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4th December

Our Year 5 pupils are off for a fantastic all-round outdoor experience at Kilve Court near the Quantock Hills! We h… https://t.co/DDGHWqpceX - an hour ago



On Wednesday I enjoyed a quick visit to the excellent new venue for our King’s Equestrian centre which can now be found at Orchard Portman. A real step up, the facility is a fine livery of several stables and a brand new arena. There were three former King’s Hall pupils there on their horses and I know that some of our current riders are looking forward to heading there tomorrow for their Saturday activity. It looked terrific.

Just in case I’d forgotten how it goes, I’ve had my memory of the ‘Greatest Story Ever Told’ refreshed a few times this week. I so enjoyed catching up with the Nursery Nativity, was behind the camera for the Year1/Reception Nativity and have been helping out with the Prep Carol Service for good measure.

The readers for the Carol Service, who have all been preparing diligently, will pop up in a few lovely locations around the school to deliver their part of the narrative whilst Mr DJ has been preparing the choir and all is coming together nicely ready for Sunday’s service. We will be sure to send you and the children a link to the 5.30 pm service, as well as a service sheet, so that we can all join in from our various venues to share the experience in the same time, if not space.

Here is another quick link to time and space – two pictures, four years apart, click here to see this lovely boarding Twitter post.

The Newsletter has other mentions of Christmas past, present and future: a few reflections of the last seven days and some pointers about the seven days ahead. Yes, in a week’s time we will be heading home for the festive period but, in the meantime, there is much to be done as we complete tasks from the term as well as enjoy a final good dollop of Christmas cheer.

This Week in Pre-Prep...

This Week in Pre-Prep...

by Claire Luckhurst

It has definitely been a whirlwind of festive fun and excitement in Pre-Prep this week which started with the children’s gasps of delight as they arrived into their transformed classrooms on Monday morning. Nursery performed their heart-warming Nativity, entitled The Nativity, on Tuesday morning in the Woodard Room with a cast of 33 children aged 2 – 3 years old. Nursery staff sprinkled their magic to ensure that despite not having an audience or the usual atmosphere that can be created in the Arts Centre, the children still shone in their individual roles; I doff my cap in admiration to them! Reception and Year 1 then picked up the metaphorical baton to stage their Nativity, A Very Special Baby, this morning. Rehearsals only began on Monday and we have been amazed at how brilliantly the children rose to the many challenges we threw at them: Year 1 having to learn lines and lead the production when normally they would be led by Year 2, all children having to be on stage for the entire performance and therefore having to contain their fidgets and wriggles, managing to achieve a good singing volume despite a reduced cast and still achieving the warm, fuzzy feeling that can only be felt when watching children re-enact the greatest story ever told. The baton has now been passed on to Year 2 who complete our Nativity trilogy next week.

A Few Words from...Wilf Gostling

A Few Words from...Wilf Gostling

This term's Deputy Head Boy

It's only a matter of weeks until Christmas! In my tutor group, we are already decorating like many other tutor groups are decorating their classrooms (they look amazing by the way). 

I thought that I could give you some ideas on how you could make your tutor group the best of them all, so I made some paper Christmas trees at home and I’m here to tell you how to make your very own!


find some unused books, preferably thick and one you are happy to not read ever again, NOT hard back or just rip off the cover.

Step 2

starting from the front, make a fold identical to the one above, make sure that the fold meets the middle of the page

Step 3

then fold the page again, there should be a small triangle sticking out the bottom of the page.

Step 4

Using the triangle, fold it so it lines up with the bottom of the page and then fold it back on itself in between the two pages.

Step 5

repeat all these steps until you have folded all of the pages and it should look something like this

<h2>A View from the Rose Garden </h2>

A View from the Rose Garden

Mrs Foster's Tutor Group - Year 4F

Mrs Foster's Tutor Group - Year 4F

4F finished George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and the class then wrote their own ‘Marvellous Medicine’ stories. They actually created their own booklets and the children had the pleasure of reading each other’s stories. They thought carefully about the writing and gave two stars and a wish to each booklet. Well done! 

