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29th November 2019

Come rain or shine, whether it's Woodland Adventures, Pelican Explorers or #ForestSchool sessions, our 'Little Wood… https://t.co/dLbeNILuIi - 7 days ago


by Justin Chippendale

My coordination was challenged this week during a violin lesson with Year 2.Thanks to the generosity of a former pupil we have a suite of violins and so every child learns to handle this instrument for the year – we hope several will choose to continue to take lessons thereafter. Posture, rhythm, bow angle, pressure, finger grips, looking at the conductor but also the notes and checking the positions again – my goodness there’s a lot going on but we made a pretty decent sound and largely in time, too. It was one of those moments when you seriously consider committing more time to it.

For the last couple of days we have been joined by some eager Year 6 children from five local primary schools and they have been involved in a STEM investigation called ‘Stop The Spread’. As I wandered around the labs, the cookery school and the workshop they were all in the thick of things problem solving with each other. One commented that ‘the spaces really help you do what you’re meant to do, the science lab is my favourite’: it reminded me that the children here learn in these purposeful and inspiring spaces as the norm – they are subliminally enthused all the time by the physical school environment even before the teacher gets going.

Assembly today was mainly about Christmas Sparkle (more in the Newsletter) and Penny from Sparkle HQ helped the children become more aware of this charity’s work. Another charitable effort, but this time coming to an end, is Movember and assembly ended with an impromptu sing song from our own Mo Boy Band following a Twitter post from the King’s College Sports department! They rose to the challenge splendidly and do dip into @KingsHallSport Twitter account if you wish to enjoy the moment.

The week ends with the Friends of King’s Hall Barn Dance.The event has proved so popular they have had to close the barn doors and so tonight promises to be a wonderful melee of children and adults dancing and socialising between the ages. Well done to the Chief Pelican and his team for the idea and for getting things so organised.

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

by Claire Luckhurst

The first day of Advent is now within touching distance and if Pre-Prep staff seem to have a hint of excitement glittering in their eyes today it is because they know that once the children have gone home after school today they will be donning their ‘elf hats’ to weave their magic in transforming their classrooms into Christmas wonderlands. I must take this opportunity to thank the staff for working so hard to make this time of year truly magical for the children (including the obligatory donning of an eclectic array of Christmas jumpers!). This is not to say we take the brakes off of the academic side of life for two weeks, as normal lessons will continue around Nativity rehearsals just under a festive glow and with the addition of sequins, glitter, cotton wool and glue! However, I entrust all of you to keep this closely guarded secret from your children so as not to spoil the surprise Monday morning will bring.

Woodland Adventures Christmas Holiday Club

Woodland Adventures Christmas Holiday Club

With Christmas fast approaching why not give yourself some stress-free shopping, cooking or cleaning time and take advantage of the Woodlands Christmas Holiday Club where your children will have fun making Christmas decorations, cooking up Christmas treats, building Santa’s Grotto and toasting marshmallows and sipping hot chocolate around the campfire!

For more information please click here To book your place(s) please click here
<h2>Reminders for the Week Ahead </h2>

Reminders for the Week Ahead

Monday 2nd - Wednesday 4th December
Year 7 school examinations and 8S trial Scholarship examinations

Tuesday 3rd December
8K & 8H theatre trip to see The Christmas Carol at King's College

Friday 6th December
Year 3 Nativity assembly
Carol Service rehearsal
Boarding Movie Night

Saturday 7th December
Carol Service rehearsal

Sunday 8th December

Carol Service

Festive sounds are already in the air

Festive sounds are already in the air

​Our music department had been having a rather busy few weeks.

Last Tuesday, 18 pupils travelled to Wells Cathedral School to take part in a day of advanced orchestral music-making alongside pupils from Farleigh School, Andover and St Peter's, Lympstone as well as specialist musicians from Wells Cathedral School.

The difficult music was worked on in large groups with the whole orchestra, and also in smaller groups of instrumental families. Pupils were coached by expert tutors from the Cathedral School and the two pieces that were prepared for performance at the end of the day were hugely popular with the children – firstly a very beautiful arrangement of the popular Irish folk melody Slane and then a thrillingly tricky version of the Mission: Impossible theme. While it was undeniably an exhausting day, it was also enormously exhilarating and the end result was spectacular!F

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A great result for our pupils at last weekend's National Biathlon Championships in Nottingham.

