12th February 2021 | King's Hall School Taunton


12th February 2021

Come rain or shine, whether it's Woodland Adventures, Pelican Explorers or #ForestSchool sessions, our 'Little Wood… https://t.co/dLbeNILuIi - 7 days ago


by Justin Chippendale

The start of the Prep Newsletter needs very little from HEADlines this week. Partly because there is a short half term letter from me today, partly because I have written too much in recent weeks but mainly for the very positive reason that a picture is worth a 1000 words and there are many very descriptive pictures awaiting your perusal.

There has been sooo much brilliant activity from the children this week that, yet again, the Newsletter will give you a good flavour, but it is worth remembering the mass of engagement from all. In particular, the photos from #WellnessWednesday show you what amazing energy and creativity the children have – and a big thanks to Mr Watson for being the impetus and catalyst for a great day.

Today is not only the start of half term for us but it is Chinese New Year and depending on where you are in the world, I hope you have had or will be enjoying some fun celebrations with as large a gathering as you are allowed to under the circumstances with you.

We are starting the year of the Ox and I understand that amongst the characteristics of the Ox are diligence and perseverance as well as being strong, reliable, fair, conscientious and inspiring confidence in others. Those are qualities that would seem very apt at the moment.

Happy half term to you all and Xin nian kuai le.

Most of our Year 7 pupils were born in the Year of the Ox.

People born in the Year of the Ox are characterised as diligent and hard-working.  They are honest, strong and dependable, with their ability to keep calm making them great leaders.

While Oxen are kind, they find it difficult to understand persuasion and never look to be the centre of attention, which results in their talent being hidden.  Their hard work and patience, however, helps them earn praise and successfully meet goals.

Strengths: Patient, persistent and cautious

Weaknesses: Stubborn, less-talkative and obstructive

Click here to see some photos of last year's celebrations
This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

I start this week’s edition of Pelican News by offering a ‘virtual’ round of applause to everyone who has worked so hard over the last 6 weeks. To class teachers who have continued to deliver the curriculum in a way which had to very quickly change from how they had spent time in their Christmas holidays planning and preparing for it to be delivered. To Nursery staff who had to adapt provision and routines within a matter of days whilst also ensuring the children’s experiences would not be compromised. To the staff who have been on-site looking after the children of Critical Key Workers who have had to split themselves many ways to ensure the needs of the children from different year groups and classes are being met. To parents who have supported their child to engage with their lessons and complete activities while at the same time very likely juggling their own work commitments. And finally, to the children who have kept us all smiling throughout this half term and made it very easy to dig into energy reserves due to their unfaltering enthusiasm, resilience and eagerness to learn. However, we are all now very much in need of a week away to shake off the daily demands and the quietly accumulating monotony remote learning has a tendency to generate in order to be refreshed and start all over again on the other side of the half term break (whatever it may bring!). I hope your half term is filled with sunny winter days, Valentine love and stacks of pancakes!

Please click here to read the rest of this week's Pelican News


Here are some of this week's brainteasers for you to try at home ...

  • “Charlie Brown's best friend is a dog. What is his name? Paws, Droopy, Snoopy or Oreo”
  • “How high can a blue whale blow its spout? As high as a one floor building, three floor building, six floor building or ten floor building”
  • “In the water cycle what do we call rainfall?”
  • “Who wrote Winnie the Pooh? AA Milne, Michael Morpurgo, JK Rowling or Enid Blyton”
  • “What wind instrument would you associate with Scotland?”
  • “The formal name of the Inner Quad is a Memorial Garden named after who? Grace Darling, Grace Shawyer, Dotty Pemberton or Emily Woodard”


We have our shortlist! Well done to everyone who took part in Mrs Cole's bird photography competition. Now it's over to you to vote for your winner. You have until Sunday to cast your votes by either heading over to our Facebook page or emailing Mrs Cole (RCole@kingshalltaunton.co.uk). Simply choose from the following five images, and comment with: Woodpecker, Blue Tit, Robin 1, Robin 2 or Jay.

There has been an outstanding amount of HMCs awarded this first half of term and if you click the link below you will be able to see the complete list.  

As you probably know, a Headmaster’s Pen is given by me for every three HMCs a child shows me in the same term and even though we are not at school, those so far who have earned them have been sent there's today.

Many congratulations to everyone on their efforts this term - amazing work!

A day dedicated to health and happiness


Pupils were asked to complete at least 6 tasks from a bingo carousel. These ranged from completing some mindfulness art activities, making a healthy smoothie and completing their own King’s Loop to learning new dance routines or simply listening to a particular piece of music. A huge well done to everyone for taking part so enthusiastically and here are just some of the amazing photos which were sent in ...

