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11th October 2019

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by Justin Chippendale

I was having a discussion recently where the suggestion was made that technology has destroyed democracy. There might be some truth in the statement vis à vis potentially ‘fake news’ that is shared and the fact that we gather less to discuss matters of import but merely interact in isolation on a device - perhaps that is a topic for your Sunday lunch?

Technology does have its benefits of course and closer to home I hope you are used to accessing My School Portal now and can find your way around the likes of the School Diary, your child’s timetable, School Information (which has School Documents as a sub folder), Rewards (under My Children click on the word Rewards to see more detail) and seeing all of the King’s Hall emails all in one place. If you haven’t found your way on to it or need some guidance, then do contact the Office.

As well as viewing information, it will also be possible to book tickets for our terrific Fireworks, the Autumn Concert and the senior play, The Wiz, and more information will be coming from the Office about this.

Finally on My School Portal for now, this is where your child’s reports will be posted and the first of these for Prep children is an interim half term report at the end of next week.

Autumn is certainly here and I imagine that most of you will have been turning on the heating and lighting fires at home. Here’s to a cosy weekend!

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

by Claire Luckhurst

It was lovely to see so many of you at our Harvest Festival celebration on Monday afternoon. I was so proud of the children who performed all the different songs so well. A special mention must be given to the children in Year 2 who led the service so well and delivered their lines so confidently. Thank you for your generous donations which have been sent to the charity, Open Door, where I am sure they will be greatly appreciated.



Monday 14th October
Year 7 parent-teacher-pupil meetings

Tuesday 15th October
Autumn Concert

Thursday 17th October
Year 6 'Moving Up' meeting

Friday 18th October
Parents' coffee morning (all welcome)
Town Time (Year 8), Plus Rewards (Years 5-7), Golden Time (Years 3 & 4)
School closes at 4.30 pm for the half-term break

A Few Words from ... Ruby Beresford

A Few Words from ... Ruby Beresford

This term's Head Girl

Now we have settled into the term, everything is in full swing with our weekly sports fixtures in either hockey or rugby. My hockey team has had many matches and we have been successful in some but unfortunately lost the last few. This week we played Taunton prep school and lost 4-0. Although the outcome wasn’t what we had hoped for, the team played really well together, and we have definitely progressed as a team and in our playing since the first match of the season. We are now preparing for IAPs next Friday which should be great fun even if we don’t qualify for the nationals. Even though it’s nice to win, sports aren’t all about the outcome. It's amazing to get the opportunities to try out new activities and make amazing friends and teammates along the way. I cant wait for the rest of the hockey season as its great fun to play with my friends and I really enjoy getting to play against other teams that challenge us to reach new potential.

Library Blog

Library Blog

Author P. G. Bell pays a visit ...

Our week kicked off in a fabulously bookish fashion when author P. G. Bell came to King’s Hall as part of the launch celebrations for his new book, The Great Brain Robbery. Peter has numerous fans amongst our pupils as his first book, The Train to Impossible Places, was selected as our Year 5 and 6 Book Club read earlier this year.

We were all very excited to hear about the next installment in Suzy’s thrilling and magical adventures aboard this rather unusual train! The children were fascinated to hear how the series has its roots in bedtime stories that Peter concocted for his children, and there was laughter galore as the audience worked together to invent their very own Impossible Train! Later, our eager readers had the chance to have their own copy of Peter’s books signed and there were smiles all round as we enjoyed a morning dedicated to the joy of reading.

Read more about Peter's visit
<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Much to the children's surprise, Mrs Passmore returned to school this week following her recent retirement to to join Year 3 on their field trip to Exmoor and Bossington Beach.

Everyone loved following her spotty poncho along the bridal paths and enjoyed experiencing both moorland and the coast.

Boarding Movie Night Proves Popular!

Boarding Movie Night Proves Popular!

Mrs Clare Masters, Houseparent

Last Friday night the boarding house was buzzing as 72 children attended our popular move night celebration - and what an evening it was!

Starting with hot dog and chips, the children all gathered in the Arts Centre clutching their boxes of popcorn and for over 2 hours silence ascended, every houseparent’s dream! Ice creams were served up half way through the film, and as the credits began to roll I thought the nightmare would begin. How wrong was I?! Every child was impeccably behaved, and by 9.15pm there was not a sound to be heard.

