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6th March 2020

What a spooky start to the day! These are the results of yesterday's pumpkin carving competition which looked much… https://t.co/TELIGZ2blL - 11 hours ago


by Justin Chippendale

I know it’s dull to talk about the weather (and the weather itself has certainly reached the point where we’re all thoroughly bored with it) but this week has seen three proper appearances of sun and then the flash-flooding of yesterday! Doesn’t the sun on your face, the blue skies and shadows around the place make all the difference?

Other events this week have lifted our spirits as well as some sightings of the yellowy thing in the sky. First, another literary triumph emanating from the Library under the inspirationally inventive Mrs Marcuccilli. The first trickle appeared last week and the final deluge has brought not only a massive display but a wonderful wealth of creativity from such a humble start point as a wooden spoon. There are some photos in the Newsletter but it is well worth a visit to the front of school when you either drop off or pick up: they won’t be there forever.

This week we have also welcomed the School Council, our Governors, into school and they have had the chance to experience first-hand the learning in a wide range of classrooms, life at breaktime and in lunch all through the eyes of a child. The children love the chance to ‘show and tell’ what they’re up to and it is another opportunity for them to grow in confidence when speaking to someone they may well have never met before. I am very grateful to the Council for finding this time and it is always pleasing to hear how much they have enjoyed themselves – the children are so enthusiastic and charmingly disarming with their directness.

I hope you enjoy the weekend – we all need to get out and do our best Sun Dances.

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

by Claire Luckhurst

We welcomed March by celebrating St David in assembly on Monday morning. We learned a little bit about who he was, debated whether the stories we know about him are true or legend and decided his saying to “do the little things in life” is still hugely relevant today. We went on to read a charming story, ‘Thank You Jackson’ by Niki and Jude Daly, which perfectly illustrated how courtesy and kindness, in the form of simply saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, can make a big difference. Our mission this week has been to try to be like St David and do ‘the little things’ to see if we can make a difference too. The spring sunshine earlier in the week certainly helped lift spirits; what a contrast my Tuesday playtime was this week compared to last Tuesday! Last week we were trapped in the cacophony of wet play and this week the children were in the playground in their shirt sleeves. A wonderful promise of the weeks ahead (we hope!)

Yesterday we celebrated World Book Day by facilitating the children’s wishes of wearing pyjamas or dressing up as a favourite book character and sharing our favourite stories with each other complete with hot chocolate, marshmallows and cookies. It was wonderful to hear the children talk so passionately about their favourite stories and to retell them using an ever increasing rich story language. The children also ventured down to the Pemberton Room to see their wooden spoon creations displayed along with those from Prep; what a marvellous sight! The gasps of delight and amazement from the children was testament to the hard work and creativity invested in their creation.


Fancy Dress Inter-House Hockey and Netball

Fancy Dress Inter-House Hockey and Netball

As a school, we have a number of staff and pupils who have been affected by the work of Parkinson's UK. We, therefore. decided that it was our time to give something back and on Monday 23 March we will be having fancy dress inter-house hockey and netball matches in aid of the charity.

If you would like to find out more about our #fundraising event and are able to donate, please click here: https://bit.ly/2wIjzqK #parkinsonsuk

A Few Words from ... Ocean Ching

A Few Words from ... Ocean Ching

This term's Deputy Head Boy

I am Ocean and I am the Deputy Head Boy this term and last week, something exciting happened...

The 13+ Scholarships took place at King’s College. Pupils from King’s Hall school and other schools came to do auditions. There were Academic Scholarships on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Drama on Wednesday, DT, Art, Music and Sports on Thursday and Sports on Friday.

I did the Music scholarship on Thursday, I played two pieces on my French horn, a piece on piano and I sang a piece. Before I had my audition, l had an interview with Mr Biggs, the Headmaster of King’s College. Mr. Albery played my piano part and Mr Paul took notes and I played my pieces confidently.

I felt stressed before, and I felt relieved after the audition and I am proud of what I did.

​World Book Day Celebrations at King’s Hall

​World Book Day Celebrations at King’s Hall

Over half term, our entire school community was busily creating their favourite story characters from a humble wooden spoon and the resulting display, ranging from Hercules Poirot and the Mad Hatter to Bad Nana and Captain Underpants (and just about everything in between) is now on display in the Pemberton Room at the front of the school. There are wooden spoon characters stretching as far as the eye can see, so please do call in and take a look when you are passing; it is quite a spectacle! On Tuesday next week a visiting VIP judge will have the unenviable task of selecting some winners. It will certainly be a difficult job!

