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Dear Friends,

I hope you are all keeping well. I have been keeping myself busy and joining in some of the remote learning activities with our key worker children. If you’ve read my pupdates over the last couple of weeks you will know that I’ve handed in two drama assignments to Mrs Keirle (she was rather pleased and awarded me some merits). I’ve heard on the grapevine that you get a treat at the end of each term if you earn lots of merits. Well, Mr Watson said mine will be a packet of milky bones if I work hard.

With that in mind I decided that I would write a poem. My inspiration arose from a particularly beautiful walk that Matron took me on this week. We came across the most beautiful field of bluebells so when I returned to school I got out my specially adapted keyboard overlay (for fluffy paws), sat next to my friend Alfie in the ICT Room and composed my poem. This is how it goes:

Sniffity sniff,

Woofety woof,

Bluebells smell like

Grandma’s snuff!

I submitted my work to Mrs Stuckes. Obviously she was very impressed but said that I needed to be a little more descriptive and think about some poetic techniques. I’m particularly good at alliteration so after a little editing and redrafting I eventually I came up with this masterpiece:

Bluish bluebells,

Wafting in the breezy breeze,

Up a tree a squishy squirrel,

Collecting nutty nuts.

Squirrely squirrel makes noses twitch,

Legs shuddery,

Lickety lips,

Squirrely smell,

Can’t resist,

Woofety woof,

A little chase,

Squirrel gone,

Matron frowns.

I haven’t yet had my feedback for my improved version. Do you think I’ll get a HMC?

Before I go there’s one more important matter. I overheard snippets of a conversation that Mrs Masters was having with some children. I didn’t catch it all but I heard the words: birthday, Snoops, email, surprise, videos, cake and cards. Are you all up to something? If you are please make it big or tasty or squeaky or creative or crunchy! I’m very excited.....just in case!

That’s all from me folks. Have a great weekend.

Snoops x

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