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15th November 2019

What a spooky start to the day! These are the results of yesterday's pumpkin carving competition which looked much… https://t.co/TELIGZ2blL - 12 hours ago


by Justin Chippendale

In HEADlines this week, I offer you a few glimpses of where my diary has led me.

Monday. Remembrance Service generated a poignant atmosphere with the congregation singing very movingly. Well done to the servers, readers, choir, strings and soloists.

Tuesday. The fringe benefits of having the Cookery School online have started to roll in. I was accosted by two Year 4 girls who couldn’t contain their excitement at having been in a cooking lesson and proudly handed me a huge portion of apple crumble complete with smiley face on top! Yum!

Wednesday. A relatively quiet day in regards to diary entries allowing me some much needed time to dive into the paperwork and another chance for Meg to get used to my office.

Thursday. Conversely, a day of meetings. These included Governors discussing various external impact factors in the morning, a dash to another assignation before our termly Education and Pastoral Meeting across the whole of King’s Schools in the afternoon. An evening spent behind the scenes of The Wiz (sounded great and whetted my appetite for tonight!).

Friday. My afternoon has just been spent at Salisbury Cathedral for the memorial service of Bishop John Kirkham. Bishop John was deeply involved in the life of King’s during my time here as a wonderful pastor for the schools and I also found him a direct source of sage advice and genial solace to me. Unsurprisingly, the cathedral was packed as befits a man who had such a wide-ranging impact on so many, including a time as Bishop to the Armed Forces. A moving and uplifting occasion.

A change of tone for the evening coming up. I am looking forward to being at the final performance of The Wiz – some fab costumes, plenty of gusto from the children, catchy music and Snoops: they say ‘don’t work with children or animals’ but what’s not to like?

It’s my turn in the Cookery School tomorrow morning and I believe Chilli Con Carne is on the menu.

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

by Claire Luckhurst

We started the week with a special Remembrance assembly for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We reflected on the significance of wearing a poppy and thought about some of the people we remember on this day. We also listened to a very poignant song which tells the story of a young soldier from the First World War entitled Greenfields. After morning play on Monday, all of Pre-Prep (including Nursery) joined together on the terrace for a short Remembrance Service in which Olive (as the oldest child in Y2) and Fergal (as the youngest child in Reception) hung the poppy wreath and Niamh, as this week’s Ambassador, delivered two short readings. Never have I been more proud of your children as when every single one of them, from the youngest 2-year-old to the eldest 7-year-old stood still to observe a minute’s silence. Perhaps it is me becoming more emotional as I grow older but there is something quite powerful about observing the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month with children whose futures are waiting to be discovered. We can only hope that future will be peaceful.

In stark contrast to the solemnity of Remembrance we have enjoyed a fun-filled day today as the children’s fundraising ideas for Children in Need have been realised. They all looked suitably ‘Spotacular’ as they arrived in school this morning and I extend my thanks to those who took the time to enter the Pudsey Art competition (congratulations to our winners: Flora, Olive, Niamh and Carmen) or have donated to this afternoon's Toy Sale. We also have the most hotly anticipated event to come next week when we host the Pudsey Disco (tickets on sale from Monday in my office).

I must also thank those who brought in a shoebox to support Operation Christmas Child. They have been duly delivered and will no doubt make a less fortunate child’s Christmas that little bit more magical this year.

Friends of King's Hall Barn Dance

Friends of King's Hall Barn Dance


6.30pm – 10.00pm (ish)

Kingston St Mary Village Hall



Tickets £15 per adult, children free

Tickets can now to be purchased through the Parent Portal.
The cost of tickets can be added to your school bill.

<h2>Reminders for the Week Ahead </h2>

Reminders for the Week Ahead

Monday 18th November
8K/H Parent-Teacher meetings

Tuesday 19th November
Wells Cathedral Side by Side Orchestra Day

Thursday 21st November
Year 6 Chemistry workshop

Friday 22nd November
Parents' Coffee Morning
Long Weekend starts at 4.30 pm

​School Community Pay Their Respects for Armistice Day

​School Community Pay Their Respects for Armistice Day

Stillness and solemn reflection. This is what marked the King’s Hall Remembrance Service on Armistice Day this year.

The reading, the words of Jesus: "Greater love has no-one than this; to give up his life for his friends."

School Chaplain, Father Mark, recited the true story of boy who had the same blood type as his very ill sister. After finding that his parents were not a match, the doctors asked him if he was willing to give blood so that his sister could live. After a long pause and with ashen face, the little boy agreed.

While giving blood, he became paler and paler, eventually asking "When will I die? Will it be soon?" The boy had misunderstood. He had thought his donation would be the ultimate sacrifice – which he was willing to make for his loved one.

