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18th October 2019

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by Justin Chippendale

So, we arrive at half term (incredibly) and it will be good to have a period of respite before diving into one of the more traditional periods of the year: Autumn, Harvest, Guy Fawkes, Remembrance, and Advent, all leading up to the inevitable excitement over a word I cannot bring myself to write until after half term!! There is a great warmth that comes from indulging in these familiar rituals as if old friends.

They are yet to come, however, and as we look back at the week just passed a couple of episodes come to mind. I will start with today and the brilliant opening of our new Cookery School. A wonderful morning was delivered thanks to the planning and creativity of Mrs Cole and some helpers. There will be a few pictures in the Newsletter but more to come in time. Hope Pointing, a former pupil of Mrs Cole’s and Masterchef contestant whilst at University, has become a professional chef in the year since graduating, and she was a perfect role model to the children in many ways: not least through her uncomplicated but powerful exuberance and enthusiasm. The development is an excellent addition to the school, its genesis the result of a very generous donation from a past parent, and it will give the children a valuable understanding of an important life skill as well as create opportunities for huge amounts of fun and enjoyment.

Also this week we enjoyed the first concert of the year and we were offered a charming collection of performances from across the age range. A real smorgasbord programme included a piece entitled Playable Pi to 77 Decimal Places. Eddie Carew-Jones had created a piece using a package called GarageBand. He decided to assign a note to each of the digits 0-9 and then laid them out as per the decimal places of Pi (which, as you know, is 3.141592653589… etc). By assigning minims, crotchets, semiquavers and the like, adding some percussion and cleverly underlaying the same tune but as a bass line played at a quarter speed, he created something that had us all nodding our heads in admiration and intrigue over his imagination and compositional ingenuity.

I hope you all enjoy some happy times together over the next fortnight and we will pick up the reins in November to wrap ourselves in all things seasonal for the second half.

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

by Claire Luckhurst

This first half of term has been industrious and happy in Pre-Prep; it is amazing how much the children have already achieved since September. We were able to showcase lots of this learning this week as we welcomed parents in to find out about phonics in Reception at their ‘Stay and Play’ session and shared our love of muddy learning with the parents of children in Year 1 and Year 2 at our Forest School ‘Window of Learning’ events. We very much hope you found these sessions useful and allowed you a brief glimpse into your child’s world at school.

This week we have also thought about children less fortunate than ourselves as we head towards ‘Children in Need’ and Christmas. The children in Reception and KS1 were tasked with thinking of some fundraising ideas for Pudsey Bear and his team and, after listening to them at our ‘Very Big Important Meeting’, it was democratically decided that this year we will:

  • Organise a ‘Toy Sale’: the children are invited to bring in a good quality ‘used’ toy (no books or DVDs please) from home to donate to the sale which will take place at 3.30pm on Friday 15 November in The Bunting Room.
  • Organise a ‘Disco’: a very popular activity last year! A ticket-only event to take place on Friday 22 November in the Arts Centre, 2.30pm – 3.30pm. Tickets will be on sale from Monday 16 November at a cost of £1.
  • Organise a ‘Pudsey Bear Art Competition’: the children are invited to create a piece of artwork at home (using any media) of Pudsey Bear and submit their entry for a £1 donation by Wednesday 13 November. These will be judged by our Head of Art, Miss Perkins, and winners will be revealed in assembly on Friday 15 November.

Please note participation in all of these events is optional.

I also spoke to the children in assembly about, ‘Operation Christmas Child’, which Pre-Prep have supported for the past few years. The idea is simple; fill a shoebox with some small gifts to be sent to underprivileged children around the world to help share the joy of Christmas. If you would like to join us in supporting this cause, we are very happy to be the ‘drop off’ point for shoeboxes. Please click on the link below for specific information of what is required. Shoeboxes need to be delivered to school by Monday 11 November and we will then transport them to one of the ‘official’ collection points in the area.


<h2>There has been much excitement surrounding the opening of our Cookery School today ...</h2>

There has been much excitement surrounding the opening of our Cookery School today ...

... and you will be able to read all about it on our website next week!



Friday 8th November 2019

Hamburgers, hot dogs, chips and flapjacks available to buy from 5.30 pm

Complimentary glass of mulled wine for every adult

Display starts at 6.15 pm

Don't forget to book your tickets through My School Portal (the cost will be added to your school bill):

Adult ticket£8.00
Child ticket (there is no charge for children aged 2 and under)£6.00
Family ticket (2 adults & up to 4 children in the same immediate family)£25.00

A Few Words from ... Cameron Wallace

A Few Words from ... Cameron Wallace

This term's Head Boy

Hello, Cameron again here. I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful first half of term although I think we can all agree that it is time for a well-deserved break.

