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20th November 2020

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The half way point of the second half of term is marked by a Long Weekend, as they are known. Ordinarily, as this Newsletter link lands in your inbox, we would be welcoming in the organisers and stall holders of the excellent Rural Living Show that magically appears on our site each year and then evaporates by Monday morning. Sadly, it is another victim of Covid and we will miss the sights and smells and early Christmas shopping opportunities it provides through the coming together of artisans and producers.

Yes, talk of Christmas is pretty rife now, the odd song on the radio, lights are appearing in domestic homes, nativities are in production phases and we have just sent a message to choir members about Carol Service plans.

We would usually enjoy a very atmospheric and heart-warming seasonal gathering of families and friends on the last Sunday of term to bask in the reassuringly familiar story in the College Chapel. We have decided to create a digital version with the main musical recording taking place in the Chapel on the Friday beforehand and to make it available at the usual time of 5.30pm on Sunday 6 December – I very much hope that we will have a virtual sense of shared experience if we all still watch it at the same time even if in different venues.

Talking more of shared experiences, I was lucky enough to be up with the Junior Boys in the boarding house last night for a little while and, by its very nature, it is a rewarding experience. Lego/Playmobil on the go acting out some castle-based knight’s fantasy battle; some jumping onto bean bags; the occasional disagreement; plenty of giggles; watching a bit of Mr Bean (more giggles); teeth brushing; book reading in one room and listening to Roald Dahl audiobooks (The Witches, last night) in another. All the bits and bobs that make up communal dwelling and plenty of acceptance and tolerance of each other just as with any ‘family’.

I hope your weekend ahead, where we remain limited to our family, contains more giggles than disagreement.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

I begin this week’s newsletter with a very grateful, thank you for your generous donations to our Children in Need fundraising day last week. Pre-Prep's contribution to the school’s total was £168.32 which received some lovely gasps of delight when revealed to the children in assembly on Monday morning. One child also made the loveliest comment;

that should help Pudsey help a sad child find their smile again”.

Monday morning also saw us meet our final assembly friend who helps us learn about life in our country. Respect Rhino taught us we need to respect the world we live in by looking after it and to respect each other. We thought of lots of ways we can show respect for each other such as listening while someone else is talking, holding a door open for someone to walk through and making sure we let everyone share their ideas. We also read a story about a little girl who thought visiting her Gran in her care home was going to be super boring but discovered the older generation have lots of exciting stories to tell about their lives; needless to say, the little girl learned an important lesson! The full line up is: Lion Law (Guardian of the Golden Rules), Liberty Leopard (reminds us we are free to make our own choices as long as they keep Lion Law happy), Tolerant Turtle (reminds us we are all different but we can still all be friends), Democracy Dog (reminds us we sometimes need to vote to make decisions and our favourite idea may not ‘win’) and Respect Rhino. These characters reflect the values of a British society and hopefully lay the foundations of the children’s understanding of what is important to our country. I have included a picture of them in the photo gallery below.

A Few Words from...Zach Vukusic

A Few Words from...Zach Vukusic

This term's Head Boy

Last week we had our last boarders swimming session in the outdoor pool. We have been playing water polo which is great fun although it can get a little competitive. The water has been really warm but it is freezing when you get out, especially when your towel is in the shed with no roof!

As I cannot play sport outside of school I realise I am lucky to be able to still play in school. One sport I was looking forward to playing was cricket. I have just been selected for the Emerging Player Programme for Devon, which means I will get some extra coaching every week. Unfortunately this will not start until December.

Three weeks to go until we break up for Christmas. I really hope I can meet up with my aunts, uncles and cousins at my grand-parents farm, I have all my fingers and toes crossed.

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden </h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

<h2>Mrs Willmott - Year 4W</h2>

Mrs Willmott - Year 4W


Who would have believed that on a misty November morning, a tribe of fierce ancient Celts would have found their way into the King’s Hall Woods. But sure enough, there they were; Mrs Willmott saw them with her very own eyes! It became apparent that they were hiding in the undergrowth, waiting to besiege a legion of Roman Soldiers.

It is not unusual to see Year 4 Roman legionnaires around the grounds of King’s Hall but never before have we been under threat. On this particular morning a legion of Year 4 Roman Soldiers were making their way to the North Field for their daily drill. This was to include weapons training, javelin throwing, general exercises and practising the tortoise formation for defence.

The crunch of a leaf underfoot and the snap of a small twig was enough to alert our highly trained army to the menacing presence of an enemy lurking close by.

As expected, a battle commenced and after a tense few minutes the number of Celtic casualties amounted quickly. It wasn’t long before the last remaining enemy aggressors were taken by the Romans.

Peace reigns over the territory of King’s Hall once again and it is my guess that the few remaining enemy Celts have now been enlisted as auxiliary soldiers or sold as slaves.

