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I don’t know if you watched Mrs Gompels’ ‘Thought For The Day’ last term which encouraged us to warmly welcome new people and animals into our lives and to make friends part of our ‘family’. Well, that is exactly how we feel here at King’s Hall.The start of a school year is a great time for making new acquaintances and I am always proud of how quickly these first meetings become strong friendships and hence purposeful collaborations for everyone’s benefit – the powerful mutuality to be found from a sense of family.

With a month of term now under our belts, there are strong signs that we forge forward in step and, on top of those new at the start of term, there have been joiners along the way.It is not unusual for us to have children join the school during the year for a variety of reasons, but we have already had seven wonderful additions to the King’s Hall family in the first four weeks and we are aware of other eager children looking to be part of the bustle and enterprise created in what are otherwise challenging times. That bustle and enterprise can be found in abundance in this week’s Newsletter and I hope you enjoy exploring some of things we have been up to. Based on the desire to maximise our collective endeavour through combining individual forces, the more the merrier so those interested should certainly not hesitate to make contact.

I was in town the other evening for a family birthday celebration and I had my first Track and Trace QR code encounter.Not that parents come in to school as a rule at the moment, but you may notice a few popping up around the site and, just as with nationally, it is likely to be something that becomes a standard part of our expected behaviour in time ahead.

The weather has already altered plans for tomorrow afternoon but, despite it heading to be a dreary, wet weekend, I know I will still be outside for a fair chunk as Meg doesn’t care about the rain one bit!

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