26th March 2021 | King's Hall School Taunton


26 March 2021

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by Justin Chippendale

So here we are – at the end of arguably the shortest and longest term ever!

Shortest because we have only been back on site for three weeks and we all know how wonderfully energising that has been. Longest because there were some dark and wet days and weeks in late January, early February where motivation was harder at the best of times and at worst it could feel like wading through a never-ending lake of treacle.

You can always rely on time and so inevitably this date in the diary has duly arrived and this is duly the last HEADlines of this term. There will be a letter from me early next week with some news, notices and updates.

Our Newsletter captures some of what has been going on each week and yesterday was a truly fabulous day, Mr Watson’s conception of Pyrland Day was brought to life by everyone to spectacular effect and the weather was kind. In case you don’t know, the main building has always been Pyrland Hall, like Goldney Hall or Dartington Hall, and we have some current parents who know very well as former pupils from that time that the school was called Pyrland Hall until 1987.

In other news this week we have had the last of this year’s Scholarship results in. It is worth remembering that all of those entered as candidates, both 11+ and 13+, have already done very well to be involved in the process. Being prepared to take the risk, to step forward and be judged, is such a strong position to take and those who did not ultimately gain awards should feel just as proud of themselves and their own performance as those who did. It is good to be ambitious and to aim high: it is also an important, if difficult, truism to discover that even if we try hard and perform well we don’t always find the outcome is the one for which we hoped. In the words of a Miley Cyrus song, ‘It’s The Climb’. The results are listed in the Newsletter. As a statistical aside, Year 8 have gained the highest amount of awards in the last decade. This terrific haul reflects the breadth and depth of talent and skills amongst the children as well as in the teachers who have nurtured them through ceaseless opportunities over the years – congratulations to all.

So HEADlines takes a break for a while and will return with the excitement of brighter days and more outdoor activities as the summer unfolds and everything is crossed that the covid mist continues to lift allowing for ever wider access to events.

Happy Easter for next weekend.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

In assembly this week, I held up the ‘seeds of hope’ I had shown the children through their screens at the very first assembly of this term; 24 hours after having learned we would be returning to remote learning. When I had originally planned this assembly, the seeds were meant to represent the hopes we have at the start of a new year and how to make those hopes grow we need to nurture them just like we do seeds if we want them to flourish into beautiful flowers. Having learned that not all the children would be returning to school, the analogy of the seeds changed to the ‘hope’ the period of remote learning would not need to be endured for too long. I do not think I am alone in thinking it lasted a while longer than we may have liked but what a wonderful relief when we were able to welcome all of the children back to school. The children and I considered the seeds again this week in light of the arrival of Spring and with the approach of Easter on the horizon. We came to the conclusion that ‘hope’ is so important both in good times and bad but that it is probably best to measure our hopes in small doses and trust the bigger hopes will the look after themselves! On behalf of the Pre-Prep staff, we ‘hope’ you all enjoy a lovely Easter break and look forward to seeing you all next term.

Please click here to read the rest of this week's Pelican News
<h2>Pyrland Day</h2>

Pyrland Day

Thursday 25 March 2021

Our Pyrland Day was certainly full of fun, freedom and frolics as we come to the end of what was a challenging term for everyone. We had cycling, archery, mindfulness, nature walks and so much more.

Below are a few snippets of the amazing day we all experienced. Please do  click below to see a slideshow of all of the action. Enjoy!

Slideshow Forest Fun


Well done to all those who have taken the risk and put themselves forward to be counted by committing to the 11+ and 13+ scholarship process. 

We're proud of all who committed to the experience and listed below are those who gained awards:


