Snoops the Basket Case | King's Hall School Taunton

ello folks,

I have an amusing story to tell you this week.

Some of your young rascals have been playing a joke on me; I think you call it ‘pulling a leg’. It all started when I found a lovely cosy basket in one of the classrooms. The children roared laughing when I got in it but I didn’t realise that I was causing all the amusement. On each visit to that particular class, the children would put my basket in the middle of the classroom and I would happily hop in.

"So very accommodating", I thought.

Much to my delight the hospitality spread to other classes and various children would invite me to their rooms and present me with equally comfortable baskets. There’s actually one in every classroom in the school, but they vary slightly in style as some are blue and some are orange. However, like most pranks, someone let the cat out of the bag (great phrase, by the way), and I have since found out that they are not actually dog baskets but they rather paper recycling bags. Well done, kids, you really had me there!

Until next week,
Snoops x

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