World Book Day itself kicked off in an appropriately bookish way with our brilliant team of Year 6 Reading Ambassadors heading off around the school to deliver special World Book Day mini books along with tokens to exchange at local bookshops this month.

Then, after Chapel, the World Book Day theme continued with tutor groups competing against each other in our school-wide “Guess the Teacher” quiz ....

“Guess the Teacher” Quiz

Here at King’s Hall it is not just the pupils who love to read; there are a great many bookworms amongst the staff too. Therefore, as part of our school-wide World Book Day celebrations, the entire Prep community had enormous fun trying to match the childhood photo and favourite childhood book to the correct member of staff. In all, there were 26 plucky participants whose photos the children needed to identify and this cryptic quiz certainly got us all thinking – and laughing! With pupils working together in tutor groups, the highest scoring tutor group will be awarded the grand prize of a tub of treats. Which tutor group will reign supreme?!

If you would like to have a go at just three of them, perhaps you can guess who these adorable little bookworms might be…

As language teachers, we try to make our classrooms have a French flavour and one of our aims is to equip the children for encounters they may actually have in France with transactional French.

To this end 8S are currently working on the topic Surviving in France, thinking about all the many realistic situations they may come across if they were to be dropped into France.

Year 4 have been working on ordering drinks in cafés, whilst Year 6 have are thinking about planning a picnic for the class which we will then have to 'shop' for.

Year 3 have learnt the days of the week and, through the French version of the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar, have used dictionaries to make their own individual and very sweet versions of the books, thinking about how to make nouns plural and practising their French numbers.

Year 5 are learning about hobbies and how to express their opinions whilst Year 7 have been looking at festivals in France as well as doing some intensive grammar work.

Mme Harvey and Mme Murray

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

4F are reading contemporary fiction this half-term.

The Whales’ Song is a wonderful book by Dyan Sheldon with illustrations by Gary Blythe. It explores the different attitudes towards whales, through the eyes of Lilly, Uncle Frederick and Lilly’s grandmother.

Although tempting, the children weren't allowed to open the book and instead predicted the story plot by discussing the clues on the front cover. They also thought carefully about the atmosphere and emotion and, after a good discussion, the children sat quietly and wrote their own paragraphs about the story, based on their interpretation of the clues. A very interesting and thought-provoking lesson! Well done, class!


During PSHE sessions before and after the half term holiday, Mrs Hardy's and Mr Morgan's tutor groups have been focusing on relationships as a topic, with a strong emphasis on the notion of having respect for each other.

This can sometimes be a difficult topic to discuss, but we have been enormously impressed with the way both the girls and boys have approached these sessions, in particular with the excellent and relevant questions they have asked.

Monday morning’s assembly this week was taken by Mr Biggs, the Headmaster of King’s College. One of the things he asked the children to think about was, if they could pick one skill that they would like to acquire when they are older what would it be.

Here are some of our tutor groups’ responses:

  • In the arts: proficiency in ballet and opera
  • In languages: fluency in Spanish, German and Russian
  • In sport: the ability to play lacrosse, polo and croquet
  • More imaginatively: to cook from memory, to parachute solo and to bike ski down a mountain!

Finally, we may have enjoyed joining forces to put this article together, however, the gloves will be off at the end of March when we compete against each other in the inter-tutor group fancy dress hockey and netball matches...!

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Readers,

It has been a week of reading and book celebrations and I have enjoyed it all. Today the Pre-Prep children looked like they were having fun, all dressed in pyjamas ready to read their favourite bedtime book. The children in Prep also transformed wooden spoons into their favourite characters and their creations have made a spectacular display in the Pemberton Room; I have to admit that I’m rather fond of the Snoopy spoon.

As part of my own World Book Day celebrations I took a collection of my favourite books to school and was inundated with offers from friends wanting to read to me; I’m not yet fluent with my phonics but I’m getting there! There was no need for me to dress up, as one of my favourite book characters is Hairy Maclary, and apart from the colour difference, we look fairly similar!

I asked Mrs Masters if she’d spray paint me a few shades darker, but as I’ve already had to have an extra bath this week (just a little fox poo accident), I wasn’t allowed!

Snoops x

Boarding Blog

Boarding Blog

Mrs Clare Masters, Houseparent

Saturday night saw the start of the semi-finals in our chess tournament, all very tense and exciting, while on Sunday we took the children bowling (not so tense, but equally good fun!). The evening was spent digging into big tubs of popcorn, snuggling under warm duvets, and cuddling up with a good movie - the perfect end to a perfect weekend.

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