Snoops Gets to Grips with Mental Health | King's Hall School Taunton

Hello friends,

As you all know I’m a happy-go-lucky pup, but I’m going to admit to having my fair share of anxieties. Nothing major, but there are certain daily worries that I have to try and overcome.

The thing that unnerves me the most is being being left on my own. I’m okay when my boarding friends are at breakfast and supper because that is part of my daily routine and I know that they will collect me after a short period of time (also, my Milky Bone treat helps). However, if I am left alone at any other time I cry and get agitated. I know it's silly, and I tell myself so, but we all know how hard it is to shake off some of our smallest, silliest worries.

In school this week we have all focused on ways of dealing with, and in some cases accepting, common worries and problems that impact our every day lives. It is ‘National Children’s Mental Health Week’ and one of the most important lessons we have learned in PSHE is supporting others, as well as trying to help ourselves. The focus this year is on the theme of “find your brave”. The initiative aims to highlight that being brave does not mean coping alone.

Before I sign off, I’ll divulge my other little health issue as it’s one we can all have a chuckle about - I have squirrel OCD! The children all make jokes about not saying the ‘S’ word in front of me, and even Mrs Masters has had to hide the two boarding squirrel toys. I obsess about looking out of windows in the hope of spotting one and when I do make a sighting, my behaviour is totally over the top! (bordering on the ridiculous, in fact).

Anyway, as you humans say, 'a problem shared, is a problem halved’. Let’s hope so in my case!

Catch you next week,

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