A great result for our pupils at last weekend's National Biathlon Championships in Nottingham.

Well done to Barnie (3rd), Katie (7th), Darcie (16th) and Nicolas (19th) for achieving such impressive scores.

A few words from ... Cameron Wallace

A few words from ... Cameron Wallace

This term's Head Boy

The highlight of this week was some of the Y8s playing a rugby 7s tournament at Bryanston. There were some really good teams there and we played well as a team, learning lots as well. It’s been a great term for rugby but I have to say I am looking forward to next term as we get to play hockey and there is also cross country. I heard that the U12 girls hockey team did really well at IAPS last week and came fourth in the whole country - a fantastic result.

This is the last newsletter I will write something for, so I thought it would be good to look back at the term and think about some of the highlights: The Wiz, playing in the rugby team and getting to wear the first team shirts and also having hot chocolate every fortnight at Mrs Chippendale’s house were all brilliant.

The best thing though is that Mr Halls has introduced a proper gym on the balcony of the sports hall. There are treadmills, cross trainers, bikes and weights and we get to go on them at certain times in the week as well as during some PE sessions. It’s brilliant having our own gym at King’s Hall.

Next week 8S and the Y7s have exams so we are busy revising at the moment. Good luck to everyone and remember, not long until they are over and we can properly look forward to all the Christmas celebrations.

I've enjoyed my time as Head Boy and would like to thank everyone who has helped to make it a memorable term.

A group of brave and intrepid King's Hall fencers travelled to Wycliffe School on Sunday for what was for some their first foil competition!

A group of brave and intrepid King's Hall fencers travelled to Wycliffe School on Sunday for what was for some their first foil competition!

In the first round of the U10 competition there was a mixture of success with some of the new kids on the block struggling to get off the mark. James Lang, in his first ever foil competition, put in a determined and considered performance losing only two fights in the first round ending in the top 10. In the next round, George Noble, who was up against the no 1 seed, impressed everyone with a tenacious and determined performance. The last stages of the competition were exciting as Jack Besley fought his way through to the final two to win a well deserved Silver medal.

Julian Barnes, who was up against boys up to a year older than him, fought with determination in the first round of the U12 competition, winning two of his seven fights which has given him the confidence to build on this next year.

A good experience for all of those who took part and a lesson for all in getting off to a good start and building up resilience in the face of defeat. Everyone is now motivated to train even harder so let's see what we can do next time!

A glimpse into the world of classroom Drama

Year 4
are currently working in role as expert space scientists who are on a space craft heading away from earth (which is about to explode due to all the pollution!).They are on a mission to find a new planet.Who will they encounter when they finally get to an unknown planet?

Year 5 are News Reporters reporting on and interviewing people involved in the disappearance of Alice Smythe, an 82 year old lady who has mysteriously gone missing from Holbrook Manor.

Year 6 are busy using scripts to experiment with their expression, movement and projection in preparation for the Year 6 Lent Term Production.They have acted a scene from Ernie’s Incredible Illucinations.

Year 8 have been learning about ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ by William Shakespeare.They have been freeze framing and adding in lines of speech for the different groups within the play –

Library Blog

Library Blog

Reading recommendations from King's Hall bookworms

The weekend is nearly here and there is plenty of time to curl up somewhere cosy with a good book.

Here at King’s Hall, Mrs M loves to recommend books that she thinks the pupils will enjoy, but the very best recommendations are often the ones that come from the pupils themselves. So if you are stuck for inspiration for your weekend reading, then our pupils are on hand with some recommendations for you …

<h2>Mrs McDermott's Year 7 tutor group have had a busy couple of weeks ...</h2>

Mrs McDermott's Year 7 tutor group have had a busy couple of weeks ...

The boys played inter-house football, with Gibbs finishing on top. Charlie was mentioned as a star player for Oldham and Alex M, also for Oldham was on fire – the hat-trick hero!

Monique headed up to Rugby school for the U12 IAPS Hockey Nationals - a write-up can be seen on our sports pages.

Many of the tutees are now relaxing after a hectic rehearsal schedule for The Wiz; they are so glad they took part, either on stage or as valuable backstage crew.

We wish Leigha good luck in her Flute grade 1 exam today.

Over the long weekend, where many of us enjoyed the fabulous Rural Living Show, Mrs Willmott took some of the overseas boarders to the Sealife Centre in Birmingham; both Aurora and Augie had a great time and absolutely loved the penguins.