A Few Words from...Willow Simpson

A Few Words from...Willow Simpson

This term's Head Girl

I can’t believe we are half way through the term already! As always, the teachers have done an amazing job, I am glad we have had the online schooling, but at times it can be challenging being online so much. I have really enjoyed all the art assignments that have been set which are always something nice to do away from the computers. It has also been the Literature Festival which has been great fun listening to the authors talk about their books.

My brother and I have been waiting for snow, we did get a day of it the other weekend and we were out before the sun came up going down the field behind us on our kayak! We then went down the lane to a steeper field with giant frozen mole hills that make great jumps on the sledge, just don’t hit them head first which I did a few years ago!

We have also been helping our Mum to cut our long front hedge. It’s taken a few weeks as there have been big trees to cut down and drag back up into the garden and also lots of long brambles. We all got stuck in the hedge at some point and had lots of laughs but it’s done now so we are all really pleased!

I was very sad when Captain Sir Tom Moore died, he was such a wonderful person, but I am glad he managed to do so much for everyone in his last year. We all stood outside and clapped for him at 6pm on the Wednesday night.

I hope you all have a wonderful half-term and lets hope we get some more snow!

Who do you think teaches from a home like this? Part 2 ...

Said in the voice of Loyd Grossman for those of us old enough to remember him or Leigh Francis - aka Keith Lemon - for the younger readers!

The Languages department has been very busy ...

Year 3 have been working around the story ‘La chenille qui fait des trous’ (The Very Hungry Caterpillar) learning the days of the week and some of the fruit that the caterpillar might choose to eat in their version of the story. Year 4 have been learning how to order drinks and snacks from a café and have made some super menus ready for our role-plays. Year 5 have been learning how to say what hobbies they like doing and have made some super videos. Year 6 have also been looking at food, checking what is in the fridge and starting to learn how to say what they eat and drink. Year 7 have been working on the daily routine of a pet/animal and have made powerpoints, posters and films; it was a very popular project! Year 8 have been working towards their exams, learning how to talk about the future and make plans as well as using a new tool ‘ALL IN’ to practice their skills.

Parler des passe-temps

Parler des passe-temps

Listen to the children talk about their hobbies ...

Elsa Teddy Martha
Un petit poème d’amour

Un petit poème d’amour


Tu es mes pepites sur mon gateau
Tu es mon jaune dans mon oeuf
Tu es mon monde et ma vie
Tu es ma lune et mon soleil
Tu es mon etoile dans mon Ciel nocturne

Tu es mon ami a mon ordinateur
Tu es mon meilleur ami
Tu zebrer vers ma traversee
Tu es mon livre sur mon etagere
Tu es mon battemnt de coeur.

Joyeuse saint valentin

Poems from Mrs Cheeseman's Year 6 pupils


Green leaves growing quickly; White snow falling slowly; Grey wolf howling loudly; Red car speeding solidly.


Little lamb drinking milk hungrily; Shiny snowdrops blooming slowly; Big calf eating quickly; Yellow daffodil awaking slowly; White snow melting in the sun.


Rugby player running quickly; Muddy ball moving slowly across the field; Treacherous rain falling from the sky; Ball moving quickly around the pitch; Stadium shouting loudly at the players; Goalkeeper diving to save the ball; Car roaring fast past; Driver lifting trophy happily; Car driving past the finish line.


The glistening sun burning bright; The young leaves opening carefully; The bright daffodils smiling joyfully; Crisp frost crunching in the morning light; Trees blossoming and swaying gently in the breeze; Happy lambs leaping excitedly as they play in the fields.

Year 7 getting into Gothic horror while studying the play Frankenstein for their English this week.


Our Creative Curriculum includes Art, DT, Music and Drama. Each week fun activities are posted which enable children to be away from their screens!

The Senior Choir singing this week's Chapel Service anthem

The Senior Choir singing this week's Chapel Service anthem

Mr D-J's arrangement of Wade in the Water

Click here to listen to their performance
Putting on a Show

Putting on a Show

Costume Design

An actor's costume has a huge visual impact for the audience and Year 7 were tasked with designing a costume for a character in their play.

Using material, colour, texture, make up and hairstyling, costume designers communicate information about the character to the audience.

Behold the amazing, the extraordinary, the unrealistically large and extremely difficult to walk around in Giant Frog costume designed by Toby ,,,

A friend is like a Valentine,
Heart-warming, bringing pleasure,
Connected to good feelings,
With memories to treasure.

Seeing a special Valentine
Brings happiness to stay,
And that is what you do, friend,
You brighten every day!


It's been another busy week in the kitchen!

Top 5 tips to living a happy and healthy life

Mr Halls

Try and complete 10,000 steps per day

Moving is so important to living a healthy but also a happy life. Exercising helps release positive endorphins around the body and makes you feel great (and will warm you up, which is particularly important at the moment)

Have more fruit, veg and water

These must be three of the most important things to consume in your day. Fruit & Veg are full of great vitamins, minerals and fibre that keeps you feeling great. I currently drink too much coffee (to keep warm) but need to remember to drink water too.