I am pleased to announce that a great time was had by all and that no King’s Hall pupils were harmed during this battle.

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends,

Yet another week has flown by and I have to admit that it’s been a week of fun and games.

We all have the odd silly-billy moment and I’ve had quite a few this week. It all started when some boarders got reprimanded for drinking Cocoa Pop milk out of their bowls. Now, as a well behaved dogo, I have to agree that table manners are very important but drinking chocolate milk in such a fashion seemed like a great idea to me! Have you ever tried to balance milk, with the odd lightweight floating bit, on a spoon? Adults are usually very good at instilling discipline in children but I think that they need to reassess this particular rule.

This incident led me into doing a little research of my own, and that was into some of the eating routines you humans implement at meal times.

I dismissed the cumbersome knife and fork almost immediately and after dropping a few of my tasty morsels onto the floor I quickly decided that tables really aren’t for me. Dropping food from a height just encourages other predators to linger around the table. I don’t want to risk any humans crawling around my feet and swooping in on my tasty ‘Wham Bam Lamb’ or my ‘Beef it up’ (they are my favourite suppers, supplied by a relative, who rather conveniently works at the Butternut Box dog food company).

Have a great weekend folks and if you’ve got a spare moment or two, I recommend doing a little investigative work yourself. Try eating your supper out of a bowl on the kitchen floor, it’s far superior to all the mechanics involved in using tools at a table. There’s no need for all that balancing of food on the fork and as for peas, you’ll never look back!

That’s all from me until next week folks, have a great weekend.

Snoops x

Boarding blog

Boarding blog

by Clare Masters, Houseparent

With a wet and windy weekend, I had to think of something to occupy and entertain the children!

When I said 'we will be doing a scavenger hunt' you would have thought I had said we will be doing two hours of prep – the enthusiasm was such! However, I put a twist on it and made it into a 'Selfie' scavenger hunt.

Armed with a list of 32 items and their phones, they could go anywhere inside or out to take selfies with the listed items. The children had a brilliant morning, and after lunch, sat down and uploaded their images. The evening was spent looking through their photos and handing out prizes. Talk about thinking outside the box. This was modern technology and a more traditional pastime marrying perfectly into a fun activity.

They all took some fantastic photos. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

<h2>Anna Hardy's Tutor Group - Year 8</h2>

Anna Hardy's Tutor Group - Year 8

What a tutor group! A delightful bunch, who until this week had yet to pick up ANY behaviour points, surely this is a record?

When asked what they had learnt recently, the list was impressive; features of a river, the difference between parallel and series circuits, comprehension, gas exchange, rusting of metals, different courses in a river, the marketing industry, thermal decomposition and how earthquakes are measured. As well as how to; solve equations, make a crumble, hydro dip wood, measure the energy content of food, make a clock and test for hydrogen.

Can you also guess who wants to do what in the future? Who wants to be a cricketer, a doctor, England hockey goalkeeper, an architect, an interior designer, an international hockey player, a business man, a professional footballer, a writer, a professional mountain biker, a Marine, a rugby player, a triathlete, an estate agent or a farmer?

Academic Life

Academic Life


King’s Hall pupils have been busy working hard in the History department this term and there is a clear love for the subject. In a recent assembly entitled ‘Why study History?’ I spoke to Year 5 about the important skills we learn whilst studying the subject and we discussed whether there were any subjects where History was not needed (we decided that there were none!). I was very impressed in Year 5’s ability to share ideas on the topic. As children living through a very significant period in world history it will be interesting to see how they reflect on this time in the future.

Year 4 have had an excellent time this term learning about Roman battle formations and as you have seen earlier in the newsletter they can often be found trying these out in the woods with Mrs Willmott. 

In Year 5, with Madame Murray, they are enjoying studying where the Vikings came from, how they lived and their beliefs. They are just about to hold a Viking god X factor competition! This topic has led to the creation of wonderful Viking Longboats, some of which were displayed in the Woodard Room. 

Year 6 have continued looking at life in medieval England with a focus on the role of the Church and are about begin a series of lessons on Medieval Crime and Punishment. 

Year 7 are studying the Tudors with a focus on assessing the significance of events such as the Reformation Parliament and why Henry VIII broke with the Roman Catholic Church. There were some excellent scores recorded by Year 7 in a recent test on the Acts of Reformation. 

Year 8 have been learning the skills needed to analyse sources in preparation for next year. Most recently we have been looking at sources relating to whether Mary Tudor deserves the nickname ‘Bloody Mary’ and creating a balanced answer. What a very busy term!

  • “I've learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making some more.”
    - Cheryl Cole
Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

by Antonia Cheeseman

I love this quote from Cheryl Cole as she has understood that we learn from making mistakes.

