Snoops Feels Lucky | King's Hall School Taunton

Hello friends,

I am going to start this week by telling you all how lucky I am!

I’m feeling particularly fortunate this week for two reasons. Firstly, because I had the most amazing birthday, thanks to all of you. I received so many videos, cards, cakes and treats; in your absence I was quite overcome with joy. By the end of the day my tail was aching from wagging so much, so a big "WOOF-WOOF" (thank you!) from me. My second reason for feeling so lucky is because some of my friends have returned to school. It makes me so happy to hear the familiar sounds of children playing outside and skipping down the corridors. For the last couple of months the building has felt cavernous and unnaturally quiet.

There’s also another reason why I’m even luckier than you humans - I’m allowed to charge up to all my friends and receive oodles of cuddles, which is great because when I see them I just can’t contain myself. The other great thing is that I can interact between the different bubbles of children, which no human is allowed to do. That’s what I call a lucky pup!

My only other news this week is with regard to those pesky ducks. All I can say is that it’s a good job I’m getting attention elsewhere because Mrs Masters and Matron are besotted with the new King’s Hall additions. They are still living in Mrs Masters office at the moment but they get transported outside every day for swimming lessons. At least they are too big for my water bowl now, which is something!

There is just something about those ducky things that isn’t quite right. I’ve met many ducks in the Lake District and these bear little resemblance. I’m convinced that Mrs Masters has hatched some sort of penguin rather than ducks, but she doesn’t seem to have noticed! I’ll post a picture next week so you can see what I mean!

Have a great weekend.

Love to you all,
Snoops x

P.S Breaking news! There are more duck eggs in the incubator in Mrs Masters’ office. Apparently these ones are for Mrs Brazier. What is it with you humans and fluffy penguin type ducks?

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