Shamrocks, Soda Bread & Steamed Cabbage! | King's Hall School Taunton

It seemed appropriate to dedicate this week’s blog to all the Irish members of our Pre-Prep community as we head towards St Patrick’s Day on March 17. The children very much enjoyed finding out about another Saint of the United Kingdom in assembly this morning; although they weren’t so keen on the idea of steamed cabbage! However we thoroughly enjoyed practising our Irish dancing while singing ‘The St. Patrick’s Day Song’ by The Speks. We have definitely started the week with a celebratory bang and feel-good ‘Irish’ factor!

In the same way we thought about how St. David is important to Wales and Welsh people a couple of weeks ago, the children are developing their awareness that although their families may not be Irish or Welsh it is still important to know about these special days which are celebrated within our communities.

I am sure the children will be humming the song all week and I won’t be surprised to see a few Irish ‘dance-offs’ in the playground either!

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