Last weekend I took part in the South West Biathlon (a competition where you run a certain distance, then you swim a certain distance and you receive points for both). If you get enough points you qualify to the nationals. In total 26 brave and daring athletes woke up early on a Sunday morning and trekked to Millfield in the pouring rain. I had to run first (which is my preferred discipline), my distance was 1600m, but it was more like a steeplechase because of the massive puddle we had to avoid! In the run I came third and after the swim I ended up 12th which I was pleased with.There were some great results for some individuals and teams but I am sure that Mrs Hardy will write an article about it so I won’t steal her thunder!

On Friday the U13A girls’ team will be at the hockey IAPS, hopefully they will do really well and come back with loads of good hockey having been played.Good luck!

Over half term I plan to watch some of the Rugby World Cup and have a bit of a rest (it’s been a busy half term). Although this weekend I am playing a hockey tournament representing Somerset (there are a few other King’s Hall people involved as well). I expect that I will do a little bit of revision as well at some point because 8S have their mocks in early December.

I hope you all have a relaxing half term and come back ready for Bonfire Night and then the final push through to C*******s (ssshhh, we aren’t allowed to say that word yet!).

As Cameron said, 26 children from King’s Hall braved the elements and took part in a Biathlon at Millfield on Sunday – it was a huge event involving 600 competitors.

The King’s Hall children all worked so hard and their determination was clearly evident, but what was most rewarding to see was the camaraderie between them all. There were children in every year group from Year 3 up to Year 8 taking part and they all encouraged each other; with the more experienced really helping out the first timers throughout the whole day.

It was fantastic that we had enough children to create teams in several age groups and they all did so well:

U13 girls – 5th team
U10 boys – 3rd team
U10 girls – 3rd team
U12 girls – 2nd team
U9 boys – 1st team

Darcie Cockburn, Nicolas Du Toit, Kendra Druce, Theo Hammond, Katie Rowe and Freddie Smith all finished within the top 5 in their age groups; with Barnie Gothard finishing 1st.

A truly brilliant day for all those involved – well done everyone!

Mrs Anna Hardy


Library Blog

Library Blog

Pupils embrace their inner poet.

We love poetry here at King’s Hall and, as part of our school-wide celebrations of National Poetry Day earlier this month, pupils from Years 3 to 8 (and some staff too) embraced their inner poet, creating their own blackout poems using a specially chosen page from a story. The brief was simple: choose words from the page to form the poem and colour in the rest so that only your poem remains. As ever, our creative community did not disappoint!

This year's winners were Sam in Year 3, Alice in Year 4, Natasha in Year 5, Georgia in Year 6, Arabella, Sam and Noah in Year 7 and Elliott in Year 8. Our staff winner was Madame Murray (regaining her title as King’s Hall Poet in Residence!) and the overall winner was Leigha in Year 7 whose powerful and visually stunning poem really impressed Mrs M.

​Being a new member of staff my tutor group have had to metaphorically lead me by the hand these past few weeks ...

​Being a new member of staff my tutor group have had to metaphorically lead me by the hand these past few weeks ...

They have had to explain all of the unique nuances of this wonderful school. Having been a housemaster of 83 teenage boys it is a privilege to have such a small and ridiculously enthusiastic tutor group. The real magic is that the tutors are then provided the opportunity to spend so much time with their tutees. Tutor periods are lively times but are also opportunities to tackle the more thorny issues that young people face today. It also helps that they are a bunch of firecrackers.

In recent weeks we have held happiness lessons, done both yoga and pilates and, slightly unexpectantly, made a model Mount Fuji, inclusive of exploding (paper) lava, clouds and a rugby pitch.

The children attack each day with a relentless energy and enthusiasm which is impossibly infectious. Sharing my first seven weeks of being a prep school teacher with these wonderfully spirited young people has been a real privilege.

Will Mackenzie-Green
Year 7 Form Tutor

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Having survived the first half of term, 3H discussed the good bits about being in the Prep department ...


  • “Learning more here than at my previous school”
  • “Having longer school days”
  • “Great trips!”
  • “Tackling our times tables”
  • “Lots more sport!”
  • “DT lessons!”
  • “Having a choice at lunch time”
  • “Geography lessons”
  • “Having French lessons in the woods”
<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Snoops contemplates space travel!

Snoops contemplates space travel!

Hi everyone,

This week I have enjoyed some academic challenges and I feel very satisfied as a result. I learned about static electricity in Science Club and watched with sheer fascination as an electric current made my friend’s’ hair stand on end. If I hadn’t recently been to my dog groomer, I think that static running through my curly locks could have had a spectacular effect.

Inspired by my experience, I went away to research dogs and science. Other than discovering some rather alarming facts about cloned dogs, hairless dogs and bionic dogs, I found an interesting article on Laika the Space Dog.
Laika was a female stray from Moscow who selected to travel into space on the Soviet spacecraft Sputnik 2, which was launched on 3rd November 1957. I also like travelling, but I don’t think I’m brave enough for space voyages just yet! I am, however, looking forward to my trip to the Lake District for half term. I don’t think I will be paddle boarding next week, but I’ll be taking up my post as ‘Duck Watch’ on Lake Windermere.

Wishing you all a restful break.

Snoops x

It's Party Time!

It's Party Time!

