Three Woofs for Arts Week | King's Hall School Taunton

Dear Friends

I would like to start by saying, ‘three woofs for Arts' Week and the wonderfully creative staff who put together such an amazing programme of events’.

I thoroughly enjoyed the circus act that came to school and was amazed at how well my friends performed in their circus skills workshops. Juggling isn’t one of my fortes but jumping through hoops is. I’ve often wondered about challenging myself to be extra daring and jump through a flaming hoop but I’m a little vane when it comes to preserving my beautiful golden locks. Also, a singed dog wouldn’t be a very good advertisement for the school, especially as we have a lot of visitors at the moment.

And now for a little boasting (I don’t do it often now that I’m a mature dog) however, the thespian in me just brings it to the fore. You see, I received an enormous round of applause for my part as a lion in the Year 4 play this week. I have attached a photo so that you can admire me in my costume.

Here’s wishing you all a lovely weekend. If I’m lucky, the boarders will have a BBQ and I, of course, will be chief tidy up-er. There’s always at least one sausage that gets dropped on the grass and discarded. I have noticed that you hoomans are a tad fussy when it comes to the tiniest hair, piece of fluff or fly on your food (in my opinion, additions that all add to the flavour). But no matter, my gain!

Bye for now.

Snoops X

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Friday 1 October 2021

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