Thomas Ambler

Performing Arts Scholarship

Annabella Dayus-Jones

Academic and Music Scholarships

Natasha Douglas

Academic Scholarship

Isaac Feltham

Academic Scholarship

Matilda Hulme

Performing Arts Scholarship

Sienna Jeanes

Sports Scholarship

Anna Kittow

Academic and Sports Scholarships

Theo Lamey

Sports Scholarship

James Lang

All-Rounder Scholarship

Camille Lefrancois

Academic Scholarship

Isobel Mott

Academic Scholarship

Rupert Pengelley

Academic and STEM Scholarships

Jack Perry

Sports Scholarship

Francesca Rifaat-Whitehouse

Academic and Music Scholarships

Elizabeth Roe

Drama Scholarship

Tabitha Thompson

Sports Scholarship

Nicholas Watson

Sports Scholarship


Charlotte Ambler

Academic, Music and DT Scholarships

King’s College

Jago Barclay

Academic Scholarship and Sport Exhibition

King’s College

Kate Barker

Academic and Performing Arts Scholarships, 11+ Sport Scholarship reconfirmed

King’s College

Darcie Cockburn

11+ Academic and Sport Scholarships reconfirmed, Art and DT Scholarships

King’s College

Samuel Douglas

Academic Scholarship

King’s College

Kendra Druce

Maddie Hinch and Sport Scholarships

King’s College

Grace Eakhurst

Academic Scholarship


William Fewings

Sport Exhibition

King’s College

Lucia Foa

Sport Scholarship

King’s College

Wilf Gostling

DT Scholarship

King’s College

Shruthi Kumar

Academic Scholarship

King’s College

Monty Lindsay-Smith

Performing Arts Scholarship and Music Exhibition

King’s College

Charlotte Mathew

Music Scholarship

King’s College

Freddie Moulden

11+ Academic Scholarship reconfirmed

King’s College

Isabel Noble

Academic Scholarship

King’s College

Roisin O’Sullivan

Academic Scholarship and Performing Arts Exhibition

King’s College

Harrison Phillips

Sport Exhibition

King’s College

Thomas Rew

Academic and Sport Scholarships

King’s College

Katie Rowe

Sport Scholarship

King’s College

Charlie Sidhu

Sport Scholarship

King’s College

Willow Simpson

Art Scholarship

King’s College

Riana Tiplea

Academic Exhibition

King’s College

Zach Vukusic

Sport Scholarship

King’s College

Arabella Williams

Sport Scholarship

Sherborne Girls

Finn Woodgate-Jones

Academic Scholarship and Sport Exhibition

King’s College

Herbert Yu

Academic Scholarship

King’s College


Boarding Blog

Boarding Blog

by Clare Masters

I’m sitting here on Sunday afternoon enjoying the sounds of the birds, bees and chickens, wondering how long this peace and quiet will last. The children are on an Easter egg hunt solving riddles and rhymes collecting mini eggs along the way. The last clue will lead them to the woods where they will hunt for their final egg then followed by a picnic and an afternoon swim. 

Another happy day for the boarders. 

Have a wonderful Easter break and see you all soon.

A Few Words from...Charlie Sidhu

A Few Words from...Charlie Sidhu

This term's Head Boy


It's been great to get back into school! Playing sport and seeing our friends. As you may know Year 8CE sat some mock exams last week. Gladly they went well for me and now I can rest. Although the real exams are shortly coming up so that means more revision!

It seems like the term has gone so quickly, Easter is only a week away. Over Easter I am looking forward to eating lots of chocolate and having a small break from waking up early.

Over the holidays I will be playing some golf, now that the courses will be open from Monday. I will be attending the Hockey Camp at King's College and I will be returning to football.

I hope you all get to see some loved ones in your gardens over the next few weeks.

Have a lovely Easter.

Stay safe.


<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Foster – Year 4F

Mrs Foster – Year 4F

Fun in Year 4!

Grace decided to build a model of the solar system over the weekend.

The class wrote humorous poems based on Allan Ahlberg’s poem entitled Blame.

We also had a session of board games and Top Trumps on Pyrland Day with a fun code breaking activity to round off the day of fun.

<h2>Year 6 - Mrs Gompels and Mr Sprague</h2>

Year 6 - Mrs Gompels and Mr Sprague

Year 6 have marked several unique events this week. The asteroid noise was heard by those at school playing sport last Saturday and it led to lots of productive science chat in the tutor rooms. 

Natasha and Jack recently celebrated their 11th birthdays. 

We remembered those who had died of Covid on the first anniversary of lock down. 

Revolting Rhymes rehearsals have been taking place culminating in Thursday’s brilliant performance. 

Plus a good ‘chill out’ on the North Field again for break times as the weather has warmed up enough to dry out the grass – what’s not to love about returning to King’s Hall.

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Easter related mishap!

Easter related mishap!

To my dear friends,

Last week I confessed to a little mishap that landed me in a spot of bother. Well, it turned out to be ‘one of those weeks' (not just the one day) as there’s been another little incident. I thought it only fair to tell you all before you hear it on the grapevine.

