21st May 2021 | King's Hall School Taunton


21 May 2021

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by Justin Chippendale

I started my day in the Arts Centre where the orchestra were gathering for their weekly rehearsal.  It has been so good to have these group activities running and Mr DJ has been brilliant all through the pandemic at maximising the chances to keep group music making going within the guidance.  Also, it is terrific to see children taking up the learning of orchestral instruments – it is not something we should take for granted so I encourage you to suggest to and support your child in learning an instrument. The rewards are great and not all overtly apparent: Mr DJ is always delighted to explain the wider benefits if you wish to know more.  

Wednesday saw three fortunes combine: the sun was out, girls and boys had cricket matches, spectators were allowed on site!  We had a golden few hours when it all came together – and how lovely it was to feel the togetherness.  One may not have chatted to every person but you could see other people and we were in the same space and we were sharing the same physical experience. More, please!

Some Year 8 pupils have been working on a mini-project to answer a question of their choice under the loose theme of ‘Planet Earth: Near and Far’ and I thought you might like to see some of the questions they have set themselves. They will be giving presentations to some staff at the end of next week. What are your thoughts on some of these?

How do cultures from different continents view the moon? How do spies and spy agencies operate around the world? How does aboriginal art influence Australian culture today? Why were skyscrapers built and do they have a future? How did Covid-19 affect the world? Why was the Great Wall of China built? Why is research in Antarctica so important? Significant feminists: which key feminists influenced the younger generation? What everyday items have been created by happy accidents and why is this important? How is the psychology of colours used by popular brands? Our disappearing world: what can we do to stop climate change? How and why do LEDC and MEDC countries farm differently? A study in psychology: why do people behave the way they do? How can we live with volcanoes? How has ancient sport influenced sport today? What are the cultural differences between Chinese and British food?

I’ll end with a bit from a conversation with a child whilst I was on lunch queue duty today.  Me: “What are you doing at the weekend?”; child: “Ooo, it’s gonna be fun, for Mummy’s birthday Daddy’s got a hot tub for us – it’s not a whole one though.”  Furrowed brow from me.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

In our Monday morning assemblies this half term, we have been thinking about how we can spread happiness wherever we go. We have explored this through stories and through analogy. The children have been impressive in their ideas about how we can start each day in a brilliant way, their understanding of how their actions can affect others and that friendship is something we have to work hard to enjoy in the same way we have to work hard to get better at anything we are learning to do. So, if you have heard about how one smile could travel around the world, about invisible buckets or the wall of friendship you now know where it has come from and if you haven’t why not ask your child about it!

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Happy 4th Birthday Snoops!

Happy 4th Birthday Snoops!

Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters

We had a lovely weekend of celebrating birthdays, including an early celebration in honour of Snoops 4th birthday (31st May during half term) which he thoroughly enjoyed, here are a few words from the pup himself:

"What a wonderful early birthday I have had, lots of yummy treats, new balls and toys. My favourite has to be my new life jacket as I am hoping to spend my summer catching a few waves in Cornwall on my body board and exploring the lakes in the Lake District on my paddle board. Thank you to everyone for the love and best wishes but particularly to the boarders who are all my best friends forever!"

A Few Words from...Maddie Dorse

A Few Words from...Maddie Dorse

This Term's Deputy Head Girl

This week at King's Hall has whizzed by very fast by doing lots of revision for the Common Entrance Exams and many fun things! I am enjoying my first proper summer term at school since I joined in Year 7 and this week, we have not had to wear a mask at all for a change. We can smile and breathe properly now!

This term, I have started playing cricket in my games lessons. On Wednesdays, I have been going to Wimbleball Lake with the sailing group. The journey is long, but once we get on the water, it is worth it. I have learnt many things during these lessons, and I am keen to do more. This week, we had capsizing drills and it was brilliant.

At home, I have also been busy growing tomatoes, pumpkins and sunflowers to try to sell them.

At the end of term, I am looking forward to our Okehampton trip and the end of exams.

Have a nice weekend!

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Willmott - 4W

Mrs Willmott - 4W

4W have been discussing healthy eating in PSHE and in particular, the importance of eating a healthy breakfast. This has lead us onto exploring foods from around the world and we have watched some interesting, as well as amusing, video clips of children tasting all manner of food. Our favourite clips included prison food from various global locations and astronaut food! The video on unusual fruits was interesting as was the one on their grandparents’ childhood favourites.

We all know that as part of a well balanced diet, and in moderation, the odd sweet treat is absolutely fine. This is just as well because we’ve had quite a number of birthdays recently in 4W and we’ve shared some scrumptious celebratory cake. The children were also very kindly given a sweet from Hong Kong to try and as you might expect there weren’t any screwed up faces on this occasion!

