah Jones gave Thomas great support, hitting a towering six of his own in a splendid partnership of 66. The fact that King’s eventually totalled 173 all out was also down to the 9th wicket partnership of 41 between Thomas and Monty Lindsay Smith; Monty did not, in fact, score a run but his support was crucial. Thomas’ marvellous performance was rounded off by the fact he carried his bat (batting all the way through the innings without being dismissed); no praise is too high, especially as King’s were in such a tight predicament early and there was further pressure as this was a final.  

In reply, Taunton also got off to a difficult start losing 2 quick wickets to the pace bowling of Harrison Phillips who eventually ended up with the super figures of 4 for 18. Very much to their credit, Taunton posed a threat in their run chase but tight bowling and fielding meant wickets fell at regular intervals. Their 2 top run scorers both fell to run outs; one in an unfortunate mix up, the other to a fast, flat throw from Thomas Watson. Jago Barclay and Will Fewings did well to pick up 2 wickets apiece. King’s Hall were thus able to bowl Taunton out for 119 and end up reasonably comfortable winners by 54 runs. Something which seemed extremely unlikely after the first 45 minutes of the game. Very well done to Thomas and his team – this victory rounds off a splendid unbeaten season. 

<h2>U12 Boys Cricket</h2>

U12 Boys Cricket

Well done to our U12 boys! They came runners up in the County Cup final yesterday. Congratulations Taunton Prep on your win and a big thank you to Frome Cricket for hosting us both, such a beautiful setting!

<h2>U13 Girls Cricket</h2>

U13 Girls Cricket

Congratulations to our U13 girls for retaining the County shield. What a tense game! Special mention to Katie for 23* and a double wicket maiden to finish.

Well done to Taunton Prep for a great game & thanks Kings Bruton for hosting!

Sports Camps

Sports Camps

We are pleased to announce that we are running a variety of sports camps over the summer holiday.

We will ensure that the camps are of the highest quality and standard whilst creating an environment where every player will thrive, whatever their motivation or level of experience.

To register places on our camp(s) please complete the respective forms below:

Cricket - the course will be led by Head of Cricket and Cricket Professional. The clinics are open to everyone, from beginners to more advanced players. Sessions will incorporate batting, bowling, and fielding, as well as use of our bowling machines, fun games practice and indoor matches. 

Hockey - camps will be lead by Clare Hayes, Director of Hockey at King's College, Taunton and England Hockey Level 4 Coach. Clare is also an England Hockey Performance Centre Head Coach.

Netball - the course will be led by our new Head of Netball Sammy Kemmish.

Rugby - the course will be led by Ed Lewsey

If you have any questions prior to booking, please contact

Ben Thomas: BCThomas@kings-taunton.co.uk


Head of Cricket: RJWoodman@kings-taunton.co.uk
Director of Hockey: CHayes@kings-taunton.co.uk

Head of Rugby: EAMLewsey@kings-taunton.co.uk

There are limited places available so is done on first come first served basis.

School Shop - Summer appointments

School Shop - Summer appointments

Please don't forget to book your appointment to buy uniform for the Michaelmas Term.

A list of uniform is included on our website, link below.

The shop will be open on an appointment only basis during the Summer break from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday (3:00 pm being the last appointment of the day) on the following weeks:

Week commecing - Monday 5th July 

Week commencing - Monday 12th July

Week commencing - Monday 16th August 

Week commencing - Monday 23rd August 

Closed B/H Monday 

Reopens Tuesday 31st August 

Please can visitors wear face masks and sign in for track and trace upon arrival.

Please phone the School Office on 01823 285920 or email to make your appointment

Uniform lists
Information regarding Brewhouse Auditions from Mrs Keirle

Information regarding Brewhouse Auditions from Mrs Keirle

Please see below information regarding auditions taking place at the Brewhouse Theatre if any students are interested details from the Brewhouse on how to express an interest are included below:

Taunton Brewhouse Theatre & Arts Centre is once again auditioning young people aged 9 to 16 years old to make up the youth ensemble as part of our Christmas extravaganza, a musical adaptation of Wind in the Willows! You may have heard from us before – this is a friendly reminder as applications close 11th July 2021. The youth ensemble will rehearse and perform with a professional cast and crew - an invaluable opportunity for any young performer interested in a career in the performing arts. We would very much appreciate it if you could share the opportunity with your students and their parents, or through Dojo, newsletters, etc.

More information, including a link to the application form, can be found HERE on our website. The opportunity is absolutely FREE and travel expenses can be covered for those on Universal Credit.

Any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email programme@thebrewhouse.net with ‘YOUTH ENSEMBLE’ in the subject line.

<h2>Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!</h2>

Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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