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  • “ In our two-site model, pupils joining at 11 begin in the more intimate atmosphere of King’s Hall School, where they find their feet before moving at 13 to our senior school, King’s College.​”
11 + Scholarships

11 + Scholarships

11+ scholarships are awarded by King’s College for pupils at or entering King’s Hall School. The value of the awards are retained on entry into King’s College, subject to the normal annual review process, although award holders are expected to enter for the relevant scholarship tests at 13+. Success here may result in an increase in the value of the award. If holders of 11+ scholarships do not proceed to King’s College, the value of the award must be repaid to the College.

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Assessment Dates

Assessment Dates

We offer scholarships in the following categories: Academic, Drama and Performing Arts, Music and Sport.

The assessment process for 2021 is now complete. Applications for the academic year 2022-2023 will open in autumn 2021.


The testing for an Academic Award consists of written papers in English, maths and verbal reasoning. There will also be an interview. Candidates will be asked to provide reports from their present schools.

Drama & Performing Arts

Candidates for this scholarship will take part in a group workshop where their creative directorial ideas and ability to communicate well with other pupils in small independent groups will be assessed. The assessment process will also include an interview with the Head of Drama and Headmaster.


Candidates will be asked to show achievement (Grade 3 – 4 is a good guideline) and potential in one instrument. Competence on a second instrument is welcomed. Candidates are encouraged to offer singing. Auditions will consist of two contrasting prepared pieces on voice or first instrument, another prepared piece on the second instrument if offered, an aural test and a study piece given to the candidate half an hour before performance. There will also be an interview.


Testing for Sports Awards consists of a practical aptitude test in several sports and an interview. Candidates’ present schools will be asked to provide a letter of recommendation giving details of past sporting achievements and involvement.

What Happens After I Apply?

What Happens After I Apply?

Once awarded, all scholarships are subject to annual review. Scholarship holders are expected to continue to contribute as appropriate to the life of the school. Scholarship offers are made as soon as possible after the relevant tests. Acceptance is conditional on agreeing to terms and conditions, details of which may be obtained from the Director of Admissions. All scholarship holders may, in addition, apply for means-tested bursarial assistance.

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Joining King's at Age 11

Joining King's at Age 11

When it comes to the move to ‘big school’ at age 11, many parents assume that the best choice is to progress straight to a senior school that has an 11+ intake and runs all the way to 16 or 18. At King’s Schools, we have a different way of making this key transition. In our two-site model, pupils joining at 11 begin in the more intimate atmosphere of King’s Hall School, where they find their feet before moving at 13 to our senior school, King’s College.

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The Benefits of our Two-site Approach:

The Benefits of our Two-site Approach:

  • As senior members of the prep school, Year 7 and 8 pupils are entrusted with real responsibility and learn invaluable skills of leadership.
  • The final two years of a prep school are terrific and amount to a rich and exciting educational experience in their own right.
  • The move for an 11-year-old into the world of 16-18-year-olds can be quite daunting. Our transition at age 13 allows pupils to grow as individuals.
  • The age, in terms of social development, from 11 to 18 is huge. When they arrive at King's College at the age of 13, pupils find it much easier to relate to the senior boys and girls. Relationships between the age groups are excellent and wholly positive as a result.
  • The two-site model ensures that facilities and approaches are age-appropriate to a greater degree than is possible on a single site.
  • Both schools have their own bespoke facilities including swimming pools, all-weather hockey pitches, science laboratories, design technology centres, sports grounds and theatres.
  • A change of venue after two years is an exciting and refreshing change.

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