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Isn’t it extraordinary how quickly being in a routine can make the time pass as it seems remarkable to note that we have been at school for ten days now?

The initial plans appear to be standing up with just a few alterations as to be expected now we have stress-tested them. There are already areas where we have inched forward as we better understand the context in which we operate. Next week sees the introduction of some Hobbies, the Year 8 drama production has been adapted, some inter-school sports fixtures will be played down the line and year group trips have been adjusted but will still take place. We have also had our assemblies and in Chapel we had acolytes robe up and process, readers and some gentle singing from the two Bubbles which were in the Arts Centre with all of it streamed to all classrooms. Boarders are enjoying all the site has to offer and settling to life as a new pseudo-family. Meal routines are better understood and more efficient and so we do hope to be returning to hot meals for Pre-Prep, too, before the end of the month. We are moving steadily through the gears in these early days but current signs are positive and my continuing thanks to everyone involved – children, parents and staff - for your collective willingness to adapt and overcome with great geniality.

Of course, it is a blessing to have us all back together for learning purposes (school works best with children in it) but it also throws up the all-important interactions with each other. That means there are children giggling and laughing, chasing each other, debating (arguing?) with each other, grazing their knees, getting into trouble for minor indiscretions (it happens!), sharing the joy of discovery in company, etc etc and you also get to hear some great lines: my favourite this week was from a girl with her arm in a sling (riding accident late in the holidays) who walked in to school in the morning and said to me, ‘Sir, is it our year group on the Adventure Playground today?’. Love that – obstacles simply don’t exist in her mind.

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