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Easter Related Mishap

Published on: Friday, March 26, 2021

To my dear friends,

Last week I confessed to a little mishap that landed me in a spot of bother. Well, it turned out to be ‘one of those weeks' (not just the one day) as there’s been another little incident. I thought it only fair to tell you all before you hear it on the grapevine.

You see, I was in Nursery with my littlest friends, watching them make crispy chocolate Easter nests and Mrs Masters said that for hygiene reasons I wasn’t allowed to help! I’m not quite sure what she was implying as my canine version of Old Spice hasn’t even worn off since my visit to the dog groomer last week, but I tried not to take offence. I was about to point out that I had to endure over two hours with the dog groomer to achieve human-grade levels of hygiene, aromas and fluffiness but I know how to pick my battles so I retreated to my basket. I decided to pretend to be a ‘Bake-off’ judge as the mouth-watering masterpieces were created before my eyes. I have to say that for their size, the little guys made excellent chefs and the presentation of their nests in their Easter garden display was spectacular.

Like all good judges I decided that I ought to sample one of their creations, but oh dear, what a bad decision that was. I can only describe the next few moments as pandemonium. There were shrieks, squeals and shouts that can only be described as general uproar.

So yes, I was in the ‘dog house’, as you humans would say. And yes, I did have a tummy-ache after eating chocolate. I don’t want to dwell on the matter but let’s just say that I had my first detention and I felt very ashamed. I was almost grounded on Pyrland Day but luckily the final decision went in my favour and I was able to join my friends for a day of fun activities. And what a day that turned out to be! In the absence of this year’s House Music Competition, this in my opinion, was an equally spectacular way to round off the term!

Happy Holidays folks. I hope the Easter Bunny hops through your gardens leaving behind that magical trail.

See you soon.

Your Snoops x

Oh Dear ... Bath Time for Me Then!

Published on: Friday, March 19, 2021

OK, I couldn’t help it, the temptation was just too much! I’m guessing you know what I’m talking about even though I haven’t mentioned this rather sensitive topic for quite a while. The thing is, everyone was distracted, admiring the beautiful spring flowers, and I just spotted it out of the corner of my eye. Discreetly, I had a quick roll and oh boy, did I smell good! I don’t know if she saw or smelt the evidence but it was only a matter of seconds before Mrs Masters gave me that disapproving look and called my name in a reprimanding way. The little hoomans didn’t seem to mind one bit, although they were instructed not to touch me.

I don’t know why humans don’t like the smell of fox poo. I’ve observed many of them spraying fragrances on themselves and I don’t think they smell superior to my firm favourite.

I was rather hoping to show off my attractive aroma in front of Meg, Mr Chippendale’s dog but on returning to nursery I was dunked into the sink and scrubbed with fairy washing up liquid!

If that wasn’t enough, the boarders bathed me after supper and then complained about the smell of ‘wet dog’ for the rest of the evening. I don’t know, there’s just no pleasing some people: you can’t have it both ways my friends!

I think it just turned out to be one of those days; we all have them sometimes.

Have a great weekend.

Your pal

Snoops x

Countdown to the End of Lockdown ...

Published on: Friday, March 5, 2021

Dear Friends,

So here we go, my last diary entry from lockdown and let’s hope it’s the last one ever from a lockdown.

It’s Friday and this is certainly a weekend to celebrate as I will be welcoming back the boarders on Sunday and seeing the rest of you on Monday.

I’ve been told that humans sometimes suffer from achy cheeks when they smile too much, well in much the same way, I suffer from an achy tail when it wags too much, and I know that’s going to be the case on Monday.

In preparation for your return I’m going to have a bubbly bath, a thorough groom and a teeth brush. (Yes, you heard right, a teeth brush) I want to be looking my best and I don’t like it when I give you my warmest hugs, cuddles and licks and you call me dog breath!

You all know how much I love a good old run around on the front field, and in particular, a fun game of football. In preparation for our return to outdoor fun I’ve been doing my warm up exercises. Just take a look at my photo, I’ll think you’ll agree that I’m in fine shape.

See you all soon, I’m on countdown.

Much love

Snoops X

Wellness Wednesday – What a Treat!

Published on: Friday, February 12, 2021

Dear Friends,

Wellness Wednesday, what a day! Who ever thought of putting in the suggestion of a pet makeover is an absolute star.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching the children at school doing their yoga and fitness sessions, going on nature walks and engaging in all manner of creative projects. However, by far the best part of my day was my makeover. I was treated to a warm bubbly bath, a relaxing brush and cuddle time on the sofa. (Apologies to disciplined hounds that are not allowed on the furniture).

I looked an absolute treat when it was finished, as you will see from my photo. My beautiful golden curls shining beautifully, my beard trimmed and to top it all I got treats throughout the entire, heavenly process for being a ‘good boy’.

I do believe it was Mr Watson that organised this spectacular off-screen event and so I would like to say thank you and please could we do it again in the near future!

Have a great half term break, all, and see you soon.

Best Wishes

Snoops x

P.S. I saw many of your pet makeovers in the Wellness Teams and had a bit of a chuckle at some of their get-ups! I had a lucky escape on that front but it’s not always the case as the junior boarders do like to include me in their role play!

Board/Bored Game Anyone?

Published on: Friday, January 29, 2021

Dear Friends,

In this week’s diary I’m going to share some of my favourite board games with you.

Why not have a look at the games that you have at home and choose one of your favourites to play with your family this weekend. I know from past experience that it isn’t always the easiest task getting everyone in the family to sit down and participate in a game, but give it a go. I know that a great number of you have just about perfected the art of ‘pester power’. Another tip is to copy my adorable, but highly persuasive, puppy dog eyes; they’re enough to melt even the coldest of hearts!

So here goes, my list of favourites are as follows; maybe you've got one of them in your games cupboard/chest too:

  1. Cluedo
  2. Rumikub
  3. Pictionary
  4. Taboo
  5. Ticket to Ride
  6. Sequence
  7. Risk

You may notice that Monopoly is not on my list. It’s just that I’ve had a few exasperating experiences with that particular game. I don’t know about you, but I find that there’s always someone in the family that manages to buy about 5 hotels, and it’s never me. The said person pretends not to gloat (but it’s obvious they are).

I usually end up with a downtown property such as The Old Kent Road and just a few pound notes. I’ve been known to get stuck in prison for hours on end and I somehow manage to pick up cards that say that I’m not allowed to collect £200 when I pass go. You may not believe this last observation, but I’ve even seen players sneakily rob money from the bank when no one is watching! I’m sure this has never happened in your family but I have my suspicions about one of your teachers!

Have you ever heard a member of staff talking about planning a bank robbery, and using children to help? It’s worrying having such a teacher in our midst, I know, but I think he/she is just kidding!

Anyway, let me know which game you choose to play and have a great weekend.

Your pal

Snoops xx

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