25th June 2021 | King's Hall School Taunton


25th June 2021

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by Justin Chippendale

This is likely to be the last HEADlines of the year. Don’t get your hopes up – it could be a little more Friday-shattered than earth-shattering! Anyhow, it’s the content of the Newsletter that is really worth looking at. Some reflections on Arts Week last week and Maths Week this week are in there.

Cricket, end of term and the increase of Covid cases have been amongst my thoughts for the week. The Under 11 boys took on schools from the South West region as the newly crowned Somerset County Champions and, on winning that day, now progress to the National Finals at Oakham School on 8 July. On the same day, our U13 girls and boys both won tournaments against several schools in our area and both teams are also due to compete in County Finals next week. Not to be forgotten, the Under 12 boys are in their County Final. Phew! You may also have heard that the College boys 1st XI have made it through to the National T20 final to be held at Arundel Castle over the weekend. Good luck to all!

Those of you with dogs will know that whilst on occasions they are a pain and a hassle (cleaning Somerset red mud off a white dog in the cold, drizzly gloom of a January evening after a walk you didn’t want to have at the end of a weary day!) is more than offset by the better times. Recently, Meg has been a boon not only in making me go out and get away from the paperwork but she is great fun when out and about with the children at break times on the front field. She’s quite a capricious flirt, though, as she will prostrate herself in a group for tummy rubs but then unannounced jump up to scamper across to another cluster and similarly recline for her next luxurious body massage.

No doubt we will be taking her for an amble somewhere over the weekend and then it is into the last four or five days of this academic year…and even the final days for some at King’s Hall.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

The penultimate week of term has been a flurry of events, activities and rehearsals in Pre-Prep and seems to have whizzed by in the blink of an eye. The week started with Nursery staging their Assembly to their parents in the Arts Centre. I am told there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they took their audience on a journey through the year, showcasing memories of events parents would normally have been invited in to enjoy with us such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter. I never cease to be amazed by what the very youngest of our King’s family can achieve but I think they excelled themselves on Monday as they had practised all of last week on the field as this was where we had originally planned for the assembly to take place. However, the weather decided to make that impossible hence the change of location. This meant the children had to perform in a room some of them have never been inside and, for most, will have been their first experience of performing to an audience. A fine example of how resilient, flexible and brilliant our children are! The Nursery staff team are pretty awesome too and deserve praise for their organisation and calm manner in the face of this challenge.

Please click here to read the rest of this week's Pelican News
Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters

Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters

Its been a busy week getting ready for the end of term but the children were so happy to receive a boarder’s hoodie as a gift for looking after the day children who came in to do some taster nights. I have to say they look very smart. 

This weekend we have a few more treats as this will be my last weekend with the children as their houseparent and the last weekend of term so lots of celebrating to be done.

A Few Words from...Arabella Williams

A Few Words from...Arabella Williams

This Term's Head Girl

I hope you have all had a good week so far.

As I am moving into my last week at King’s Hall, it feels sad to leave my friends to go to a new school but it shouldn’t be all bad as there are a few more things to look forward to. Next week we have the Year 8 Fete which is always fun and everyone is excited. Hopefully the weather is nice this weekend and we can all get outside.

Have a nice weekend!

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Foster - Year 4F

Mrs Foster - Year 4F

Can you see the excitement on the children's faces? 

This is a relay unlike any other. Racing around the library in teams to find different books was an exciting challenge and it helped the children learn the dewey decimal system. 

A lovely morning session in the library organised and run by our wonderful librarian, Mrs. Lowery. 

Thank you!

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends,

I’m not complaining but it’s been another exhausting few days with the buzz of ‘Maths Week’ gripping us all and giving challenge to the old grey matter with all manner of puzzles, mysteries and problems!

As you know, I became fully engrossed in the ‘Arts Week’ programme and your thespian doggie friend here, got to perform on stage, once again. In contrast, I entered this week with trepidation as my numeracy skills are not as fine tuned. You see, the problem is, my paws are so fluffy that I find it hard to count on my toes.

However, with a little help from my clever friends, I now know that the King’s Hall Maths week is equally exciting.

