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I know it’s dull to talk about the weather (and the weather itself has certainly reached the point where we’re all thoroughly bored with it) but this week has seen three proper appearances of sun and then the flash-flooding of yesterday! Doesn’t the sun on your face, the blue skies and shadows around the place make all the difference?

Other events this week have lifted our spirits as well as some sightings of the yellowy thing in the sky. First, another literary triumph emanating from the Library under the inspirationally inventive Mrs Marcuccilli. The first trickle appeared last week and the final deluge has brought not only a massive display but a wonderful wealth of creativity from such a humble start point as a wooden spoon. There are some photos in the Newsletter but it is well worth a visit to the front of school when you either drop off or pick up: they won’t be there forever.

This week we have also welcomed the School Council, our Governors, into school and they have had the chance to experience first-hand the learning in a wide range of classrooms, life at breaktime and in lunch all through the eyes of a child. The children love the chance to ‘show and tell’ what they’re up to and it is another opportunity for them to grow in confidence when speaking to someone they may well have never met before. I am very grateful to the Council for finding this time and it is always pleasing to hear how much they have enjoyed themselves – the children are so enthusiastic and charmingly disarming with their directness.

I hope you enjoy the weekend – we all need to get out and do our best Sun Dances.

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Friday 1 October 2021

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