Snoops Enjoys a Well-Deserved Reading Break | King's Hall School Taunton

Hello friends,

In the aftermath of my busy week of The Wiz performances, I have enjoyed taking life at a more relaxing pace. I’ve heard that some university pupils get a mid-term reading week, so that’s exactly what I’ve done. My reading week began naturally, when a very kind teacher bought me a book from the school book fair. It's called Meet Waffle and it's about a rather adorable Cockapoo (like me!). After only a week, it’s become a firm favourite already and my boarding friends enjoy sharing it with me at bedtime reading. I’m sure it's just because they are relieved to have a break from reading Harry the Dirty Dog, which is my other all-time favourite.

The equally kind Miss Beecher has also been reading to me after she noticed that I was taking an interest in the cover of her book. I know that you humans enjoy reading stories about adventure and the antics of other humans, well, it's the same for us canines; we just love hearing stories about other dogs. Miss Beecher's book is called Horrie the War Dog and it’s about a little dog who was found starving in the Libyan dessert in WWII. He went on to work with troops in the trenches of the Middle East and saved the lives of thousands of Australian servicemen. Horrie alerted them to approaching enemy aircrafts before they could hear it for themselves. We have just reached the part in the story where he has been smuggled on to a warship for his journey back to Australia. Let's hope he makes it back home safe and sound!

Snoops xx

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