The heart-warming tale was followed by a procession of hymns, including Abide with Me and the patriotic I Vow to Thee My Country. There was also a reading by Head of History and former Royal Marine, Will Mackenzie-Green, and Year 8 pupil Huckleberry Halliday.

As the clock struck eleven, staff, pupils and parents bowed their heads in respect of the fallen, while Mr Paul and Year 7s Monty Lindsey-Smith and Charlotte Matthew performed the very moving ritual of the Last Post.

The service came to a close with a recitation of The Lord’s Prayer and the National Anthem as Hayden Hau, the youngest in Prep, and Harry Gothard, the oldest, carried out the laying of the wreath.

​Last Saturday Mrs Cole and Madame Harvey were joined by nine very keen pupils for our first Saturday morning cookery session in our new Cookery School.

​Last Saturday Mrs Cole and Madame Harvey were joined by nine very keen pupils for our first Saturday morning cookery session in our new Cookery School.

The children were taught how to make lemon meringue pies; including the pastry, lemon curd filling and the meringue to go on top. This is what they all had to say about their experience...

The new Cookery school is amazing!

We love all the colourful doors and equipment.

Don’t taste the meringue until it is cooked – it’s raw egg!

To check if the meringue is whisked enough, tip the bowl over your head!

The pies are so tasty and I now know how to make pastry.

Piping the meringue was really fun!

This was quite a demanding first lesson and the pupils all did brilliantly.

A Few Words from ... Will Mowat

A Few Words from ... Will Mowat

This term's Deputy Head Boy

Hello everyone!

Well this has been a very busy week for King’s Hall. On Monday the whole school remembered all the people in the war and also those other people who were fighting in other wars. The remembrance service was very important for lots of people and also for me personally because my grandfather was a prisoner of war in a camp in Germany for four years in World War Two and my father was in the military as well.

This term, Year 8 and a few from Year 7 have been working on a play called The Wiz. On Wednesday we did our performance to the school which went very well and yesterday was lots of fun as we did our first performance for the parents. Thank you to all the costume designers and all the parents who helped with makeup - everyone looked amazing! Also a big thank you to Mrs Keirle, Mr DJ, Mr Eyers and Mr Kirby for the time and energy and effort that they have put in to the play.

On Wednesday, our sports teams were in action. The U13Bs travelled up to Bristol for a rugby tournament against Clifton, St Georges, Monkton and Cheltenham. King’s Hall played really well and we won three out of our four games.

Last weekend we started our Christmas festivities at home by making our Christmas puddings. It is now getting much colder and a lot darker and Christmas is just around the corner!

Hope you enjoy the play tonight!

Library Blog

Library Blog

Pupils awarded reading ambassador status

On Monday, 16 eager readers from Year 6 gathered in the library to begin learning the skills that they will need to be fully fledged King’s Hall Reading Ambassadors. It was wonderful to have so many keen volunteers who are looking forward to assisting their peers and generally spreading the love of all things bookish – oh, and wearing a very important-looking lanyard of course!

We began by running through some of the nuts and bolts of library organisation, recapping the 10 main Dewey subject areas and practicing locating various non-fiction topic areas within our library collection. After all, if they can find their way around our own collection using their knowledge of the Dewey system, they will have no difficulty navigating any other library. Mrs M was delighted with their hard work and dedication, and it was a great pleasure to award them with the first stamp on their training records. Well done to all!

Mr Sprague's Year 6 Tutor Group

Mr Sprague's Year 6 Tutor Group

Jamie, Archie, Adam, Corey, Emmannuella, Sophie, Will, Toby, Sylvie, Grace and Quincy welcome you to their world!

They have been enjoying a busy term including their residential trip to a farmhouse on Exmoor.

They have fought off the coughs and colds that have been doing the rounds and are very much looking forward to the last few weeks of term and the run up to Christmas.

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Year 4 had fun with measurement this week!

Does metric measurement get you down?
Feeling as though you don’t really understand what 100g actually means compared to 1000g?
What is a gram?
How is it different to a kilogram?

Year 4 decided to find out with real Maths and what better way than with food...!

We all need to eat food everyday and sometimes we like to have treats so Mrs Foster decided to have a guessing competition with fruit, sweets, biscuits, crisps, marshmallows and even a cake!

The children got to hold the different items before guessing and, as you can imagine, some of the estimations were quite a bit off! However, that was the whole point of the lesson. Everyone then took turns weighing the different food on the scales to find the actual mass. Did you know that a chocolate digestive biscuit is 17g and a banana is 206g? The class got a real sense of measurement and that will give them true understanding of the concept.

Real Maths in action!

