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27th September 2019

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Deputy HEADlines

Deputy HEADlines

by Steve Watson

It has been a wonderfully busy week for the pupils – leaving some relatively quieter days back here at school. Not only have we had Year 5 away for a great two night residential course at Kilve Court, Year 4 have been busying themselves in deepest Dorset at New Barn for their overnight stay. No doubt all those pupils will have a good sleep tonight after spending time out in the fresh country air.

As you will read on our website in the coming week, Year 6 have visited Carymoor Environmental Trust and some Year 8 pupils visited Coleridge's Cottage on Thursday. It serves to remind us how lucky we are in having all these wonderful places to visit on our doorstep, and for our pupils to further their learning outside of the traditional classroom setting.

It was rather apt then that Father Mark during Chapel this week spoke about being ready for things and getting prepared. Packing one's bags with all the correct clothing was mentioned to even putting petrol in the bus!

And of course, final preparations are being made for our Autumn Fayre tomorrow. A great deal of work has gone into this and our thanks goes to all the year reps who have led in this regard. It promises to be a lovely afternoon so please do come along. Start time is 2pm. Reliable rumours have informed me that a good number of teaching staff are going to fall victim to be sponged in the stocks. Some Year 8 pupils are also going to be selling some of their home-grown produce. Chocolate chillies have been mentioned.

Many of you who have visited school over the last couple of days could not have failed to see some of the additions to the space near our Adventure Playground. This new area is once again the result of the kind generosity of members of our community and is going to be for quiet contemplation and reading. As ever, in this regard, Mrs Marcuccilli has some creative ideas as to how the pupils can make the most of it.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Autumn Fayre.

Steve Watson

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

This Week in Pre-Prep ...

by Claire Luckhurst

Last Friday afternoon, when discussing the messages contained in the story of Noah’s Ark with Year 2 while looking out at a blue cloudless sky, I had no idea we may need to build our own Ark this week! A relentlessly soggy week is never the best recipe for young children as they need to expend their indefatigable energy supplies and so we have togged up and got out as much as possible and then coped with the afternoon fug caused by damp children in warm classrooms; the joys of teaching are limitless! A healthier recipe we have been discussing in our Monday morning assemblies this year has been that of what it takes to be a good friend. ‘Kindness’ has been the most important ingredient and the children have been working hard to be mindful to ensure this is at the heart of their play. However, as with all things, children won’t get this right every time as they need to develop the emotional maturity that this demands and every ‘mistake’ brings its own learning reward. I encourage you to talk to your child about the stories they have heard in our assemblies and challenge them to see if they can recall the six ingredients of friendship (if they can’t, tell them to come and look at my office door!)

Do you Believe in Bog Babies?

Do you Believe in Bog Babies?

In Forest School this term, Year 2 have been reading The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis and Gwen Millward. The story follows two young sisters who sneak off to go fishing in a magic pond where they discover a mysterious bog baby, small and blue with wings like a dragon. Intrigued, the girls take it home and decide to keep their new friend a secret.

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A Few Words from ... Daisy Rundell

A Few Words from ... Daisy Rundell

This term's Deputy Head Girl

Hello my name is Daisy Rundell. I’ve been a student at King’s Hall School for 7 years since Year 2. I have made some amazing friends for life, not only the students but also the teachers. King’s Hall is a real family and it’s such a happy place to be. I really like subjects like sport,art, DT and PE but I am also really into lessons like science and geography which I never thought I would like but the teachers at King’s make it really fun and interesting to learn. Out of school I do a lot of riding on my horse called Peg – we also have 3 other horses at my house called Ellie, Arthur and Ben.

The specialist art group had a day out and about in a sculpture garden in Devon which was really fun, seeing some amazing art and we had a great game of hide and seek in the gardens. I’m looking forward to the geography field trip to the Holford river in the Quantock Hills which flows into the sea at Kilve where we all went in Year 5 and had loads of fun. We are now looking forward to our last year at King’s Hall.



Tuesday 1st October
8CE Geography Fieldwork Enquiry - The Quantocks

Wednesday 2nd October
Year 3 Spotlight on Learning: English

Thursday 3rd October
Year 7 Poetry Slam
8S Geography Fieldwork Enquiry - The Quantocks

Friday 4th October
King's Hall Open Day

Saturday 5th October
King's College Open Day

Library Blog

Library Blog

Summer Reading Postcard Challenge

This summer we challenged our pupils to design and create a postcard based on their favourite holiday read. The response? Well, let's say it kept the Royal Mail busy over the holidays! All of the entries are currently on display in the library, so please do pop by and see if you can. We'd now like to take the time to spare a thought for our panel of independent judges (aka Miss Perkins and Mrs Stuckes) who were given the unenviable task of selecting some winners.

