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At the moment, each day I am waking up and reminding myself to really enjoy and take in the lovely weather we are experiencing – we all know that there will be wetter and colder ones to come and so I have this virtual bank I am depositing these fine ones into for virtual withdrawal later in the term!

As you know we are moving forward with various routines and offerings. Amongst recent additions are the safe opening of the pool and in the fine-tuning pipeline are plans for parent/teacher meetings ahead: more to follow in due course.

Whilst I am fully aware that part of school is taking tests, I don’t think any of us thought so many of the children would undergo testing at this early stage of the term! I jest, of course, but the ins and outs of poorly children seeking covid tests in the current climate have been one of the main threads of this last week. As with many other things in 2020, it is becoming part of our everyday existence. I understand the main challenge is not taking a test but analysing the samples in labs and with two more mega-labs being completed in Newport and Loughborough imminently it is hoped that the current day or two delay will be removed as we move into next month. Fingers crossed, as I know it is causing some frustration amongst those in need.

Speaking of 2020 and the quite extraordinary year of trials and tribulations it has brought (floods, impeachments, fires, wars, political assassination, Covid-19, nitrate explosions, exam grade melees, royal renunciations, recessions, race inequalities to list some) led someone to say “Whoever is playing Jumanji with the world at the moment, can they please end the game!”. 2020 still has a quarter left to run with Brexit and Presidential elections just two of the higher profile issues ahead, though. Of course, New Year won’t see a complete wiping of the slate but let’s hope 2021 as a whole is not quite as tumultuous as this year.

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