Snow Day! | King's Hall School Taunton

The snow has given us a little chance to drift into a short dreamlike state. This is how school should always be – not too many children, free from strictures of timetable, unshackled from any immediate expectation, exploring the ‘off piste’ wonders of science, geography, English, photography, maths and much else, almost no emails and phone calls, meals when they are ready (thank you Mrs Masters, Mrs Willmott and Jayden) rather than to order, and the time and space to unspokenly acknowledge how wonderful we all are (children and adults) when called to pull together.

Colin was clearing the drive at 5am this morning, soon joined by others on the support teams. The boarders were out on the front field in the half-light before a hearty breakfast and then we have moved through a rota during the day. No fuss, no antagonisms, no hurry, no pressure, no disappointments – no problem! Do I have to wake up?

Sending an email to several hundred people, as I did this morning, does result in your phone vibrating almost constantly for the next 15 minutes, by the way. As you will know, my email to parents this morning started: “As I’m sure is the same with you, there is a good deal of snow around here at school” and one of the first replies came from the Vennings who reside in Les Gets – I’ll leave you with a picture of their house in the Alps.

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