Excitement is rising, with Christmas just around the corner and there is a lot of excited chatter about decorating the classroom.

One less fortunate event, though, was Alex B breaking his collarbone and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Continuing to take their History out of the classroom, on Monday Year 3 were in the woods making Celtic bread.

They had to collect fuel for the fire, then make the dough – a very sticky process of mixing flour and water! It cooked quickly on our hot fire and then was devoured with either butter or honey or a bit of both! There was no jam, marmalade or marmite for our Celtic ancestors, so the children were only allowed butter or honey. It was great fun, but also a good learning experience, giving the children an insight into some of the skills needed to live in Iron Age Britain.

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Snoops Rubs Shoulders with Royalty

Snoops Rubs Shoulders with Royalty

Hi friends,

Now, before I start writing this week’s diary entry, I would like to appeal to your very kind natures in not judging me too harshly. You see, I’m going to indulge in a little boasting. I learnt in PSHE that boasting is not an admirable quality, but nevertheless, acceptable on the odd occasion. Well, this is my odd occasion!

Just over a week ago, in the run up to long weekend, I felt rather left out because my boarding friends were planning on either going home or embarking on an action packed day at the Sea Life Centre and theatre in Birmingham. I tried my hardest to communicate that I’m a seasoned train traveller, have no burning desire to wrestle sharks, and have developed a love of theatre (since starring as Toto in The Wiz) but alas, no invite came my way.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase, "when one door closes another opens." Well, that was certainly the case for me. Despite doing a little damage to my carbon paw print, I found myself hopping onto a plane and spending the weekend with one of my high profile friends. Without wanting to boast further, I think you’ll agree that my picture with The Duchess of Cornwall speaks for itself. Some of you may have already seen a glimpse of me hobnobbing with royalty in the press.

All I can say is that ... Corgis are so last season!

Snoops xx

OK, so it’s not me! (A tad larger and not as handsome) I’m just pulling your legs; I didn’t really catch-up with the royals in New Zealand. I don’t have a real adventure to report on this week so note to boarders: don’t leave me at home next time!

Boarding Blog

Boarding Blog

Mrs Clare Masters, Houseparent

We packed a lot into this term's Long Weekend - just look at our schedule...


6.30 amTrain to Birmingham
10.00 amVisit to the Sea Life Centre
11.00 amFall head over heels for the penguins (our new school pet, we've decided!)
12.15 pmTuck into a delicious lunch, prepared and packed by Mrs Willmott
2.00 pmWatch Billionaire Boy at the Alexandra Theatre
5.30 pmEvening meal at Giraffe.
7.00 pmTrain back to King's Hall


9.00 amBacon butties, croissants, crumpets and juice!
10.00 amVisit to the Rural Living Show (where we spent too much money!)
12.30 pmLunch ala Willmott - another fine feast!
2.00 pmChristmas shopping in town (Christmas jumpers were a must!)
5.00 pmAn evening at the children's favourite restaurant ... McDonalds!!

A HUGE thank to Mrs Willmott for making the start of the festive season such an amazing one. We have a bunch of very lucky and happy children (and staff!) in the Boarding House this week.

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Year 6 visited King's College Science department for a fun-packed Chemistry workshop ...

... where they had the chance to get stuck into lots of practical chemistry including titrations to compare different heartburn remedies.

Christmas Toy Drive!

Christmas Toy Drive!

The 2019 Christmas Sparkle project is now underway!

The Christmas Sparkle Project is run by the community for the community, working with local charities who support families in need.

They aim to give a Christmas gift to every child aged 0-18 years living in difficult circumstances in the Taunton and Wellington community.

They want to make every child's ‘Christmas Sparkle’ and King’s Hall School would like to help make that happen by donating new toys.

Please note that all toys should be unwrapped so that the volunteers at the project can assign them to the appropriate age group. All donations to be brought into school by Friday 6th December please.

King's Hockey Camp

King's Hockey Camp

Our camps are designed to be fun! You will learn and develop your skills with experienced coaches. Come and join us!

When?Monday 23rd December
For?5-15 year olds
Where?King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm

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King's Netball Camp

King's Netball Camp

Come and join our Netball Camp. The courses will be led by England Netball qualified coaches and are open to all and aimed at girls who want to have fun and develop their netball.

When?Monday 6th January 2020
For?7-13 year olds
Where?King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm
To book your place please contact Laura Bennett
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Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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