Romeo and Poodlette | King's Hall School Taunton

Well hoomans, what can I say?

It’s all gone quiet here! At least I was able to enjoy the Year 6 play earlier this week, and although many of you didn’t get to see it, I can tell you, with paw on heart, that it was a totally awesome performance, oozing with talent and confidently executed.

So what to do, now that you’ve all gone home? Well...I’ll continue my daily walks and naps, but I’d like to think I can stay in contact with you during our extended break of home schooling and holidays! You probably realise, as I’m writing this blog, that I’m quite tech savvy. If any of you’ve been wondering, I have a special keyboard overlay. It’s similar to the ones the littlest hoomans use in Pre-Prep, except mine is specially adapted for paws. So, if you’re feeling a little bored or have some spare time (parents as well as children), you could always send me a letter or picture. All of you have gone home to your families, but I’m a little short on the ground in that department. Don't worry though, the teachers will be here on a daily basis, so I’ll keep you up-dated with life on site.

There is one other little interest that I might pursue during my isolation, and that is Meg, the Chippendale's family puppy. I made mention of her last week but I still haven’t mustered the courage to strike up a conversation from the little balcony overlooking her garden. I thought of going down the line of...

Megeo, Megeo, where for art thou Megeo?!

Just something I heard in a Year 8 English lesson, although I think that sounds as though it ought to come from a tall, dark handsome hound. What do you think? I am blonde and of average height after all... I also thought of flowers, but they’re not really a thing in the dog world, although we do like to do a spot of watering now and again!

As I’m officially into my teenage years, I’ve realised that I need to ditch my brown, nylon walking jacket in favour of something more urban. How could I possibly go wrong if I re-style myself in the fashion of those ultra cool Year 8 dudes? I think I’ve got the look just about right. How can Meg fail not to notice me, casually leaning on the balcony railings, looking like a trendy city dog rather than a scruffy mutt?

Much love from your trendy school pup!
Snoops xx

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