Who ever thought that ‘Maths Olympics’ was a thing? Well it is, and here at King’s Hall it’s turned into an annual event. My favourite activity however, was ‘The Maths Adventure Trail’ with Years 3 and 4. Using the language of my young friends, “it was sick” (for anyone born pre 2000, sick used in this context means totally awesome and nothing related to vomit!). This week I’ve learnt that it’s great to be challenged while having fun at the same time.

I don’t want anyone to feel left out so here’s a maths challenge for you all to try:

‘Mrs May has dogs and kennels. If she puts three dogs in each kennel, there will be two dogs left over. If she puts four dogs in each kennel, there will be one kennel left over. How many dogs and how many kennels does Mrs May own?’

Have a super weekend

Your Snoops X

<h2>Year 4 Play/Drama </h2>

Year 4 Play/Drama

It has been a difficult time for the world of theatre and drama all over the country. As theatres gradually open their doors to small audiences once again, and Andrew Lloyd Webber demands the government to allow full capacity in theatres to allow them to survive, drama at King’s Hall continues. Drama has proved to be an essential part of our lives – we need it to relax, have fun and we need it to learn those soft skills so vital in our lives – concentration, focus, relaxation, co-operation, team work, support.

Over the past months the success of drama has continued despite everything in its way:

Year 6 Ghosthunters was performed to empty seats and filmed in March 2020

Drama was performed in living rooms, kitchens and gardens - Summer 2020

Year 4 Play Ahmed and the Feather Girl was created at homes and made into a film June 2020

Year 8 performed bubble plays – Twisted/The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty/Who me? Yes You! - performed to school audiences and filmed. November 2020

Year 6 created Revolting Rhymes at home which was made into a film. They also performed some performances on the return to school to each other. March 2021

Finally in June 2021 Year 4 performed to a real audience (socially distanced and less than 30) outdoors ‘Come to the CIrcus’

The Year 4s were delighted to perform such a colourful, vibrant, uplifting play.

Costumes dazzled, clowns amused, acrobats did amazing splits, weightlifters flexed muscles, jugglers juggled, circus music lifted spirits and ringmasters announced the acts.

Two Dotty old grannies also entertained as well as lots of monkeys, lion tamers and a fierce lion called Snoops!

The children must be congratulated on their spoken words, movement around the stage, handling of props, exits and entrances and mostly for their ‘Circus Acts’.

The Clowns’ comic routine to funny music made everyone laugh as they fell about the stage and had buckets on their heads and feet stuck in tubs. The acrobats amazed with ribbons and fantastic gymnastics. The weightlifters were amazing at lifting such heavy weights (who couldn’t love the balloon weights!), the jugglers tried to be like the Circus Act on Monday and were great with the spinning plates and finally the Lion tamers – 3 lions (2 human and 1 delighted Snoops to be staring in a play yet again) wowed the audience with their tricks.

This play really involved everyone and it was delightful to see the smiles on the cast and audience’s faces. The audience of Year 5 and 6 delighted in shouting ‘Behind You’, ‘Monkeys’ and ‘Ahhhh’ at the Clowns, although they were not prepared for the water guns!! It was lovely to have small supporting audiences of parents who smiled all the way through.

Who says Drama is not uplifting in times of trouble? Both music and drama provide joy and comfort and a lot of fun - Arts Week and the Year 4 Play last week have made the school a happy, safe, cheerful place.

Here are some more pictures from last week of the wonderful dance workshops run by students from King’s College and Ms Kelly Druce. The children were delighted to learn ‘Circus’ dances to ‘Afro Circus’ and ‘The Greatest Showman’:

<h2>Academic Life</h2>

Academic Life

This term the focus, higher up the school, has been all about the summer examinations and the pupils have performed really well. It is excellent to see the historical skills and learning shine through on an exam script, particularly in such a disrupted year. Revision has been the main focal point for lessons up until half term with some interesting topics post exams.

Year 8 have returned to the classroom, with very brown faces, after their excellent week in Okehampton and should be commended for a very good set of CE results. Post exams, the Common Entrance classes have been investigating the ‘History Mystery’ of man landing on the moon and the view of conspiracy theorists. 8S are coming to the end of their study on the British Empire and are collating their views on its legacy.