Mrs Clare Masters, Houseparent

A short but sweet entry this week! We started the weekend off celebrating Gabriel’s 12th birthday with all the Year 8 girls and boys watching a movie and devouring pizzas. Meanwhile, Sunday was spent lazing around playing cards and watching rugby, followed by a trip to Flip Out in the afternoon which exhausted them perfectly, resulting in a quiet evening (wahoo!).

We wish everyone a happy and relaxing half term!

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Pupils Get Creative for National Poetry Day

Pupils Get Creative for National Poetry Day

As a school, we recently celebrated National Poetry Day. Each year group hosted their own activities to mark the occasion, and there was non-stop laughter as the children got to work creating their own poems...

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Year 6 Enjoy Wild Exmoor Getaway!

Year 6 Enjoy Wild Exmoor Getaway!

Just before half term, our Year 6 pupils departed for a three-day getaway to Exmoor. Despite a heavy downpour, the children’s spirits were high as they loaded the bus with their many suitcases and sleeping bags.

The first stop on the trip was to Wimbleball Lake, so a little drop of rain was the least of their worries. On arrival, the group enjoyed a spot of lunch before taking part in a number of water-based activities. The group quickly rose to the challenge, using their problem solving and teamwork skills to navigate the choppy waters. Sailing, kayaking and paddle boarding were just some of the fun sports the pupils enjoyed the most.

As dusk settled, the group drove along narrow lanes to reach their destination. Flickering wood burners led the path to their home for the night – a collection of cosy camping barns. Before settling down for the night, everyone enjoyed a slice of cake and cup of hot chocolate while playing some Victorian parlour games.

The following morning saw the children tuck into a hearty breakfast before embarking on a lengthy hike across Exmoor. With its rolling hills and wooded valleys, the group managed to complete the 7-mile ramble, which took them through the beautiful village of Dulverton. Exhausted and ready to re-fuel, the suggestion of a fish and chip supper was met with enthusiasm.

On the final day of the trip, there was time for a quick drive along the River Exe to Knightshayes, a Victorian country house just outside Tiverton. The children had to fill in a questionnaire as they toured the property, and many spoke to the guides to get a real feel for the place.

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So Far this Term in Art  ...

So Far this Term in Art ...

Miss Beccy Perkins, Head of Art

It was lovely to welcome a new cohort of Year 3 pupils into the Art room for the first time at the start of term. Since then they have been busy drawing, researching, designing and investigating a range of artists and projects. The outcome has been phenomenal, with the pupils producing some fantastic work, especially their landscape-inspired pieces. Not only have they demonstrated creative flair and vision, but they have also used their observational skills and imagination to great effect. Techniques such as tippling, sponging and colour washing helped to complete their work.

Meanwhile, Year 4 have been learning about Japanese artist, Hokusai, and creating their own version of the great wave with a range of differing skylines as desired, or if preferred, designing their own seascape from scratch.

Years 5 and 6, on the other hand, have been busy revisiting colour theory, designing and creating fantastic colour wheels in various forms, including hands, eyes and instruments. Each year the children add more detail such as tonal scales and complementary and intermediate colours. This enables the pupils to gain a better understanding of how the colours sit and work together.

Pupils in Year 7 have also been working hard to complete their optical illusion research and designs, with a lot of thought, experimentation and planning going into colour ways, composition and style. Equally, Year 8 have been making steady progress on their portraiture studies, exploring observation and pencil grades to create contrast in their tonal shading.

As we head into the second half of the term, everyone is looking forward to the festive work that will be produced in the lead up to Christmas! .

<h2>Year 6 have made such a lot of progress in their swimming lessons this first half of term; after half-term it will be the turn of Year 5 (so don't forget your swimming kit on a Monday!).</h2>

Year 6 have made such a lot of progress in their swimming lessons this first half of term; after half-term it will be the turn of Year 5 (so don't forget your swimming kit on a Monday!).

Squash Success!

Squash Success!

Congratulations to Theo Lamey who recently won the Somerset Under 11s County Closed Squash Tournament and to Thomas Rew who became regional U12 squash champion.

King's Rugby Camp

King's Rugby Camp

for 8-12 year olds

Following the successful rugby camps in the summer holidays, King's College are running another camp during half-term...

When?Tuesday 29th October
For? 8-12 year olds
Where?King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Book Your Place
King's Hockey Camp

King's Hockey Camp

Our camps are designed to be fun! You will learn and develop your skills with experienced coaches. Come and join us!

When?Monday 28th October Tuesday 29th October Monday 23rd December
For?5-9 year olds10-15 year olds5-15 year olds
Where?King's College King's College King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm10.00 am - 4.00 pm10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Book your place (half-term) Book your place (Christmas holidays)
King's Netball Camp

King's Netball Camp

Come and join our Netball Camp. The courses will be led by England Netball qualified coaches and are open to all and aimed at girls who want to have fun and develop their netball.

When?Monday 6th January 2020
Where?King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm
To book your place please contact Laura Bennett
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Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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