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Saturday STEM Kicks Off with Spaghetti Challenge

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We recently held our first Saturday morning STEM activity of this term. This session was kindly run by the King’s Hall Maths department and Year 6 pupils from both our own school and local primaries in the area joined forces for an action-packed morning of mathematical fun.

The theme of the session was solids and the children enjoyed playing with toothpicks, spaghetti and mini-marshmallows. Who would have thought they could be such fun? As an icebreaker, the quirky task allowed the pupils to become familiar with each other as well as with the essential properties of three-dimensional shapes.

Following this, the teams were required to design a box that could accommodate six ping pong balls. The process needed to include volume as well as surface area calculations and the pupils were particularly happy to spruce up their designs in the ICT rooms.

On a slight mathematical tangent (did you see what we did there?) during the week, Year 3 pupils have also been working hard with ratio, applying it to the concept of size and scale. They made great use of straws to create a variety of polygons, before scaling them up and down to bigger and smaller versions using ratio.

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