You see, I was in Nursery with my littlest friends, watching them make crispy chocolate Easter nests and Mrs Masters said that for hygiene reasons I wasn’t allowed to help! I’m not quite sure what she was implying as my canine version of Old Spice hasn’t even worn off since my visit to the dog groomer last week, but I tried not to take offence. I was about to point out that I had to endure over two hours with the dog groomer to achieve human-grade levels of hygiene, aromas and fluffiness but I know how to pick my battles so I retreated to my basket. I decided to pretend to be a ‘Bake-off’ judge as the mouth-watering masterpieces were created before my eyes. I have to say that for their size, the little guys made excellent chefs and the presentation of their nests in their Easter garden display was spectacular.

Like all good judges I decided that I ought to sample one of their creations, but oh dear, what a bad decision that was. I can only describe the next few moments as pandemonium. There were shrieks, squeals and shouts that can only be described as general uproar.

So yes, I was in the ‘dog house’, as you humans would say. And yes, I did have a tummy-ache after eating chocolate. I don’t want to dwell on the matter but let’s just say that I had my first detention and I felt very ashamed. I was almost grounded on Pyrland Day but luckily the final decision went in my favour and I was able to join my friends for a day of fun activities. And what a day that turned out to be! In the absence of this year’s House Music Competition, this in my opinion, was an equally spectacular way to round off the term!

Happy Holidays folks. I hope the Easter Bunny hops through your gardens leaving behind that magical trail.

See you soon.

Your Snoops x

<h2>Year 8M - Growing Sunflowers</h2>

Year 8M - Growing Sunflowers

Spring has truly sprung with the return to school. Our tutor group have recycled some pots and planted a sunflower seed each to mark this fantastic time of year and our return to school. The children will all nurture their seeds over the Easter holidays and bring them in so that we can enjoy watching them grow and hopefully flower! 

Of course a little friendly competition never fails to entertain. 

There are several categories developing: 

  • tallest sunflower
  • best bloom 

plus a few other suggestions which caused much merriment.

Happy Easter everyone from 8M.

Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

by Steve Cridge - Head Porter

The quote I have chosen, which seems to strike a chord now more than ever, is one from the great Albert Einstein.

It reminds us that no matter how tough life gets or difficult things may seem, we just need to find a way to keep moving forward.

There is light and promise of brighter days to come!

  • “Life is like riding a bicycle, to maintain your balance, you must keep moving.”
    - Albert Einstein
<h2>Academic Life </h2>

Academic Life


Drama at King’s Hall Raises Self-Esteem and Improves Confidence

Drama at King’s Hall Raises Self-Esteem and Improves Confidence

After weeks of online learning, our pupils have realised the importance of the performing arts.

All classes have enjoyed being back together these past three weeks, creating and devising in the drama classroom. The contribution to drama in lockdown by many pupils was excellent, however it was brilliant once again to feel and see the collaboration and cooperation between children and their obvious enjoyment of being creative together in school.

Year 6 have definitely shown what three weeks of hard work can result in producing. During lockdown they all learnt a section of one of Roald Dahl’s Revolting Rhymes and filmed themselves performing their piece with chosen set, costume and props. There were lines filmed in chicken coops, up trees and by cosy fireplaces. Everyone learnt and spoke their lines with clarity and expression.

On returning to school, it was essential that the children experienced being on stage, under the lights (as traditionally the Year 6 play would be performed in March to large audiences), so with little rehearsal time and no after school rehearsals, Year 6 rose to the occasion of performing the rhymes on stage. They couldn’t have an audience of another year group so cheered and supported each other as the stories came to life. There were lots of giggles and laughter and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. There were many excellent performances and stars of the future!

Let’s hope that next school year the children can perform to an audience once again, and the seats in King’s Hall Arts Centre will be full of delighted parents once again, clapping, cheering and supporting drama at King's Hall.

The recent Pyrland Day also allowed children to be expressive and drama was a keen choice for Year 7 who enjoyed lots of games and improvisations with props and hats and for Year 5 who retold a story through drama. Dance was also enjoyed by Year 3 and 4 who created a dance about time, as British Summer time rapidly comes thankfully nearer.

Dance clip

Library Lockdown Challenge Winners!

Library Lockdown Challenge Winners!

