11th June 2021 | King's Hall School Taunton


11th June 2021

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by Justin Chippendale

The return after the break has gone pretty smoothly and already Year 6 have been away for three days on Exmoor, many Year 5s have spent a happy night boarding, this evening Year 3 are on the water and ‘camping’ in school overnight whilst the majority of Year 8 children have completed their CE exams this week. Next week is Arts Week here whilst Year 8 will be enjoying a smorgasbord of activities around Dartmoor and the coast based out of Okehampton on a well-deserved final trip away as a group.

Sadly, I have not had quite so much time out and about having been in various meetings including governors, staff, flexi-planning for the rest of this term and further considerations about September. I did manage a couple of evening meanders around some of the hedgerows about school with Meg. Standard operating procedure involves Meg dashing in to a bush/copse and a couple of bunnies popping out who quietly, calmly and efficiently sidle off to somewhere else. Meg then re-appears panting, looking dishevelled and excited with a look that says ‘Where did they go?’ on her face. The bunnies are far too sophisticated for her blunt MO.

The general sense of the annual cycle being delayed by covid remains and we are still seeing a good number of prospective pupils even at this stage of term. The children love having these additions to classes, events and play times and are excellent company taking great pride in both looking after the visitors and in showcasing their school.

We have quite a few spending a day with us during Arts Week and we’re all looking forward to the circus coming to town in a loose form: some might say it’s a bit of a circus from time to time anyhow!

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

It was lovely to welcome the children back refreshed and revived after the half-term break on Monday under blue, sunny skies which we hope remain for the remainder of this short but incredibly busy half of term. This week has seen a couple of year groups venture out on school trips, some Window of Learning events take place as well as huge preparations beginning ‘behind the scenes’ for the more significant events on the horizon such as Nursery’s Assembly, Sports Day, the Year 2 Big Sleepover and the Summer Show. On paper, it sometimes seems an impossible task of quite how we will fit everything in! However, I can guarantee the Pre-Prep team will work tirelessly to ensure these last weeks of this academic year are full of fun, laughter and wonderful memory making!

Please click here to read the rest of this week's Pelican News
Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters

Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters

On Thursday night, twenty four Year 5 children experienced a taste of boarding life. This opportunity demonstrated the fantastic benefits of boarding, whether it be having fun with friends, using the amazing facilities here at King’s Hall, such as, swimming, tennis, go-karts and bikes. The food is excellent and the breakfast to start off the school day is like no other! I hope that parents felt the benefits too, without the morning rush getting your child ready for school and relief from the endless traffic jam that Taunton has become! No evening meal to think about and feeling happy in the knowledge that homework is done and great care has been taken to make sure your child has had a wonderful experience. 

If you are interested in you child gaining some independence, while having fun in a safe and secure environment, then please do contact me and we can discuss all the different boarding options available. 

A Few Words from...Katie Rowe

A Few Words from...Katie Rowe

This Term's Deputy Head Girl

My name is Katie, I am the current Deputy Head Girl.

We are sadly coming to our final few weeks at King’s Hall.....but we still have a lot to look forward to!

The Common Entrance students have finished their exams this week and next week the whole of Year 8 is off to Okehampton for a week of activities. When we return, we have the Summer Fair to plan and Sports Day on the horizon.

We are very lucky to have the sun with us this week, and we are getting outside to play lots of cricket, which we are loving. We have also been making the most of the swimming pool recently – it is an amazing way to enjoy the warmer days.

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden


Mrs Willmott - 4W

This week 4W experienced a very special moment in the Rose Garden. It was a moment of wonder, suspense and hope. It all happened on a beautifully sunny afternoon in the middle of a history lesson.

Mrs Hayden-Briffet tip-toed into our classroom to inform us that the tiny blue tit chicks, that have been chirping away in a well hidden nest in the Rose Garden, were fledging.

Chick number one accidentally made its way into Mrs Hayden-Briffet’s classroom and had a heart warming toddle around before making it’s maiden flight.

Another chick took flight onto the roof of Mrs Foster’s classroom but then the tiniest chick, that wasn’t quite strong enough to fly, took up residence outside our classroom.

Keeping our distance we crept slowly out of the room and then sitting as quietly as possible we watched its progress for the next ten minutes. The parent blue tits were communicating with their baby and kept swooping down with much needed nourishment for the littlest one.