Let’s face it; all of us make mistakes in one form or another. What I have learnt is that it is okay to make them, as it is all part of the learning process.

We live in a competitive world, where children and adults alike are under constant scrutiny to achieve and to do our best, but what happens when we mess up?

Do we pretend it never happened? Blame others for our actions? Or take responsibility for the errors of our ways?

I would like to think that part of the learning process for us all, adults and children, is to take responsibility, even if it wasn’t our fault in the first place and see what we can learn from the experience.

Let’s all learn from our mistakes, even when we make them more than once! As all my pupils know my favourite saying is: “It’s okay to make a mistake…because we learn from them!”

<h2>Sports News</h2>

Sports News

Zach's Sporting success

Zach's Sporting success

As well as being this term's Head Boy Zach Vukusic is currently playing a year up as a member of the Devon U14 Cricket team, this is his 5th year playing in a County age group. He has been invited to join the Devon EPP (Emerging Player Programme) which will start once we are out of the current lock down.

Zach has also played U14 Devon hockey for the last two seasons and was selected to represent the West Panthers this year at a national tournament. The West Panthers are a regional squad with players from all over the South-West and should have taken part in a unique U13 hockey festival organised by UK Lions hockey. Unfortunately, this did not take place due to Covid however we were able to play South Saxons (South East) over half term.

Well done Zach!

Virtual Sports

Virtual Sports

by Ali Halls

This week the pupils have been taking place in two Virtual sports fixtures.

Monday to Wednesday of this week we have been competing against King's College Doha after the fun and success we had during the previous lockdown. This time round, their sports department have set a physical challenge per day.

Monday was number of speed bounces, Tuesday was a 'kick ball' test and Wednesday was number of burpees. 

Pupils were given 30 seconds during their PE or games lessons to complete as many as they could. I then tally up the scores and send them over to Doha. Their pupils have been doing the same during their online learning, and then we have taken an average. The videos are available online and the final results are:

King’s Hall - 89.2 average. 

King’s Doha - 87.1

Really enjoyable week. Congratulations to all the students who took part. We are already looking forward to our next competition in the new year. 

Throughout this lockdown spell, IAPS have set out a virtual sports tournament. We have until December 3rd to complete the tasks. They range from skills in football and hockey to fitness and gym. The pupils have been given time to complete these in their warm ups and the scores then get sent off to IAPS. 

The virtual challenges have been great fun, and the pupils thrive when playing competition. It has been really fun completing them. Some of the efforts can be seen on our twitter page.

Sports Twitter King's Hall V King's Doha Challenge

Christmas Cricket

Christmas Cricket

The Christmas Cricket Clinics at King's College are now open to book. 

Clinics will run on Friday 18th, Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd December, and are open to students in Year 3-8.

The course will be led by Head of Cricket, Rob Woodman and Cricket Professional Alex Barrow.

Open to everyone, from beginners to more advanced players. Sessions will incorporate batting, bowling, and fielding, as well as the use of bowling machines, fun games practice and indoor matches.

Prices are £25 per session or £60 for the three days, with a 10% discount offered for a third sibling.

Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis so if you would like a place please click below to access the online booking form.

Saturday Activities

Saturday Activities


Last Saturday, some of our Year 6,7 and 8’s set about making their own sausage rolls and apple crumble. Some of the students successfully attempted a sausage plait and they enjoyed adding their own fresh herbs. 

Due to the fact that the washing up was done in super quick time, they also made a small apple crumble with apples from Madame Murray’s apple tree. 

Please note parents, that these children are fantastic at clearing up after themselves and washing up, not to mention their culinary skills!

100% recycled Planter

100% recycled Planter

Made by Ali Halls

The benches in the Rose Garden had got to the stage where they all needed replacing because they were rotting by the fixings. Mr Halls had an idea to make use of the wood so he collected, cleaned, chopped and drilled them together to make a planter for his garden (although his chickens seem to think it's their new toy).

A good example to our students to show how you can turn rubbish into something useful.

Well done Mr Halls!


Children in Need Donations

Children in Need Donations

Thank you to everyone who contributed to raising money for Children in Need last week.

The children and staff all had a lovely day and lots of money was raised. Mrs McD came to school dressed as a tiger meaning she won her bet with Mr Halls who in return graciously donated £5.

The total money raised has been counted and comes in at over £700!! Fantastic! Well done everyone!

And here is a photo of Mrs McD dressed as a tiger because well...why not?! 


A very large thank you to everyone who gave permission for their child to buy a book from the Book Fair last Thursday. 

Your kindness has allowed us to raise over £300 to reinvest into the Library. 

Tell your children to look out for some new and exciting reads in the coming months! Thank you!

<h2>Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!</h2>

Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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