Year 7 also produced some very good results in their summer exam. Since the exams, the CE classes are studying the execution of Charles I and the restoration of the monarchy. An engaging topic with generous helpings of political struggle, battles and the beheading of a King. 7S have been investigating the meaty questions of ‘Can dictators be good for their countries?’ and ‘Is democracy the best political system?’.

Year 6 are studying the Black Death and the Peasants Revolt. A very interesting topic and it has been excellent to see pupils making links between their experiences of a pandemic and England’s population in the 14th Century.

Year 5 History have been finishing off Motte and Bailey Castles and designing their own based on a Norman Castle design. They are making leaflets to advertise their castles and imagining what they may put in their castle to attract tourists.

The pupils in Year 4 are just coming to the end of their Anglo-Saxon topic and have had great fun designing illuminated letters. After studying images of some intricate and beautifully decorated letters in ancient manuscripts they designed their own illuminated masterpieces for the initial letter of their name.

The children learned that monks took months and sometimes years to produce books and that it took approximately 50 sheep skins to make the vellum for the pages of one book.

Year 3 have been investigating the tribes that made up Celtic Britain as well as finding out how they made their clothes. They have carded wool, tried to spin it (though this was very tricky!) and practised weaving using straws. A wonderful example of hands on history!

Year 7 Art

Year 7 Art

This term, Year 7 pupils have been learning how to create a simple 'Still Life' in a variety of different media - pencil, oil pastel, coloured chalks and water colour. Here are a selection of their lovely watercolour paintings.



Antonia Cheeseman

Year 5K LLD have been busy learning their Parts of Speech and this week they wrote poems using as many prepositions as they could, inspired by the poem "Pop" by Michael Rosen.

Year 3 Geography Trip to North Curry

Year 3 Geography Trip to North Curry

Year 3 had a super geography trip to North Curry last week investigating the development of the village over the years and how the facilities, such as shops, have changed. A big thank you to Mr Halls for coming with us on our trip.

<h2>Madame Harvey's Year 8 Tutor Group </h2>

Madame Harvey's Year 8 Tutor Group

It has certainly been a busy half term for all the Year 8s. We did our Common Entrance exams in the first week after half term and had a day of fun activities on the Friday once completed. We then had packing for our Okehampton trip; action packed! We did high ropes, kayaking on the lakes, a day at the beach including body boarding and trips in to Bude, gorge scrambling and rock climbing as well as a lovely relaxing group cycle ride. Thanks to all the teachers for looking after us and for making such a fantastic trip possible. On our return from Okehampton we got our CE results and most of us were delighted! We are getting ready for our Charity fete and our last week at King’s Hall school. Some of us have been here since nursery, some joined in Year 4 and 5 and others have done Year 7 and 8 here. Although we are ready to move onto our senior schools, we will all miss King’s Hall!

My Chosen Piece of Music from Composer John Williams

My Chosen Piece of Music from Composer John Williams

by Jeremy Stannett

My favourite composer is John Williams, and Jurassic Park is a firm favourite.

I have a very eclectic taste in music and will listen to anything, I prefer music without words if I am writing and anything with some good lyrics if I am cooking. I went to listen to the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra play before lockdown when they did a Proms in the Park, “John Williams Filmfest” it was fantastic to see and hear so many people playing together to create such an incredible sound!

Jurassic Park Theme - John Williams
<h2>This week in Sport....</h2>

This week in Sport....

<h2>U11 Boys Cricket</h2>

U11 Boys Cricket

The 8 boys listed below were all fantastic and really played their part in the final against Paragon School, Bath.

  • Theo Jones
  • Wilbur Mack
  • James White
  • Theo Lamey (c)
  • Humphrey Cooper-Smith
  • Dalbi Luard
  • Jack Perry (wkt)
  • Nicholas Watson (vc)

It was hosted at Huish & Langport Cricket Club.

We chose to bat first and scored a total of 262. Nick Watson hitting important runs early on, Theo Jones smashing a few fours in the middle and Theo Lamey finishing the innings with a 6. Our bowling and fielding was superb and I was really proud of their efforts and energy. Nick started with a brilliant over, Dalbi bowled a wicket maiden and Humphrey fielded well. The final over came down to James White, and after a nervous start picked up a wicket on his second ball, then another, AND then another! A hat-trick in the last over, all three were catches. So exciting! This meant that we won the game and went through to the Regional Finals on Monday, hosted at KCT. We played best of Devon- Exeter School, and best of Dorset- Claysmore. (During the match Humphrey sustained an injury, so James Lang will fill in his place).

