18th June 2021 | King's Hall School Taunton


18th June 2021

What a spooky start to the day! These are the results of yesterday's pumpkin carving competition which looked much… https://t.co/TELIGZ2blL - 10 hours ago


by Justin Chippendale

Gosh – where to start? Arts Week (with an amazing two-man Circus Show to kick us off on Monday morning), the colourful Year 4 production in the Rose Garden, fab author Emma Carroll running workshops, Year 8 having a blast in Devon with gorgeous weather, the Under 11 boys becoming County Cricket Champions yesterday (the U12 boys and both the U13 girls and boys are also in their respective finals coming up), oodles of prospective children in for Taster Days and all week we have had even more children in to board for a couple of nights. And, of course, last week was Year 8 CE exams, Year 6 to Dulverton and Year 3 out on the river. Phew! This is how a summer term is meant to feel – study hard, including exams, and enjoy all the trappings of what’s on offer. (There’s no doubt however that under covid restrictions it is a good deal more demanding on the staff to find ways to make it all happen for the children and keep within guidelines!)

The opportunity to board is one of the great flexible options at King’s Hall and I think not having had it for the last year is one of the greatest casualties of the covid restrictions. It is a well-worn path for children to board increasingly more nights as they get older and it has been so wonderful to have been able to make it accessible again.

As you well know, I hope, whilst also drawing out your full academic potential, developing your sense of who you are, your independence and your ability to entwine your own character traits dove-tailed with those around you to maximum collective benefit is very much what we are about. Sustained time in the supportive, warm, encouraging and boarding environment full of collegiality that exists here is a terrific way to boost this aspect of growing up. It is (without covid!) always possible to take a look around and so, when we return in the autumn, if you have never been into the boarding areas and want to take a look – just ask.

Sadly, the Delta variant has come to cause disruption just as we are heading into some key end of year events. You should have seen my email of yesterday and, whilst the larger gatherings involving parents and visitors will have to be curtailed or even cancelled, we do believe that we will be able to ensure that the children are able to enjoy the vast majority of what they would normally.

Fingers crossed it all plays out as currently planned.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

We have enjoyed another busy and productive week in Pre-Prep which saw Year 2 head off to the beach for the day on Tuesday, Reception explore pond-life in the lakes at the bottom of the front field and Year 1 carry out some secret missions. Nursery have also (unknowingly) brightened my ‘office’ mornings as the sound of them rehearsing for their forthcoming Assembly have drifted through from the field; the sound of very young children singing with gay abandon makes even the most mundane of tasks enjoyable!

Please click here to read the rest of this week's Pelican News
Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters

Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters

I know you shouldn’t complain about the heat but it has been a real scorcher of a weekend. Only one thing for it....a water fight. What a fabulously soaking wet morning we had. With a 1000 water balloons filled, enough water pumps for everyone and splat balls we were sorted to have the biggest water fight ever to happen here at King’s Hall. 

The photos say it all, it was such good fun and then to be able to dive into the pool and cool off was just perfect. 

The only down side was picking up all the popped balloons! Huge apologies to Roger if we missed any!

A Few Words from...Monty Lindsay-Smith

A Few Words from...Monty Lindsay-Smith

This Term's Head Boy

This week Year 8 have been in Okehampton, enjoying a return to all things outdoors. Visiting Bude, we enjoyed a day of body boarding and playing in the sea pool – the weather was perfect. We also had a great time gorge scrambling, rock climbing, hanging from high ropes, kayaking and canoeing. It was a brilliant week and it was really nice having this time to chill with my mates. We all have a great time, but are a little tired now!

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Hayden-Briffet - 3HB

Mrs Hayden-Briffet - 3HB

Friday evening and we were off to the river Tone. We had lots of fun rafting and kayaking, jumping into the water at the end! 

We got kitted up in all the safety gear and were ready to start.

We played tag with the kayak and it was amazing that Olive did not fall out more often, she was leaning so far over! Dipping our heads in the water in the rafts was rather chilly and falling into the water the first time was a bit scary – as was jumping off the side as we weren’t sure if there were any Megalodons in the water!!

We had lots of food – beans on toast before we left, a snack tea at the river, hot chocolate when we got back and a yummy breakfast in the morning. Many thanks to the kitchen staff for all their hard work.

Sleeping in the Arts Centre was fun – we all got SOME sleep…A massive thank you to Mr Watson for coming with us – we couldn’t have done it without you!

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog


Dear Friends

I would like to start by saying, ‘three woofs for Arts' Week and the wonderfully creative staff who put together such an amazing programme of events’.

I thoroughly enjoyed the circus act that came to school and was amazed at how well my friends performed in their circus skills workshops. Juggling isn’t one of my fortes but jumping through hoops is. I’ve often wondered about challenging myself to be extra daring and jump through a flaming hoop but I’m a little vane when it comes to preserving my beautiful golden locks. Also, a singed dog wouldn’t be a very good advertisement for the school, especially as we have a lot of visitors at the moment.

And now for a little boasting (I don’t do it often now that I’m a mature dog) however, the thespian in me just brings it to the fore. You see, I received an enormous round of applause for my part as a lion in the Year 4 play this week. I have attached a photo so that you can admire me in my costume.

Here’s wishing you all a lovely weekend. If I’m lucky, the boarders will have a BBQ and I, of course, will be chief tidy up-er. There’s always at least one sausage that gets dropped on the grass and discarded. I have noticed that you hoomans are a tad fussy when it comes to the tiniest hair, piece of fluff or fly on your food (in my opinion, additions that all add to the flavour). But no matter, my gain!