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends

Even though it’s just over a week until my birthday (31st May) I had my party with the boarders last weekend. As my actual birthday is during the holidays I invite you to send my cards to my school address which is ‘Snoops in the Sewing Room’ at King's Hall School.

Aren’t I the lucky one having a party just as lockdown is easing; not that the Prime Minister imposed any sanctions on dogs.

In the early days of the dreaded virus, Mrs Masters had concerns about how many people were ruffling my fur during my daily rounds. I once heard her call me the 'Covid Rag', which was a bit rude! Anyway, I have to say that as a community we have all done spectacularly well at managing our working environment. I have observed the highest levels of hygiene, respect and compliance amongst our whole community and I would just like to say that from my perspective you all deserve a round of 'appaws'; I’m clapping my paws right now!

I know that we’re not out of the woods just yet and we all have to continue to be careful, sensible and sensitive but hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy more freedom this summer. Keep those masks in your pockets just in case!

I’m not a fan either, they make my muzzle hairs all damp, but if needs be, I’m with you.

Bye bye for now.

Snoops xx

<h2>Academic Life - Computing</h2>

Academic Life - Computing

Year 3 have been creating branching databases and pictograms. A branching database (sometimes called a binary tree) is a way of classifying a group of objects.

Year 4 over the past few weeks have been using paint.net to explore how adjustments and effects can alter the look of pictures. Here you can see an example where the children downloaded a picture and changed the effect using brightness and contrast to change the mood of a picture. The children were challenged to create a picture for the front cover of a children's book and the front cover of a ghost story using the same original picture.

Year 5 have been exploring vector drawing using publisher. A vector graphic is artwork made up of points, lines, and curves that are based upon mathematical equations, rather than a solid coloured square pixels. This means that no matter how large or small or how close you zoom in on the image, the lines, curves, and points remain smooth. Here are some examples of their creations.

Year 6 have been exploring formulas in spreadsheets. We have calculated the cost of petrol to various attractions around the country. We have also calculated the cost of list of goods on a shopping list. Very few had an idea about what a shopping list was!

Year 7 have been using Tinkercad to explore 3D modelling. Look at some of their 3D house designs. I am hoping that we can possibly get some 3D printed key rings as King’s College have a 3D printer.

Year 8 have been using inkscape which is slightly more advanced Vector drawing. We have been manipulating shapes. 

See picture examples below

6K Geography

6K Geography

The children in 6K have produced some brilliant pieces of work on ‘How to Survive in the Amazon Rainforest’ – I have no worries about being left in the Amazon now, I am sure I will be absolutely fine if I follow the advice given in these guides!!

Mrs Keirle's Tutor Group - Year 5K

Mrs Keirle's Tutor Group - Year 5K

5K can’t believe how quickly the term is flying past. They are extremely happy at school, loving being able to chat, play and interact with each other and have fun. They hardly realise how much they are learning!

They are all working hard in preparation for their first school exams next week. They are determined to do their best and stay calm and relaxed. A positive mindset is essential.

As well as revising in many lessons, 5K have also been enjoying:

English – studying Poetry - The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll and the Highwayman by A Noyes. They loved performing the Jabberwocky. See the photos! They have also been inspired to write creatively in role as the Highwayman, Bess or Tim, after reading the poem and watching a very moving animation.

Drama – Dance has been the theme this term and everyone has participated in bringing the St John’s Carpet page from The Lindisfarne Gospels come alive.

DT – Last Tuesday Mrs Keirle was delighted with the lovely smell of freshly baked cakes during the prep session. She thinks only some cakes made it home in the paper bag and not inside tummies!

History – Lots of very colourful revision wheels on the Vikings.

Cricket – it was lovely this week to have an afternoon of cricket in the sunshine.

Breaktimes with poppets and bouncy balls!

My Chosen Piece of Music - That's Entertainment by The Jam

My Chosen Piece of Music - That's Entertainment by The Jam

by Lyn Burgess - Matron

When this was released in 1980, I was just finishing secondary school and felt like most teenagers, full of angst, worry and hope and dreaming of my future. Living in deepest Somerset all the excitement was happening in the cities and the lyrics of this song really made me feel that the mundanity of life would be much better elsewhere. I still have the single (way before CDs and online streaming) and it is one of my most treasured possessions. I still know all the words and immediately upon hearing the first few notes I am transported back to being 16 with my whole life ahead of me. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to see and hear Paul Weller sing this at Glastonbury. I stood in front of the Pyramid stage with tears streaming and I was so happy.

The Jam - That's Entertainment
  • “A police car and a screaming siren a pneumatic drill and ripped up concrete a baby wailing and stray dog howling the screech of brakes and lamp light blinking”
  • “That's entertainment, that's entertainment”
  • “.....”