Sleep well

This is so important, and I have a few tips to help- get up at a decent time every day (and keep this regular). Make sure you get outside and into natural sunlight. This really helps you wake up, and I am loving an early morning walk at the moment. In the evening, put your phones and IPADS away at least an hour before you want to go to bed.

Stay connected with your friends and family

They say that you are most like the five people that you spend most your time with. Be positive, be a good friend, ask others how they are, listen to their answer, and ask them a follow up question. Contact someone that might be a little bored and lonely. This lockdown, I've been much better at contacting my Auntie (who is about to turn 80).

Smile and do positive things for others

This can be as simple as helping a sibling at home, tidying the kitchen, smiling at someone walking past you. There are many small things you can do that will make a big difference.

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends,

Wellness Wednesday, what a day! Who ever thought of putting in the suggestion of a pet makeover is an absolute star.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the children at school doing their yoga and fitness sessions, going on nature walks and engaging in all manner of creative projects. However, by far the best part of my day was my makeover. I was treated to a warm bubbly bath, a relaxing brush and cuddle time on the sofa. (Apologies to disciplined hounds that are not allowed on the furniture).

I looked an absolute treat when it was finished, as you will see from my photo. My beautiful golden curls shining beautifully, my beard trimmed and to top it all I got treats throughout the entire, heavenly process for being a ‘good boy’.

I do believe it was Mr Watson that organised this spectacular off-screen event and so I would like to say thank you and please could we do it again in the near future!

Have a great half term break, all, and see you soon.

Best Wishes

Snoops x

P.S. I saw many of your pet makeovers in the Wellness Teams and had a bit of a chuckle at some of their get-ups! I had a lucky escape on that front but it’s not always the case as the junior boarders do like to include me in their role play!

Year 6 have had a busy week ...


Lizzy has been lucky enough to be able to continue riding during lockdown and here she is jumping at home with her new pony, Roo.


Here Dascha is going for a ride with her brother.


Isobel’s been honing her baking skills with the help of Mr Stannett’s online lessons.

Mrs Gompels

Mrs Gompels is snapping (unsuccessfully!) fighting pheasants for Mrs Cole’s wildlife photo competition and marking work whilst listening to Mr DJ’s Naxos Music box weblink...the film music is putting her in ‘the zone’ and is well worth a listen.


Sienna has been busy looking after Hope and her new litter of puppies...


A family game of Jenga!


The force is strong with this one ...


Ru has been hanging out with his chickens, trying to cheer them up as they’re bored of being in chicken lockdown (avian flu) and want to free range again!


Rex has been enjoying the sunny afternoons with lovely local walks. He is also doing plenty of cake baking, including welsh cakes, Eccles cakes and waffles. Rex has loved playing with his friends on his x box (a much wanted Christmas present), after school.


Annie has been spending as much free time as she can with her animals!


Frankie has loved helping keep all the ponies fit and well schooled whilst the riding school is in lockdown. There is always someone different for her to ride!


Barnie and his dad had great fun flying a kite in really really windy weather, both of them got lifted off their feet!


After learning that plastic was not recycled, Carter decided to make his own straws using the bamboo in his garden. He cut the bamboo stalks up, then cut them into the size of straws. He then added vinegar and water and boiled them to get rid of the dirt and any germs. After that he air dried them and has been using them everywhere he goes including in restaurants as there is no lockdown where he lives.


James has enjoyed trying to take good photos of birds. So far he has taken pictures of a pair of woodpeckers, a black cap and a pair of long tailed tits as well as lots of others.


Tom has now been doing Karate since he was 6 years old and is currently in grading to become a brown belt, which is the one before black belt.


Using a football and a rugby ball to practice his skill, Jack kept mixing up the course.he made.


Nicholas is dreaming of teeing off at St Andrew's!


Tilly really enjoyed Wellness Wednesday and she will definitely be making more smoothies! She usually tries to go for a run or a walk and try to do a dance workout most days anyway.


Eddy has been practising his slip fielding (with a soft ball as inside!)


It may be cold but Aimee has still managed to get out to see the sheep...

How are your favourite book characters coping with lockdown?

How are your favourite book characters coping with lockdown?

Mrs Lowery's Library lockdown challenge

Choose your own favourite character from a book and produce an illustration to show what they are up to in lockdown. Alternatively, feel free to create a text or dialogue extract to illustrate the same idea.

Entries should be emailed to RLowery@kingshalltaunton.co.uk together with the title of the book and the name of the character depicted.

The closing date for entries is Friday 19th February and there will be a small prize for the best entry in each year group.



It is crucial that we keep spirits high over this difficult period. Physical and mental health are so important, so look out for tweets which will give you all some ideas. Keep exercising, keep eating well and look after each other.

Sports Twitter

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Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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