This Little Light of Mine | King's Hall School Taunton

“You’re off to great places. Today is your first day!

Your mountain is waiting, so get on your way”

Dr Seuss

The first day of a new school year is one of my favourite days for the simple reason it is all about beginnings. It is the start of new journeys when anything is possible and the route map, for getting to the various destinations which need to be visited along the way, has not yet been written. Dr Seuss refers to a mountain where one presumes the destination is the summit but how one traverses the mountain to reach it will depend on each individual. What is found at the summit will also be different for everyone but their journeys will share many similar features. They will have all worked hard, tried their best, made lots of mistakes, overcome difficulties, and had relatively easy stretches as well as those which have tested them during their climb. However with the right support from those who have experienced the mountain many times before they will all achieve success.

We have a traditional brass hand-bell we use to signal the end of playtimes in Pre-Prep which I often use as a symbol to explain the results of hard work. It takes a good deal of effort to keep the brass shiny; left unattended it will become dull. In the same way, to keep ourselves at our shiny best, we need to give ourselves a ‘polish’ by working hard, remembering our manners, being kind and helpful to those around us and generally following the Golden Rules. In our first assembly we reminded ourselves of this and are all hoping to keep our lights shining and well and truly polished to make this school year the best!

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