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Turbo and Everest’s Great Summer Adventure

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Our lovable tortoises, Turbo and Everest, have become such a part of the furniture here at King’s Hall that it seems almost absurd to think that they only arrived on school soil this time last year.

Since their arrival, the cheeky duo are the talk of the school – along with Snoops, of course – and have cemented their place not only within the school community, but also as part of our science and technology curriculum. The decision to purchase the tortoises came when former pupil Thomas Boyd designed and created an enclosure for the reptiles as part of his specialist technology project. This was a long and challenging project, but his efforts ultimately paid off as the pair moved into their new home in September last year.

Over the past term, they have been well looked after by Year 5 pupils Ellie Wrobel and Maisie Henderson, who head up the King’s Hall Tortoise Society. It is their job to bathe, weigh and feed the tortoises on a daily basis, and to ensure that other pupils handle them correctly. Ellie and Maisie comically refer to themselves as the “Society Secretaries” while proudly sporting their new tortoise badges.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what happens to Turbo and Everest during the summer holiday? Well, it turns out they are having just as much fun as us! For a couple of weeks of summer, they were taken in by Mr Hayden and his family, who accompanied them on their first ever out-of-school adventure. Following three hot and sunny weeks, they then travelled to Mrs Cole’s to visit their fellow tortoise friend, Herbie. They will remain here for the duration of August, sunbathing and snacking in the garden.

As a big fan of reptiles, Mrs Cole was particularly pleased to see some wild tortoises on her recent holiday to the South of France. Commenting, she said: “We came across a Hermann tortoise in the Var region of France, and all I could think about was how interesting it would be for the children to see, first hand, the dry, arid habitat that is their natural home.”

She added: “They dig down into the dry earth to make safe homes for themselves. Unfortunately, large numbers have been lost due to forest fires and they are now endangered. Luckily, there are several conservation schemes in place to protect them.”

We have no doubt that Mrs Cole will impart this wisdom upon her return to school in September. We hope you are all having your own summer adventures, and look forward to hearing all about them at the start of term.

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