Here is this week's photo of our lovely servers for our Chapel Service with Father Mark. 

Junior Teen Inspiration Ambassador UK 2021

Junior Teen Inspiration Ambassador UK 2021

Maisie Henderson

Year 7 pupil Maisie H has been named Junior Teen Inspiration Ambassador UK 2021 by the Miss Inspiration. As such she has been raising funds for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY).

Since its formation in 1995, CRY has been working to reduce the frequency of young sudden cardiac death (YSCD). The charity supports young people diagnosed with potentially life-threatening cardiac conditions and offers bereavement support to families affected by YSCD. The winner of Miss Inspiration chose the charity having needed their assistance when she was younger.

As part of her charity work this year, Maisie will be running a series of fundraising activities at her mum’s tack shop opening event in Hockworthy on 29 and 30 May.

A regular on the young pageant circuit, Maisie has a number of titles under her belt including Miss Devon 2017, so to add the Junior Teen Inspiration Ambassador to her collection is a fantastic achievement.

Maisie is also Miss Driven 2020 and Miss Teen Charity for raising the most money in the junior age category.

With growing interest in her story, local station, BBC Radio Devon recently interviewed Maisie to find out more about her charity work.

If you would like to donate raffle prizes, please do contact: info@daresdowntackshop.co.uk. There will be two raffles running, with various prizes on offer. All funds raised will go to supporting the work of CRY.

  • “It was really exciting to be contacted by BBC Radio Devon. I’ve been taking part in beauty pageants for about four years and part of that involves raising money for charity, along with the other contestants. ”
    - Maisie
  • “At the end of May I will be running raffles and a bake sale at my mum’s new business, Daresdown Tack Shop. My bake sales are always popular – everyone loves cake!”
    - Maisie
  • “As well as bake sales, I’ve also held auctions and even sold our chicken eggs – every little helps in going towards supporting CRY. With horsey prizes up for grabs as well as a 2-night break at our holiday cottage, we hope we can raise even more money for our chosen charity. My aim is to reach my target of £1500.”
    - Maisie
  • “We’re so proud of Maisie’s achievements. The pageants offer girls an opportunity to raise awareness and money for charities in the run up to the events. Obviously Maisie has been unable to attend events due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, she is now busy baking cakes and trying to raise as much money as possible for a worthy cause.”
    - Maisie's Mum, Vicky
Pupil Podcast

Pupil Podcast

by Rosin O'Sullivan

Please see link below to our next Pupil Podcast - Roisin's interview about online learning from Doha, Qatar

Pupil Podcast
Hockey Camps

Hockey Camps

Please find below the link to our latest hockey camps, happening over half term. 

We expect these to be popular and the numbers will be strictly limited so please don’t delay if you would like to book!

Please contact Clare Hayes if you have any questions.

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<h2>Equestrian Update</h2>

Equestrian Update

NSEA Regional Grassroots Championships

NSEA Regional Grassroots Championships

Competing in the recent NSEA Regional Grassroots Championships, siblings Tabitha and William both came away with rosettes. Tabitha took 6th place in the 70cm class and 3rd in the 75cm, while brother William came 3rd in the 50cm and won the 60cm class. On 15 May our school team competed in the NSEA Eventers’ Challenge at KSEC, with riders from both schools competing in various classes. Tabitha, Lizzy R and former King’s Hall pupils, Tilly F and Harriet W qualified as a team for the Hickstead Championships in the 70cm class. Another former King’s Hall pupil, Jaime P, took first place in the 80-85cm class on her new horse Zara. With competitions back in the equestrian diary, we look forward to more news from our young riders in the coming weeks and months.

Horse Riding Lessons

Horse Riding Lessons

We are delighted to be able to offer more spaces for the pupils from King's Hall School for Saturday morning riding lessons. We can cater for all levels of experience and ability from Year 3-8. 

If you would like to find out more information, please contact Laura Bennett lcbennett@kings-taunton.co.uk / 07834 353938.

There will be riding lessons on offer on the 29th May and then on the 5th June, over half term. Both current and new riders are welcome. Please contact Laura Bennett to book a place on one of the lessons.

Woodland Adventures

Woodland Adventures

If you're looking for activities for your children over the summer holidays, please take a look at our Woodland Adventures. We are delighted to be able to offer these over the summer for children in Nursery - Year 7.

The cost will be £35.00 from 9.30am – 4.30pm or £40.00 from 8.30am – 4.30pm and this can be added to your school bill.

For further details and to book, please click the button below.

As places are limited, please ensure you make your booking as soon as you can.

Book here
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Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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Friday 1 October 2021

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