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Swashbuckling Adventure for the King's Hall Pesky Pirates

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Ahoy there landlubbers! The Year 1 pirate crew reported for duty last week, complete with fearsome Jolly Roger flags, cutlasses, tattoos, glittering pirate skirts and jewel encrusted eye-patches.

The young pirates swaggered on to the Matthew, a replica of the caravel sailed by John Cabot in 1497 from Bristol to North America, in anticipation of the hour-long voyage around the Bristol harbour. Following the tour, the pupils bravely clambered down the ladder in search of pieces of eight and other booty below deck.

Enriched by the morning’s adventure, the pirates keenly posed questions to Captain Squid, who pointed out many features on the boat and enjoyed ringing the bell to mark 11 o’clock. They also listened attentively to tales about the formidable Bristolian, Captain Blackbeard, and discovered what it was like to live aboard the vessel, the latter of which included the dreaded plank!

Back on dry land, our weary pirates politely thanked the Matthew’s crew and waved farewell as the vessel sailed off for another adventure on the open waters. The teachers were immensely proud of the Year 1 pirates, who were amazing ambassadors of the school. Thank you, pirates, and a very well done to you all.

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