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The political pandemonium around the world shows no sign of let up. Election sparrings here, impeachments there, protests elsewhere – thank goodness for the consistently blithe exuberance to be found within the children to provide an antidote. Most of my days start with a dose of media input about the world around us and often end with an update before bed. The time in-between is largely (but not entirely) spent with less furrows on my brow thanks to the pupils here!

Yet again the Newsletter brings you several of the events the pupils get up to that give cause for hope and I have also seen a good number of children with HMCs (Headmaster’s Commendations) for a range of matters: the quality of the work they achieve in class really is of a very high academic standard for their relative ages. Cleverly constructed poems, numerical challenges overcome, scientific theories explored, subtle inferences crafted from primary sources and so on. Amongst all the many, many goings on there is a great deal of academic endeavour and achievement taking place in the classroom each and every school day.

Right now the sun is shining and the weather this afternoon is looking very different to this time last year. Fingers crossed it holds for a few hours and no doubt I will see many of you for the fireworks.

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Friday 1 October 2021

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