During lockdown the pupils were invited to participate in a creative Library Lockdown Challenge. Children from across the school chose characters from books and produced illustrations, prose, poems and in some cases dialogue to demonstrate what their chosen characters were up to during lockdown.

Mrs Lowery was so impressed by their inventiveness, and by the empathy and humour exhibited. Many merits were earned. It was almost impossible to choose a winner from each year but finally the results are in and the following pupils will be able to liberate some Easter chocolate from the library stash as their reward:

Year 3 – Mabel Jones and Charlie Paul

Year 4 - Molly Steedman

Year 5 – Martha Jones and Thomas Osman

Year 6 - Sienna Jeanes

Year 7 – Shaniah Venning

Year 8 – Kate Barker

In other news from the library…congratulations also to Grace Gompels, Tilly Hulme, Tom Ambler and Camille Lefrancois who were the first to successfully complete the ‘Where will a book take you in lockdown?” challenge. The answers will be in the next edition of the library eZine so don’t forget to ‘Check it Out’ this Easter when it arrives in your inbox.

Exmoor Challenge

Exmoor Challenge

The Exmoor Challenge will be going ahead this year on the 26 June. Twelve pupils from Year 8 will be selected to train and take part in this event, from those that show an interest in the activity. You should know from the outset that the date this year clashes with our Sports Day and so sadly you will not be able to take part in both.

Exmoor Challenge is a 16-mile hike around parts of Exmoor, which the children will compete in groups of four over the course of the day. This is a sponsored event and raises money for the Hospice South West.

Please email to let Mr Hands know if your child is interested in taking part. 

Summer Term Sailing

Summer Term Sailing

Mr Hands would like to offer the opportunity for sailing sessions on most Wednesday afternoons throughout the Summer Term. The children will be taken to Wimbleball Lake to work with the Outdoor Activity Centre, based at the lake, hiring a range of craft. These sessions will be open to children in Years 5, 6, 7 and 8. The children do not need to have any sailing experience, but those that do, can work through part of the next stage of their RYA qualification. 

For those who do go, the cost will be £15.00 per session, and all equipment will be provided by the Centre, apart from wet suit shoes.

For the more advanced sailors, Mr Hands is willing to take a group down to Weymouth to sail at the Andrew Simpson Centre (the 2012 Olympic venue), on one of the Saturdays during the term.

If your child is interested in either of the above activities, please email Mr Hands so he has an idea of interest.

Saturday Netball

Saturday Netball

The girls had a great time last Saturday afternoon. The weather was good and they had a variety of netball-based tasks to enjoy. The Year 7s and 8s designed their own circuit, with each of the groups making a station to practice a particular skill, followed by match play. The Year 5s and 6s worked on their agility, with a variety of relay races; played some small sided passing and shooting games, followed by match play. We all stopped at around 3 o’clock when a confusing loud rumbling boom echoed across the sky, later to be identified as a meteor! It was lovely to be among such enthusiastic games players.

<h2>Easter Sports Camps</h2>

Easter Sports Camps

Our Sports Camps are Back!

Our Sports Camps are Back!

We're delighted to see the return of our popular sports camps over the Easter holidays.

Booking can be made using the online form via the button below.

All bookings will be done on a first-come, first-served basis.

Session capacity will vary, so do book early to avoid disappointment.

Book Here
Summer Term Uniform

Summer Term Uniform

Easter appointments

Please don't forget to book your appointment to buy uniform for the Summer Term.

Please note that all children need to return in Summer uniform after Easter.

A list of summer uniform is included on our website, link below. 

Girls' cricket shirts (compulsory item) and all cricket kit for boys has now arrived.

The shop will be open on an appointment only basis during the Easter break from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm (3:00 pm being the last appointment of the day) on the following dates:

Monday 12th April 

Tuesday 13th April

Wednesday 14th April

Monday 19th April

Tuesday 20th April

Please can visitors wear face masks and sign in for track and trace upon arrival.

Please phone the School Office on 01823 285920 or email to make your appointment

School Shop Uniform Lists
<h2>Spring at King's</h2>

Spring at King's

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

Some lovely images of King's looking very spring like – photographed by one of our grounds team, Harvey.

Simply beautiful!

<h2>Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!</h2>

Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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Friday 1 October 2021

Open Days are an ideal way of looking around the school to see if you think this might be the one for you and your child.

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