<h2>U13 Boys Cricket</h2>

U13 Boys Cricket

<h2>U13 Girls Cricket</h2>

U13 Girls Cricket

In a similar series of successes, as seen on Super Saturday, we may well have an equivalent here at King's Hall – 'Topnotch Tuesday' – as three teams brought home three titles from three events.

Our U11 boys won the county finals and then went on to win the regional finals yesterday, beating the best in Dorset (Clayesmore) and the best in Devon (Exeter). The boys played fantastically and have continued to develop well as a team. Their next step is on 8th July when they head to the national finals.

Our U13 boys took part in the T10 cricket competition, an event they have attended the twice before. Having won it in the first year, and coming second two years ago (no event last year), they were hoping for a repeat of their previous success this year. Playing their opening matches against Wellington and Clifton and as a result of winning both games, the team were placed top in their pool. Facing Millfield in the final, the boys put on a sterling performance, with Zach scoring 64* to bring the side to victory.

With all our girls playing great cricket at the moment, Mr Halls wanted them to have the same opportunity for some competitive play. Hosting a girls T10 competition for the first time at King's Hall, both our pitches were looking perfect and our girls, along with Wellington, Taunton and Blundell's played some excellent cricket. They all looked comfortable facing a hard ball, and Anna Hardy, our first team coach was thrilled with our bowling. The girls went through the day undefeated, and were supported by our pupils from Pre-Prep, all the way through to the senior Prep years, all witnessing some fantastic matches.

This was such a brilliant day for the school, and the perfect end for our Year 8 children. 

It all comes from a serious amount of hard work over the years and a great approach towards sport in general. We’ve been coaching our pupils in cricket and a range of other sports and activities, helping them to prepare both physically and mentally. Alex Barrow's JHPP (Junior High Performance Programme) for cricket has been running brilliantly. It’s a fun and focused way to develop our best cricketers, and we’ve had a season of excellent matches and results, with this amazing highlight to finish off the Summer Term.

Sports Camps

Sports Camps

We are pleased to announce that we are running a variety of sports camps over the summer holiday.

We will ensure that the camps are of the highest quality and standard whilst creating an environment where every player will thrive, whatever their motivation or level of experience.

To register places on our camp(s) please complete the respective forms below:

Cricket - the course will be led by Head of Cricket and Cricket Professional. The clinics are open to everyone, from beginners to more advanced players. Sessions will incorporate batting, bowling, and fielding, as well as use of our bowling machines, fun games practice and indoor matches. 

Hockey - camps will be lead by Clare Hayes, Director of Hockey at King's College, Taunton and England Hockey Level 4 Coach. Clare is also an England Hockey Performance Centre Head Coach.

Netball - the course will be led by our new Head of Netball Sammy Kemmish.

Rugby - the course will be led by Ed Lewsey

If you have any questions prior to booking, please contact

Ben Thomas: BCThomas@kings-taunton.co.uk


Head of Cricket: RJWoodman@kings-taunton.co.uk
Director of Hockey: CHayes@kings-taunton.co.uk

Head of Rugby: EAMLewsey@kings-taunton.co.uk

There are limited places available so is done on first come first served basis.


Please see below photo of this week's Chapel Servers

School Shop - Summer appointments

School Shop - Summer appointments

Please don't forget to book your appointment to buy uniform for the Michaelmas Term.

A list of uniform is included on our website, link below.

The shop will be open on an appointment only basis during the Summer break from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday (3:00 pm being the last appointment of the day) on the following weeks:

Week commecing - Monday 5th July 

Week commencing - Monday 12th July

Week commencing - Monday 16th August 

Week commencing - Monday 23rd August 

Closed B/H Monday 

Reopens Tuesday 31st August 

Please can visitors wear face masks and sign in for track and trace upon arrival.

Please phone the School Office on 01823 285920 or email to make your appointment

Uniform lists
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Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

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