Snoops Makes Some New Friends | King's Hall School Taunton

Hello friends,

Well, in our strange remote worlds we’ve all made it to half term. I know there have only been a few children in school over the past few weeks but when I spend time in the ICT room I can see and hear the vibrance and buzz emitting from computers during their live lessons. Even though most of you haven’t seen me during lockdown, I’ve seen you.

But now it’s time to step away from those screens and engage in some fun garden activities and take your mind away from your studies. There are many other things that can be appreciated and enjoyed at this beautiful time of year. And what could be more exciting than my birthday next Thursday (and remember what I said last week: creative, crunchy, squeaky or delicious if you have a little treat in mind!).

I hope Mrs Masters doesn’t forget my birthday, she is rather distracted at the moment and her attention has been drawn to the four new additions to our Kings Hall family; runner duck chicks. They are even fluffier and cuter than me, which is hard to believe, I know.

Mrs Masters and the key worker children took great delight in letting the little cuties have their first swim in the inner quad in my water bowl. Did you hear that? In my water bowl. The cheek of it! Surely there are other more suitable duckling ponds than my water bowl?!

I’m sorry if I’m sounding rather uncharitable but I guess my nose has been put out of joint a little. It’s just that I’m not allowed to join in the fun because I have a habit of licking my lips when I see the ducklings. Anyway, enough about them... let’s talk about me! Actually you’ve probably heard enough about me too because it’s half term and it’s time to go free and enjoy yourselves.

Have a great week and see you all soon.

Lots of love Snoops

P.S Thursday......wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

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