We sat and waited but by 11.00pm we realised that no trouble was going to be had and we had what can only be described as a bunch of angels sleeping over. The icing on the cake was that the first noise I heard on Saturday morning was at 7.10am - miracles do happen! So not to be put off, I am already planning a Christmas movie night and I can’t wait to have a full house again. A huge thank you to all the boarding staff, but particularly to all of the children as they were the ones that made the evening such an enjoyable one.

Read More

This Week in Maths ...

This Week in Maths ...

Richard Morgan, Head of Maths

The current topic for Year 6 is data handling and we have been looking recently at various ways to illustrate tabulated data. The children tend to start this topic with the mind-set that drawing graphs is ‘easy’, but when they collected some raw data from each other on how many pets everyone has at home, they began to appreciate that things can quickly become more complicated. Such was the range and volume of pets in the class (30 chickens, 2 tortoises, 6 horses, a guinea pig – not to mention all the cats and dogs!), they began to appreciate that scaling the graph and producing the appropriate axes is indeed a significant challenge. It was satisfying to see the children apply themselves to this problem and also interesting to learn about the range of animals they have at home!

Speaking of challenges, as I was about to leave for home on one evening this week, a Year 8 Design Technology scholar arrived in my classroom having been sent by Mrs Cole with something of a mathematical problem. Whilst constructing a bird box as part of his DT portfolio, he was trying to work out the angles involved in fixing the roof to the walls. Without a right angle in sight, the two of us went from being quite perplexed to reasonably encouraged that we were making progress and eventually to a solution we were confident was right. This experience reminded me of the value of qualities like perseverance and resilience when faced with a mathematical problem, and also of how important it is to be able to apply mathematical knowledge and skills in a cross-curricular way.

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Snoops Prepares for his Starring Role!

Snoops Prepares for his Starring Role!

Well, I have to warn you that over the next few weeks I am going to be a very excitable pup! I’m sure you haven’t forgotten that I have been cast as one of the main parts in the Year 8 play. I am, of course, playing the part of Toto in The Wiz, and the rehearsals are now in full swing.

I will be giving you regular 'pupdates' on my progress in this production as this is the main focus in my busy canine life. I am rather hoping that the final scene will involve a hot air balloon so I’ve been doing some of my own practice in the sewing room, and more specifically, the washing baskets (see below). I hope you are in agreement when I say that my skills as a thespian are developing nicely.

It’s a well known fact that dogs perform particularly well for treats; well, I’m no exception. I enjoy milky bones, cheese and pure duck treats, but I have a particular favourite, cocktail sausages! I’m sure some of you have a weakness for chocolate, well it’s the same for me with those scrumptious porky bites. The reason I’m divulging my gastro-weakness is because I need to ask for your co-operation in a small matter when you come to watch me in this fabulous production.

During the performances there are going to be parts when I have to follow the scent of cocktail sausages to help guide me to the correct place on stage. For this reason, I would like to ask you not to carry any cocktail sausages in your pockets or handbags as it might disorientate me. Oh, and no sneaking sausages rolls into your pockets at interval refreshments either!

Many thanks,

Snoops x


So far this term, the children in Mrs Harvey's tutor group have enjoyed ...

  • “Being guides on Open Day”
  • “Running the King's Hall Loop”
  • “Using the cricket nets”
  • “Playing on the Adventure Playground”
  • “Playing County hockey”
  • “Drinking hot chocolate (thank you, Mrs Chippendale)”
  • “Bringing treats in every other week”
  • “Going on school trips”
  • “Taking part in the school play”
King's Rugby Camp

King's Rugby Camp

for 8-12 year olds

Following the successful rugby camps in the summer holidays, King's College are running another camp during half-term...

When?Tuesday 29th October
For? 8-12 year olds
Where?King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm

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King's  Hockey Camp

King's Hockey Camp

Our camps are designed to be fun! You will learn and develop your skills with experienced coaches. Come and join us!

When?Monday 28th October Tuesday 29th October Monday 23rd December
For?5-9 year olds10-15 year olds5-15 year olds
Where?King's College King's College King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm10.00 am - 4.00 pm10.00 am - 4.00 pm

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King's Netball Camp

King's Netball Camp

Come and join our Netball Camp. The courses will be led by England Netball qualified coaches and are open to all and aimed at girls who want to have fun and develop their netball.

When?Monday 6th January 2020
Where?King's College
Time?10.00 am - 4.00 pm
To book your place please contact Laura Bennett
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