Bye for now.

Snoops X

<h2>The Circus Comes to King's Hall</h2>

The Circus Comes to King's Hall

Click the images below to see the action packed timetable

Arts' Week

Arts' Week

Circus Show amazes King’s Hall!

Each child from Year 3 - 7 designed, decorated and filled with rice, 3 juggling balls to take home. Mr Stannett's sewing machines from the DT department have had a busy few weeks creating pockets and then sewing up the final edge to transform a humble calico pocket into a handful of endless fun! 

Inspired by the Circus Performance on Monday, the children are mastering their juggling skills with the help of Mrs Aladin's 'how to' video and plenty of space on the school playing fields. We certainly all have new-found respect for those talented circus performers.

Thank you to all the machinists (Mrs Cole, Mrs Watson, Mrs Aladin and Mr Stannett) who did over 500 fabric pockets for the children!

Further write up to be included next week including the Year 4 Play.

Some of the juggling balls made Juggling practice 3,2,1, go!
<h2>Year 4 Play</h2>

Year 4 Play

Ruth Thomas' Tutor group

Ruth Thomas' Tutor group

Year 5

These are a few of our favourite things....

This week during PSHE and tutor time we have been talking about things that are special to us and things which provided us with comfort during lockdown.

Year 6 trip to Dulverton

Year 6 trip to Dulverton

Last week Year 6 had a great time in the sun at Dulverton. It began with watersports on Wimbleball Lake.

A highlight was using the mega paddle board to dunk at least 8 children in one go! Spaghetti bolognese and football outside the camping barn saw the first day draw to a close. 

After a hearty breakfast of bacon and scrambled egg we began a days trek to Dulverton and back, practising map reading and compass bearing. 

Year 6 also managed a little shopping in the lovely local retail area. 

'Jumblies' was the evening game which saw teams tackle anagrams for Victorian inventions and the results announced over a hearty fish and chip takeaway supper. 

Another night in the idyllic barn under Exmoor stars passed peacefully and then we packed up to roll down the hill to Knighthayes. A tour of Knighthayes finished our trip on a high and plenty of great memories were made.

Sailing fun
My Chosen Piece of Music - Superstition - Stevie Wonder

My Chosen Piece of Music - Superstition - Stevie Wonder

by Natalie Kemmish

I love lots of different types of music but one song that is guaranteed to always make me want to dance is Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Not so much because of the lyrics but just a great feel good song! 

However, reading the lyrics, the meaning rings true....'when you believe in things that you don't understand', how can that be good for us? Knowledge is power! Keep the positivity shining! 

Superstition - Stevie Wonder
This week in Sport...

This week in Sport...

Tennis v Taunton Prep U13’s.

A group of Yr7 & Yr8 girls headed over to Taunton Prep last Friday to play both an LTA Team Tennis competition and a friendly set of matches.

All the matches were played in good spirits and a lot was learnt, in for what was for many of them, their first ever tennis match. In the LTA competition, we were competitive, but not quite up to the standard of the Taunton girls and lost the match. There was mixed fortune in the friendly matches, where our Year 7’s played against Taunton’s Year 8’s with many nail biting rallies! 

Well done, girls!

Sports Camps

Sports Camps

We are pleased to announce that we are running a variety of sports camps over the summer holiday.

We will ensure that the camps are of the highest quality and standard whilst creating an environment where every player will thrive, whatever their motivation or level of experience.

To register places on our camp(s) please complete the respective forms below:

Cricket - the course will be led by Head of Cricket and Cricket Professional. The clinics are open to everyone, from beginners to more advanced players. Sessions will incorporate batting, bowling, and fielding, as well as use of our bowling machines, fun games practice and indoor matches. 

Hockey - camps will be lead by Clare Hayes, Director of Hockey at King's College, Taunton and England Hockey Level 4 Coach. Clare is also an England Hockey Performance Centre Head Coach.

Netball - the course will be led by our new Head of Netball Sammy Kemmish.

Rugby - the course will be led by Ed Lewsey

If you have any questions prior to booking, please contact

Ben Thomas: BCThomas@kings-taunton.co.uk


Head of Cricket: RJWoodman@kings-taunton.co.uk
Director of Hockey: CHayes@kings-taunton.co.uk

Head of Rugby: EAMLewsey@kings-taunton.co.uk

There are limited places available so is done on first come first served basis.



Please note that OPRO will be visiting King's Hall on Wednesday 23rd June. To order a fitted mouthguard ready for the Michaelmas term, please complete the form via the link below. An information leaflet is also included below for your information. 

Mouthguards order form OPRO leaflet


Please see below photos of our Chapel Servers from the last couple weeks

School Shop - Summer appointments

School Shop - Summer appointments

Please don't forget to book your appointment to buy uniform for the Michaelmas Term.

A list of uniform is included on our website, link below.

The shop will be open on an appointment only basis during the Summer break from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday (3:00 pm being the last appointment of the day) on the following weeks:

Week commecing - Monday 5th July 

Week commencing - Monday 12th July

Week commencing - Monday 16th August 

Week commencing - Monday 23rd August 

Closed B/H Monday 

Reopens Tuesday 31st August 

Please can visitors wear face masks and sign in for track and trace upon arrival.

Please phone the School Office on 01823 285920 or email to make your appointment

<h2>Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!</h2>

Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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