By the end of the school day the chick had made its way to the safety of a bush in the Rose Garden and we carefully placed all of our classroom chairs in a circle around it to give it some protection. The parents continued to feed it and as far as we know there was a happy ending as there was no sign of parents or chick the following morning.

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends,

What a beautiful spell of sunshine we’ve had of late, and how lucky for us all that it started during half term. Talking about the half term break - I mentioned in my last diary entry that I was about to embark on a little trip to London. Well, what a success that turned out to be. Apart from enjoying all the sensational sniffy smells in the London parks, I spent two days at the Butternut Box offices and as predicted, I got to sample lots of new treats. Of greater importance however, is the fact that they made full use of my acting skills (it’s not just Mrs Keirle that can spot true talent) and I now feature in some of their media posts and promotional videos (keep your eyes peeled for handsome, fluffy dogs in advertisements). Closer to home, some of you will have the pleasure of seeing me perform as a Lion in the Year 4 play next week.

There’s just one other thing to mention about school life - my nose has been put a little bit out of joint; I’ll explain why. Last year, Mrs Masters had an incubator in her office and out of some very insipid looking eggs hatched some very fluffy runner duck chicks. They were cooed over and adored and having just about got over that she has now hatched some even fluffier and cuter, chicken chicks (is that alliteration?) Anyway, I’m not allowed to get too close without strict supervision as I just can’t help licking my lips! (It must be a basic instinct thing!)

Have a lovely weekend

Your friend

Snoops X

<h2>Academic Life</h2>

Academic Life



Jane Stuckes

Half term diary – Every holiday, I ask the EAL pupils to write a diary in order to practise their past tenses. 

Here are just two paragraphs from Quincy’s most recent half term diary:

We arrived at about quarter to eleven. It was a warm and wonderful day to spend at the beach. The beach was full of crowds of people, it looked as if you were at a famous concert. There were people in the sea carrying their colourful, patterned surfing boards. If you looked at them from very far away, you would’ve thought they were fishes coming to land wanting to have a party with us. The atmosphere was full of joy and sunshine and love. I could smell the barbecue coming from behind us, it smelt like chicken and sausages. The chicken smelt like heaven. I bet it tasted juicy and tender.

I dipped my feet in the sea. It was cold but relaxing. The waves were not that calm due to the wind. The ocean was begging to dance with me as it rose to me feet, and I, its willing partner, followed it deeper into the sea….

By Quincy

The World Around Us

The World Around Us

Since taking their scholarship examinations, in some of their lessons, 8S have been following a cross-curriculum programme based on the theme of the world around us.

On Friday 28th May, the class treated Mr Chippendale and several others of their teachers to a morning of individual talks on their question supported by Prezi presentations and displays which included fascinating mood boards, models, diagrams and pictures.

Many Congratulations 8S - all that hard work certainly paid off!

2021 Post-Scholarship Project Questions

Charlotte Ambler: How do Cultures from Different Continents View the Moon?

Jago: How do Spies and Spy Agencies Operate Around the World?

Kate: Significant Feminists: Which Key Feminists Influenced the Younger Generation?

Rose: What Everyday Items have been created by Happy Accidents and Why is this Important?

Darcie: How does Aboriginal Art influence Australian Culture Today?

Sam: Why were Skyscrapers Built and do they have a Future?

Grace: When and Why did Famous Festivals Originate?

Wilf: Stephen Hawking: what impact did he have?

Shruthi: How did Covid 19 Affect the World?

Matthew: What are the Cultural Differences between Chinese and British Food?

Freddie: Why was the Great Wall of China Built?

Isabel: Why is Research in Antarctica so Important?

Roisin: How is the Psychology of Colours used by Popular Brands?

Thomas: Our Disappearing World: What can we do to stop climate change?

Katie: How and Why do LEDC and MEDC Countries Farm Differently?

Freya: How do Pre and Post CGI Compare and Contrast?

Riana: A study in Psychology: Why do People Behave the Way they do?

Henry: How are Cars affecting us and the Planet?

Arabella: How Can we Live with Volcanoes?

Finn: How has Ancient Sport influenced Sport Today?

