The World is Yawning Back into Life! | King's Hall School Taunton

Boom! We have plugged ourselves back in to the mains!

We have switched from the reserve batteries and now the lights are shining so much more brightly. I have mentioned in writings how, for us all, this lockdown period has been harder, with a greater sense of it being an increasingly enervating chore, than last summer. People – children, parents and staff – have been remarkable, but motivation has been more of a challenge.

Well, this week back on site has put the ‘pow’ back in to our power and, by and large, it is the children’s zing that creates the dynamic and demands action – generating motivation for all. It is often more interesting, more fun, more exacting and hence more rewarding to do something for someone else.

A warm and smooth transition back to each other’s company has been a focus this week and seeing the sheer pleasure of simple human interaction has been as affirming as it was in September. This week’s Newsletter is evidence through the many pictures of children – actually here in person, together! It is different to being at home, of course, and there are a few tired children this afternoon. Not just physically being back at school, but the excitement and emotion of five days in a row together is something we haven’t had for a few months.

I saw an HMC from one boy earlier today. It was a Spring poem and I particularly liked his final line: ‘The world is yawning back into life.’ It not only speaks to the seasonal change but also aligns with our hopes about the step by step opening up of society ahead. For now, we are so pleased to be back on site and enjoying school full of happy, smiling children – just as it should be.

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