After that, 4F moved on to the next class text: The Lion and the Unicorn. This story takes place in London during WWII and a young boy is evacuated to the countryside. The children were encouraged to speak with their families and find out if they have any links to the war. Many of the children came into school with stories, pictures, medals and war diaries. The stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things was quite moving and I know that we all gained from sharing these experiences. Thank you, 4F.

<h2>Snoops' Diary</h2>

Snoops' Diary

by Snoops the Dog

Hello Friends,

Apologies if my diary entry this week seems a little rushed; it’s just that I’ve been a rather excitable and busy pup.

I must however, mention the Christmas Tree on the red staircase. As soon as it went up, I remembered a little game that I used to play last year. It went like this:

  1. Depart from Mrs Master’s flat (on the top floor) and run down the first flight of stairs at a faster speed than usual.
  2. On reaching the first landing, swoop round in an extended arc in order to make contact with, and brush past, the Christmas Tree.
  3. Smile when the baubles and decorations jingle.
  4. Congratulate yourself if a bauble ‘accidentally’ falls off! (That’s 1 secret point awarded to me.)
  5. Be a good pup and pick up the detached bauble.
  6. Proudly take the bauble to Mrs Masters in her office.
  7. Wait until Mrs Masters offers a ‘good-boy, drop treat’.
  8. Congratulate yourself once again for thinking up such an ingenious game.

As for the rest of my week, there have been so many exciting things going on. The Year 8's have performed their plays, the inter-house cross country has been run and I have heard the choir practising hard for the Carol Service.

And.......I have my first few Christmas cards; but I’d love to receive some more!! (Hint, hint!)

All the best

Your friend, Snoops x

Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters, Houseparent

Boarding Blog - by Clare Masters, Houseparent

“It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas!" The weekend was spent decorating the beautiful Christmas trees, setting up the nativity set and filling the advent calendars. 

The boarding house really is looking festive and the celebrations are about to begin ...

Madame Murray's Year 8 Tutor Group

Madame Murray's Year 8 Tutor Group

The Christmas elves have arrived in the woods. 8 Murray have assembled the tree of glory and the elf who reaches the dizzy heights of the top of the tree by the end of term receives a present from Madame Murray. The three pathways to the top are: 

Plus Points, acts of kindness or a display of generous Christmas cheer. 

There are a few who are excelling at this early stage! 

The tutor group have all been helping each other, learning lines, and decorating the classroom, even illuminating their own lockers! 

Many of them have been weekly participants of the park run (the King's Loop) and they have all worked hard on their studies. 

They are already a good team and have kept me smiling throughout the term. 

A very ‘Murray’ Christmas to all!

Year 8H Play

Who Me? Yes, You!


On Wednesday 2nd December and Thursday 3rd December 8H performed their ‘bubble’ class play.

This was the third of the three plays performed by Year 8 this term due to a large musical not being possible.

The 8H play was a super one to finish the run of productions as although it was a ‘Theatre in Education’ play – designed to teach younger audiences a message all about Social Responsibility – it did so in a light hearted humorous way.

The Year 8 audience and the Year 6 audience were highly entertained, and many of the teachers were in hysterics, however important lessons were still learnt regarding bullying, recycling, sharing, accepting differences and so much more.

8H had a super time performing and became many different characters throughout the performance from Viking Girl to Darth Vader and even a glamourous Mum driving her car!

In particular, they should be congratulated for working with technology as the production was run with added film clips of Auggie who had to isolate and Patrick and Eddie live from Singapore as well as several absences. As always Year 8 showed they could cope in a crisis and support each other – well done for the two pupils who jumped at the chance to perform and helped ensure the show continued.

The cast and director Mrs Keirle would like to thank Mr Eyers for ensuring that the show was a success – they could not have done it without his technical expertise!

Well done Year 8 for three successful plays and ensuring that drama continues at King’s Hall even in these current times.

Inspirational Quote

Inspirational Quote

by Siobhan Keeling - School Nurse

I have two quotes on the cupboard doors in the medical centre.

'Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live' (Jim Rohn)

For me, this is something that should an active aim, cultivating good habits by eating healthily (most of the time), exercising regularly and finding some peace and quiet each day to breathe deeply and relax.

If that is sometimes too much to strive for, we can just remember the words of an Irish proverb:

'A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor's book'

<h2>Sports News</h2>

Sports News

Hockey Masterclass

Hockey Masterclass

with Clare Hayes

Clare Hayes provided an excellent hockey masterclass this week, which involved lots of thinking and learning. 

Thank you Clare!

Cross Country

Cross Country

This Wednesday saw a superb afternoon of inter-house cross-country. 

Mr Clark had a great marshalling corner!

Here’s a few pictures from the start of the cross-country (the four year groups).

They were brilliant! The average fitness of our pupils is so much higher as a result of the King's Loop. Our pupils ran their socks off.

Well done everyone!


Christmas Cricket

Christmas Cricket

The Christmas Cricket Clinics at King's College are now open to book. 

Clinics will run on Friday 18th, Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd December, and are open to pupils in Year 3-8.

The course will be led by Head of Cricket, Rob Woodman and Cricket Professional Alex Barrow.

Open to everyone, from beginners to more advanced players, the sessions will incorporate batting, bowling, and fielding, as well as the use of bowling machines, fun games practice and indoor matches.

Prices are £25 per session or £60 for the three days, with a 10% discount offered for a third sibling.

Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis so if you would like a place please click below to access the online booking form.

Lent Term Bus Booking

Lent Term Bus Booking

Thank you very much to all who have already completed Booking Forms for the Lent Term.

If you would like to use the school transport next term, please see link below for the booking form.

Please bear in mind, that if we don’t receive a booking form, we will assume you won’t need to use school transport anymore.

If you have any queries, please email transport@kingshalltaunton.co.uk

Lent Term Bus Booking Form
King's Schools Young Carers' Christmas Box Appeal

King's Schools Young Carers' Christmas Box Appeal

Christmas jumpers

Our Citizens Somerset Group, under the leadership of Mrs Lawson and Miss Rogers, is arranging to produce 30 special Christmas Hampers for 30 young carers in Taunton aged 7-17 years. 

To assist with producing these hampers we would like to ask pupils, in return for the privilege of wearing Christmas jumpers to school, if they would like to make a gold coin donation please.

Donated coins can be handed to Form Tutors early next week.

Thank you in advance of your generosity! 

It's Christmas!

It's Christmas!

King's Hall is certainly looking very Christmassy now! 

Here are some photos of the winter wonderland over at Pre-Prep, where the children were all very excited. Some even came into school early and had the opportunity to help decorate the classrooms.  Well done everyone! 



Meet Elf-is, the King's Hall Elf

Meet Elf-is, the King's Hall Elf

Natalie Kemmish - School Secretary/Receptionist

I'm sure you will all be very excited to hear that Elf-is (the North Pole's answer to the rock and roll king himself) has now landed at King's Hall. Elf-is was carefully selected from the list of hopefuls by one of our boarding children, Harry Bull. 

You will be happy to hear that following a rigorous screening process at the 'Elf and Safety' department at Santa's village, Elf-is has been certified fit and healthy and successfully completed the two-week isolation period prior to departure. 

Elf-is has been exploring his new surroundings and will be keeping us all guessing as to where he may end up next for the rest of term. 

Unfortunately, he had a rather bumpy landing to start with, but was soon finding his feet ...

After climbing out of the Christmas tree he found his way into the library. He chose a book to get some ideas of how best to hide…maybe he will write a book ‘Where’s Elf-is’?

He followed a star on his camel and found his way to a knitted Bethlehem, and finally after the week's activity, he needed a chill out and some down time. Tis included helping himself to Mrs Durrant's Christmas chocolates!

Check in next Friday for another full update.

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Do you Have a Story? Get in Touch!

Has your child achieved something that you'd like to share with us? Email our marketing department: khsnews@kingshalltaunton.co.uk with your news and photos!

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