Herbert: What are the Cultural Differences between Chinese and British Food?

Yoga with Mr Rudkin's Tutor Group

Yoga with Mr Rudkin's Tutor Group


7JR have returned after half term with a spring in their step, whether this is end of exams or the sunny weather I am sure a mixture of both. The pressure of exams was a hotly discussed topic in the tutor group and following a fantastic idea from Grace we spent Wednesday’s PSHE period taking part in Mindfulness and Yoga activities. In the Mindfulness part of the session we were led through a number of different breathing and focussing techniques. The instructions made sure we paid attention to our inhaling and exhaling breaths as well as trying to push any other external thoughts out of our minds. Some really useful techniques for the future. The yoga part of the lesson helped us centre ourselves and the whole tutor group were very adept at such positions as the Flamingo and the Tree - Mr Rudkin not quite so adept!

With the summer holidays on the horizon 7JR are looking forward to:

  • Going to the beach
  • Rugby Camp
  • Doing Archery
  • Pony Trekking
  • PGL Camps
  • Roller-skating
  • Camping at the Grand Prix
  • Going on holiday
  • Spending time with the family
  • Recovery from an injury and be able to do sport
  • Wakeboarding in Cornwall
My Chosen Piece of Music

My Chosen Piece of Music

by Tracy Durrant

One of my favourite songs is Grace, by U2. It talks about how ‘Grace’ is such a positive quality, finding goodness in everything, putting things right and is a thought that ‘Changed the world’.

Grace - U2
Pupil Podcast

Pupil Podcast

By Willow Simpson, Izzy Noble, Darcie Cockburn, Charlotte Ambler and Mrs Aladin

Please see link below to our next Pupil Podcast - Willow Simpson, Izzy Noble, Darcie Cockburn, Charlotte Ambler and Mrs Aladin talk about the DT and Art Scholarships.

Pupil Podcast
<h2>News from the Library</h2>

News from the Library


Year 5 Book Club

Year 5 had a ‘wild’ time at this week's Library Bookclub. The group have been reading ‘The Wild Way Home’ by Sophie Kirtley. Longlisted for the 2021 Branford Boase Award for outstanding children’s first-time writers, this debut novel is a time-slip story set in a Stone Age forest. The children got into the spirit of the book by taking on the role of hunter gatherers; seeking out their customary book club snacks amongst the dense foliage of the school forest before settling down to discuss what they thought of the book and its themes whilst sipping their berry infused water! The book was inspired by a map so the children used places on an old map of Taunton to stimulate some of their own wildly creative stories. They certainly ‘rocked’ it!

Sailing at Wimbleball Lake

Sailing at Wimbleball Lake

David Hands

This term a group of children have been sailing in Wimbleball Lake. The weather has not always been kind to us but the children in wetsuits, waterproofs and helmets have coped very well with strong and gusty winds. Part of the group have been taking their first lessons in a boat, while others in a different group have been improving their skills.

If you would like your child to learn to sail, how about them joining one of the cadet weeks organised by Wimbleball Sailing club over the summer holidays, put on for non-members.

This week in Sport...

This week in Sport...

Thank you Beechen Cliff for a great cricket match on Wednesday (certainly a lot warmer than your last visit). 

The boys had a brilliant time. 

A big well done to everyone including these four who all scored 50s with the bat!

King's Loop

King's Loop

Well done to many successes with the King's Loop this term. Here are a few of the children displaying their badges proudly!

Also a little video to show some of the beautiful route.

King's Loop
Hockey Camps and Mouthguards

Hockey Camps and Mouthguards

We are happy to announce that we will be holding some exciting hockey opportunities this summer holidays!

The camps will be lead by Clare Hayes, Director of Hockey at King's College, Taunton and England Hockey Level 4 Coach. Clare is also an England Hockey Performance Centre Head Coach. 

We will ensure that the camps are of the highest quality and standard whilst creating an environment where every player will thrive, whatever their motivation or level of experience.

To register your place on our camp(s) please complete the form below

Please see the attachments by clicking the links below regarding ordering a fitted mouthguard ready for the Michaelmas term. Opro will be visiting King's Hall on Wednesday 23rd June

Hockey Camp Mouthguards order form OPRO leaflet
<h2>Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!</h2>

Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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