This week 5K have been learning about prepositions in LLD. Inspired by Michael Rosen’s poem “Busy Day”, they have written some of their own...

  • “OUT - Out and about; Outside; Out there; Outside the box; Outback; Outside the penalty box ... Over and Out! ”
    - Tom Hill
  • “UP - Up through; Upbeat; Going up and away; Running upstairs; Up and over the rugby post; Up in the air; Flipping the pancake up; Up the stairs to bed! ”
    - Henry Li
  • “GET OVER IT - Go under it; Go through it; Go up it; Go beside it; Go down it ... Just get over it! ”
    - Jack Perry
<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Snoops Makes His Acting Debut

Snoops Makes His Acting Debut

Hello friends,

What a week it has been ... I’m star-struck! I haven’t got anything else to report other than my amazing experience performing as Toto in The Wiz. The cast were inspirational, the costumes were out of this world and the enjoyment circulating among the audience was electric. I noticed that Mrs Agg-Manning, Head of Drama at King's College, attended the dress rehearsal.

Here's hoping that she might have been talent spotting for her own future performances! I know that Mrs Keirle was pleased with my acting, but who knows what opportunities lay ahead on the King's College stage. Watch this space ...

Snoops x

Boarding Blog

Boarding Blog

Mrs Clare Masters, Houseparent

All the boarders want to thank everyone involved in making last Friday's Fireworks night, such a magical one - even Snoops enjoyed it!

As you may well know, in boarding we are not allowed to mention the festive C word until the end of this month however last weekend was cold and miserable so what better time to bring out the Christmas jigsaws and the 6ft colouring poster, all we needed was a log fire and a tin of Quality streets!

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<h2>A group of Year 3 children shared a text with Mrs Speyer and enjoyed the legend of Nessie!</h2>

A group of Year 3 children shared a text with Mrs Speyer and enjoyed the legend of Nessie!

Christmas Toy Drive!

Christmas Toy Drive!

The 2019 Christmas Sparkle project is now underway!

The Christmas Sparkle Project is run by the community for the community, working with local charities who support families in need.

They aim to give a Christmas gift to every child aged 0-18 years living in difficult circumstances in the Taunton and Wellington community.

They want to make every child's ‘Christmas Sparkle’ and King’s Hall School would like to help make that happen by donating new toys.

Please note that all toys should be unwrapped so that the volunteers at the project can assign them to the appropriate age group. All donations to be brought into school by Friday 6th December please.

The history department has certainly made an energetic start to the year...

The history department has certainly made an energetic start to the year...

Mrs Hayden-Briffett and Mrs Gompels have been getting hands-on, alongside their Year 3 children making great use of the school's unique archaeological digging pits. This has allowed the children to discover and make use of artefacts within the context of an investigation, helping to engender a love of the subject and a desire to find out more. What could be more exciting than digging up an Iron Age brooch or finding a pot and having to try and work out how, when and why it was used?’

Mrs Murray has been leading the way with her Year 4s with her unique Boudicca re-enactments - pink wig and all! Year 6 have been focusing on ‘continuity and changing’ and have had plenty of lessons outside. Mr Mackenzie’s classes embarked on a new and challenging unit this week, titled Changing Nature of Warfare. This will allow them to study thematically, therefore covering a broader range of material.

The study of history has become so much more than simply learning dates and a great story. It is about critical thinking and the ability to articulate an argument whilst making effective use of evidence to support the key thesis. It is this rather lofty goal that the department is striving towards.

If any parents have a passion for a particular period or event in history and feel it would translate well into a mini lecture then please do not hesitate to get in touch. It would be fantastic to organically create a history lecture series from our own staff and parent body.

Sports News

Sports News

The U11 boys played in the IAPS Regional Rugby Festival held at Sherborne on Wednesday.

They started the tournament well with excellent flowing rugby against Mount Kelly, Perrott Hill and Blundells. Excellent determination was shown in defence when they played against Hazlegrove for a well earned 10-10 draw. After lunch we had two difficult matches but the boys showed resilience and bounced back well and left the pitch with their heads held high. Our festival ended in such high spirits when we played a mixed team with a side that had lost every game on the day and I was delighted by the sportsmanship and compassion shown on the pitch. It was a brilliant day and the boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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King's Hockey Camp

King's Hockey Camp

Our camps are designed to be fun! You will learn and develop your skills with experienced coaches. Come and join us!

When?Monday 23rd December
For?5-15 year olds
Where?King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm

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King's Netball Camp

King's Netball Camp

Come and join our Netball Camp. The courses will be led by England Netball qualified coaches and are open to all and aimed at girls who want to have fun and develop their netball.

When?Monday 6th January 2020
For?7-13 year olds
Where?King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm
To book your place please contact Laura Bennett

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Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

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