After great deliberation, prizes went to: Thomas W: Biggles Learns to Fly by Captain W E Johns, Frankie R-W: The Castle of Llyr by Lloyd Alexander, Henry D: Dinosaur Cove by Rex Stone, Lulu B: Emmeline and the Plucky Pup by Megan Rix, Daisy T: Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian, and Martha J: George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. Well done to all who took part!

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

In 4F we are reading George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. It is a fabulously funny book and we are very much enjoying the story. Having been inspired by the poetry, we decided to write our own magic medicine poetry in the style of Dahl. Here are a few examples...

<h2>Our Autumn Fayre Needs You!  </h2>

Our Autumn Fayre Needs You!

Saturday 28th September, 2pm

Please Come and Spend, Spend, SPEND!

Please Come and Spend, Spend, SPEND!

If you have not already so, please buy and return your Raffle tickets draw will take place at 4.00pm

Most stalls will be tokens but some cash

Water stations will be dotted around but to save on cost and environment, no cups so please bring water bottles

Cream teas and refreshments available

Small paper sweet bags will be available to keep any winnings safe!

Parking will be on the tennis/netball courts as well as the usual car park area.

Bring friends and family and support our fundraising for Brainwave and KHS development project

All the fun of the fayre!

King's Hall Boarding Presents: Superhero Sleepover!

King's Hall Boarding Presents: Superhero Sleepover!

Boarding Blog

Calling all superheroes! King's Hall boarders are buzzing with excitement this week as they are able to finally announce our next big event – a superhero sleepover! All Year 6, 7 and 8 day pupils are welcome to attend. We will be watching Captain Marvel (rated 12 please get permission from your parents first!) and enjoying a delicious feast of hot dog and chips, followed by popcorn and ice cream.

Please see the below invite for further details, and to book your place, please contact: houseparents@kingshalltaunton.co.uk.

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<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

My First Residential

My First Residential

Hi there everyone,

Last week I said I would let you know about my first ever residential trip. Well here I am at New Barn with my Year 4 friends. I am having a fantastic time and I can’t begin to tell you how much I’m enjoying the team building challenges. Although my official capacity on the trip is ‘Chief Pastoral Carer’, I have received way more than my fair share of love and affection in return.

Unfortunately I had to opt out of the pottery making session as Mrs Willmott said it would be far too messy for my furry paws. I did remind her that I’d brought my doggy shampoo but she said that was for fox poo emergencies only! We all stayed together in the barn and the evening was full of fun and laughter. It’s a shame the Year 5 pupils visited Kilve at the same time this week as I would have loved to accompany them too.

To make up for it, I’ll let you into a little secret! I’m working up to the ski trip. I simply love the snow, and taking into consideration that I’m fast becoming a skilled stand-up paddle boarder, I have a burning ambition to try snowboarding. Unlike humans, dogs do not suffer from the limitations of language barriers so I can help translate any European country!

Over and out,

Snoops x



What a fantastic start to the term in science! We have had an action packed first month and this week has seen Year 6 producing some of the most spectacular cell cakes and models.

It has also been a year since the arrival of Turbo and Everest, the science departments’ beloved tortoises who celebrated in style earlier in the week.

In addition to the tortoises we have also taken on some stick insects which have settled in very nicely! It is wonderful seeing the children of the school taking such great care and showing such responsibility in caring for all of our animal residents!

In Mr Campleman's tutor time, the children have been discussing:

Missioning Mondays

You Tube Tuesdays

Wordy Wednesdays

Treat-Yourself Thursdays

Free-time Fridays

  • “Mondays usually begin with chatter about their weekend and of the week to come and therefore the perfect environment for some goal-setting. Each pupil sets their own goal they would like to achieve that week. It ranges from sport through to academic, and all the way to home-life as well.”
  • “Tuesdays are about excitement and creating a love for learning and fostering that by giving each pupil a chance to share what they find interesting, funny and progressive to all the others in the class. Each week a pupil chooses a video from YouTube they would like to share and we then discuss and allow sharing of everyone’s motivations, humour, hobbies and likes. This week’s choice was by Jack Besley, who had chosen some funny clips from the show ‘The Grand Tour’.”
  • “Wednesdays are days where we focus a little more on our English language and building of words from letters displayed on the board. The theme for this half term has been Victorian times, and focused specifically on inventions created during this time period. The classroom buzzes with words being strung together and the more letters in the word, the more reward of enjoyment and satisfaction.”
  • “Thursday is all about spending some time reading a good book, where the focus is on reading as much of your book as you can before the bell. It’s a lovely environment to be in when all pupils and teacher are reading and engrossed in their books. We often stop for 5 minutes and discuss what’s happening in a particular book or what each book is about.”
  • “Friday is a day of handing in diaries and checking if they have been autographed by parents, which means they are safe from further check-ups. We have discussed how important it is to get diaries signed for Fridays, as it keeps their parents informed with what they have been up to academically throughout the week. This requires a team effort from pupil to teacher, through to parent and is much appreciated by all in the end. The pupils are then free to read, chat quietly, laugh, share ideas and ask questions.”

