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Just at the moment, it seems that the daylight hours are almost perfectly aligned to the main Prep teaching day. In the afternoon, the sun is about to go down as children reunite with parents at the 4.30pm pick up, whilst in the morning the gloom is lifting a little before we get underway - but I have been getting up in the dark for a good while now. The dog’s and chickens’ routines alter at this time; the chickens more than the dog’s. It’s good that the chickens don’t need letting out so early but then Meg and I are often heading out in the darkness after school. She needs her glowing red collar to reassure me where she is and, for her part, she just follows the noise of whatever podcast I am listening to (I’m not a big fan of headphones and usually there’s no one to disturb).

This is one of the more routine and traditional times of the year and, once again, on Armistice Day at 11:00am, we took time to pause and remember the fallen and, once again, it was a stirring occasion. I am sorry we were not able to have parents join us for this and other such events but I do encourage you to commit around 100 seconds to listening to the choir anthem which they sang so beautifully on Wednesday: you should find a link to it later in this Newsletter or on social media.

Lockdown out of school continues, of course, and I hope you enjoy a relaxing and cosy weekend with your families.

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