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The half way point of the second half of term is marked by a Long Weekend, as they are known. Ordinarily, as this Newsletter link lands in your inbox, we would be welcoming in the organisers and stall holders of the excellent Rural Living Show that magically appears on our site each year and then evaporates by Monday morning. Sadly, it is another victim of Covid and we will miss the sights and smells and early Christmas shopping opportunities it provides through the coming together of artisans and producers.

Yes, talk of Christmas is pretty rife now, the odd song on the radio, lights are appearing in domestic homes, nativities are in production phases and we have just sent a message to choir members about Carol Service plans.

We would usually enjoy a very atmospheric and heart-warming seasonal gathering of families and friends on the last Sunday of term to bask in the reassuringly familiar story in the College Chapel. We have decided to create a digital version with the main musical recording taking place in the Chapel on the Friday beforehand and to make it available at the usual time of 5.30pm on Sunday 6 December – I very much hope that we will have a virtual sense of shared experience if we all still watch it at the same time even if in different venues.

Talking more of shared experiences, I was lucky enough to be up with the Junior Boys in the boarding house last night for a little while and, by its very nature, it is a rewarding experience. Lego/Playmobil on the go acting out some castle-based knight’s fantasy battle; some jumping onto bean bags; the occasional disagreement; plenty of giggles; watching a bit of Mr Bean (more giggles); teeth brushing; book reading in one room and listening to Roald Dahl audiobooks (The Witches, last night) in another. All the bits and bobs that make up communal dwelling and plenty of acceptance and tolerance of each other just as with any ‘family’.

I hope your weekend ahead, where we remain limited to our family, contains more giggles than disagreement.

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