The Curse of the Bug | King's Hall School Taunton

This has been a week where illness has reared its head here in the Prep, with several staff and children being laid low. It seems to be a pretty hard-hitting bug, so let’s hope we see the back of it before too long - leaving the rest of the term germ free – fingers are firmly crossed!

I, myself, have also been held back by it and so was not able to attend the annual Woodard Heads’ conference in Leamington Spa earlier in the week. Whilst we all gather from different schools found in a very diverse set of locations with their incumbent impact factors, it is always a good source of affirmation about our core values. As far as I know, there isn’t another schools’ group anything like the size in the UK that is founded on such strong levels of integrity, consideration, belief, responsibility, collaboration and altruism, whilst looking to prepare children to be purposeful contributors in the future. Indeed, the three words that sit on Woodard Schools’ logo are Faith, Unity and Vision.

One cannot help but be seized by the enormous political machinations of the moment and I wonder if MPs gathering across parliament, with their diverse locations and interests, will be able to draw on similar core values for the collective interest and greater good of the UK in the days and weeks ahead?

Enjoy delving into the Newsletter and the goings on of the children here as some light relief!

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