10th September 2021 | King's Hall School Taunton


10th September 2021

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by Justin Chippendale

To come, we have Saturday training/games tomorrow for many older ones and more fun for boarders on Sunday but we have completed five busy days so far in this first week. We have come together as a fresh mix of humanity and the goodwill, companionship and inclusiveness that exists here seems to be working its magic once again. It has been lovely to see and hear happy children and families for the first days – long may it continue!

For those new, we send out weekly Newsletters for the Prep and Pre-Prep late on Fridays and the Prep one starts with HEADlines, a few informal, spur of the moment musings and ramblings from me to kick you off into the meat of the newsletter. I’m sure some even just click the link at the bottom to get to the main event which is some pictures and reflections of what the children have been up to in the last week. Some features have a rotation so that we cycle through all age groups and sections within the myriad of activities – far too much to put it all in each week!

Talking of coming together, I was promoting to the Prep children on Monday that whilst, of course, we should be self-motivated, and probably full of several “I, me, mine, my” questions, it is so powerful to realise that we don’t operate independently of others. Everything we do and say impacts others and vice versa. If we fully understand this, and harness it, then we have an incredible ability to achieve together – which of course benefits each of us ourselves: a virtuous circle.

I don’t know if you picked up that the Olympics added a word to their long standing motto of Citius, Altius, Fortius this year? As well as aiming to be Faster, Higher, Stronger – they are asking for us to do it Together.

Whatever you get up to this weekend, I hope you have fun together.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

It was definitely a glorious start to the new school year which perfectly reflected the sunny smiles and happy giggles as the children arrived on Monday morning to reacquaint with friends, start their next adventure with their new teachers and fill Pre-Prep with their vitality once again.

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Boarding Blog - by Anna Hardy

Boarding Blog - by Anna Hardy

What a week – Sunday night seems like a distance memory, when we all sat down and enjoyed our first supper together. The children are settling in quickly and beginning to get to grips with where they ought be and when, as well as what they should be wearing! The weather has been kind to us and the children have enjoyed lovely evenings in the pool, making hot chocolate and toast or playing outside on the Adventure Playground. It has been great to have more flexi boarders back in the dorms and if anyone is interested in giving boarding a go, email for more information.

A Few Words from...Emmanuella Folorunso

A Few Words from...Emmanuella Folorunso

This Term's Head Girl

Hi everybody, I’m Emmanuella Folorunso the Michaelmas term Head Girl. I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer filled with fun. It's so lovely to be back at school and being able to see everyone smile without a mask on! During the summer I got up to a lot of fun activities such as going to Turks and Caicos with my family, I really enjoyed going sailing and swimming every day at the beach and I also enjoyed the amazing food! I really miss it. I look forward to a great term and I hope everyone is also.

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden</h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Watson- Year 4W

Mrs Watson- Year 4W

It has been a lovely week in 4W. Some new friends made and the excitement of a new school year has meant we have had lots of smiles and fun, mixed in with some hard work!

We are very much looking forward to this term – especially our residential trip to New Barn later this month. Good luck to Year 3 on your day trip there next week.

These are some of our highlights from the first week:

Isaac: It feels like we are the King of the Rose Garden!

Valder: I love building stuff, I am very excited to be making torches in DT

Lucie: My teachers are lovely and not too strict, and I’m making lots of new friends

Charlie: In Year 4 we are chosen each week to be a Chapel server, I was chosen this week, the clothes were really comfortable.

Ottillie: We have our own lockers in our classrooms and my big pencil case fits in, yay!

Thea: We get to do harder work and become cleverer in Year 4.

Martha: I love the Adventure Playground and our turn is Wednesday.

Austin: We do lots of Art and Drama and I love that!

Henry: In music lessons we are learning the jSax which is really cool. I also love the sport and rugby is my favourite sport.

Marni: I am looking forward to New Barn soon, it’s going to be really fun.

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Dear Friends,

I want to start by welcoming back my friends as well as some lovely, smiley new faces. I think I know most of your names, and smells, now. You humans might think that sounds a little strange but my keen nose can often sniff you out before I see you (especially after rugby).

I have to say that you are collectively looking well rested and healthy. I’ve heard many tales of holidays, adventures, staycations and exciting day trips.