Pitch and Patch Pop in to Pre-Prep

“I’m a dingle, dangle scarecrow, with a great big floppy hat. I can shake my hands like this, and I can shake my feet like that.”

Ahead of Harvest Festival, Reception received a special visit from Catering Manager, Mrs Colbourne, who popped by to introduce her scarecrow friends, Pitch and Patch.

Pitch and Patch are the new faces of King’s Hall this term, featuring on our food menus (as astutely observed by one of the pupils!), as well as appearing at a number of seasonal events. Their role in school is to encourage children to think about their food and where it comes from, and so, as part of her talk Mrs Colbourne spoke to the class about the origins of scarecrows, their purpose in our fields and gardens, and how they have embedded themselves in urban legends (did someone say Halloween?).

Linking scarecrows to farming and the cultivation of crops, the conversation naturally led to the topic of healthy eating, and the pupils were more than happy to participate! Mrs Knight encouraged them to name their favourite fruit and vegetables, with answers ranging from broccoli and tomatoes, to bananas and watermelon, but the one that proved most popular … carrots!

The talk was rounded off with an exciting colouring exercise which saw the children design their very own Pitch or Patch. The finished results will be displayed in the lunch queue next week.

Looking ahead, Mrs Colbourne is now keen to introduce her rosy-cheeked companions to the remaining Pre-Prep classes, as well as organising interactive workshops where the children can tour the school kitchens and learn more about the preparation of their food.

U8s First Rugby Festival!

U8s First Rugby Festival!

The U8s played their first festival away at Blundell's. We took two teams and they played fantastically.

It was early in the season, so a few were a little nervous, but after a fun warm up, they were all keen to get started. The boys have learnt so much during lessons and I am delighted to say that they all ran forwards with the ball, didn't panic when they were tagged and were then able to pass back to a team mate.

In defense, they kept a pretty good formation and made some brilliant tags. It can be difficult to grab the tags when someone is running quickly so a focus for training will be grabbing the tags with two hands.

U13Bs First Tournament of the Season

U13Bs First Tournament of the Season

The U13Bs were excited about their first tournament of the season, taking place at Hazlegrove. Their first match was against All Hallows and both teams attacked and defended well throughout the match. We had a couple chances and a bit of rustiness showed at the beginning of this season, which is the sole purpose of this tournament, to see exactly what they need to focus on doing moving forward. The game ended 0-0 with a well-fought match ending evenly matched.

The next game was a tough game against Millfield and they came out hard, scoring 2 goals in the first two minutes. We fought on hard and after a good team talk, we managed to create chances for ourselves and conceded only one in the second half, playing with so much effort and grit. We the flipped a coin for who finished 2nd or 3rd in the group, and Daisy Thompson called EAGLE! (Euro Coin) Which put us second, playing for 3rd and 4th place against our local rivals Taunton.

It was a sensational match with both teams attacking with good precision, but keepers were stopping anything coming close to goal. We went into extra time golden goal of 1 minute, and Tilly Fuller broke the line, after receiving a lovely pass through space. Tilly managed to get a shot away with massive pressure from behind and the goalie charging at her, the ball squeezed expertly through the legs and trickled into the goal. It was titanic clash and makes the fixture later in the season all more worthwhile to look forward to, as both teams played superbly. Well done girls on a well-earned 3rd place!

King's Rugby Camp

King's Rugby Camp

for 8-12 year olds

Following the successful rugby camps in the summer holidays, King's College are running another camp for 8-12 year olds during half-term...

Tuesday 29th October 2019
10.00 am -
4.00 pm

King's College


Please click here for more information and to book your place(s)
King's Netball Camp

King's Netball Camp

for 8-14 year olds

Come and join our Netball Camp. The courses will be led by England Netball qualified coaches and are open to all and aimed at girls who want to have fun and develop their netball.

To book, please visit the King's College website.

Monday 6th January 2020
10.00 am - 4.00 pm

King's College


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