I spent the first 10 days of the holidays camping in Cornwall, and I even spotted a few of you down there. I know, however, that many more of you visited those beautiful golden beaches and as Mr Sprague said the other day, ‘it’s a wonder Cornwall didn’t sink this summer as so many people went there’. Needless to say, I had a fabulous time, even though my fur got sandier and sandier as the days went by. Luckily my groomer, Julie put that right with even more bubbles than usual and a jolly good haircut. You’ll be pleased to know that for the first time in 4 years, I didn’t raid any BBQs so I hope you’re suitably impressed.

Unfortunately I had a couple of weaker moments on my second holiday which was in the Lake District. On two different occasions I helped myself to the sausages off of two strangers. I know that’s not an honourable thing to do but I think I can give you an explanation. You see, I’m now a proficient paddle boarder and all that exercise on the lake makes me very hungry. Anyway, that aside I had a wonderful time and you’ll be glad to know that for a fourth year running no ducks were harmed on Lake Windermere, although I will continue to keep an eye on them when I visit in the future.

Now that I have delivered my holiday news, I would like to wish you all a happy and productive term and I look forward to receiving all your cuddles in the coming weeks.

All the best

Your Snoops X

<h2>Mr Rudkin's Year 8 Tutor Group </h2>

Mr Rudkin's Year 8 Tutor Group

8JR have started the year with gusto; no doubt excited by returning in more ‘normal’ circumstances and as top of the school. It certainly sounds like they have had excellent summer holidays with holidays camping, new additions to the family and sporting success. Each member of the tutor group wrote down their number one favourite event from the summer holidays:

  • Going on a boat
  • Getting a puppy
  • Going to an Aquapark
  • Scoring their lowest score ever in a round of golf
  • Holidaying in the Isle of Wight
  • Visiting London with the family
  • Visiting Wales with the family
  • Going to Spain
  • Go-Karting
  • Scoring their first half century
  • Surfing in Cornwall
  • Getting a kitten

There has been much discussion on the responsibilities that come with being in Year 8 and in our PSHE lessons we are investigating ‘the qualities of the people we admire’- seeking some inspiration. Advice to Year 8 has been to be the best version of themselves, take every opportunity available and enjoy it! 

Earlier this week the tutor group were each asked to write down what they were looking forward to this year and although done individually it was sweepingly unanimous - town time, sport, the play and Okehampton.

It will be a fast paced, action packed year, but I am looking forward to sharing with 8JR.

Mr Rudkin

My favourite film

My favourite film

by Steve Watson

My Favourite film is The Sting. It has great music, a wonderful storyline and how can you not enjoy Paul Newman and Robert Redford’s acting. When Paul Newman’s character baits his rival on the train during a card game, the atmosphere is electric and tense. What makes it all the more enjoyable – the good guys win.

The Sting movie clip
<h2>This week in Sport....</h2>

This week in Sport....

Saturday activities - 18th September

Saturday activities - 18th September

We are pleased to confirm that Saturday activities will be recommencing on the 18th September 2021. Details of which have been emailed out to all Year 6-8 parents this week. If you wish for your son/daughter to sign up for any of the activities please complete the form by clicking the link below. A copy of the hobbies leaflet is also below for information. 

Saturday activities form Saturday activities information leaflet
Mouthguards and water bottles

Mouthguards and water bottles

You will have all received my newsletter about sports last term and the kit needed this term, just to add, we do have second hand water bottles for £4 and a few mouthguards for £2 if your child forgets them on the day.

Also to note for information on sports fixtures please visit our school website, and use the password KHT19

Sports Fixtures
<h2>U19 England Boys Cricket</h2>

U19 England Boys Cricket

You will have read about George Thomas and James Rew in Mr Chippendale's start of term letter, well here is a quick update. In the most recent game of the series, James Rew batted superbly scoring 63 runs, and George added a valuable 13 runs. The team won by 1 wicket, with the next game of the series taking place on Friday 10th September. Below you will see some photos including one with them alongside another famous former King’s pupil and one taken when they were here not long ago.

Off games

Off games

Just a reminder from Sister to please email her directly if you wish for your son/daughter to be marked as off games.

<h2>Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!</h2>

Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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